The Longdrone Flowers

The band formed on 1 January 2012 with the line-up of Rick Antonsson, Dan Shea and Joshua Adam-Smith. They described themselves as “a collective of noise-poppers and dirty lo-fi krautrockers…” They were managed by Simone Kilshaw.

In November 2015 The Longdrone Flowers were disbanded.

Small Bear Records, who the band had agreed a deal with at the time, wrote the following about them on 25 September 2013:

Rick Antonsson made a handful of albums throughout 2011 and 2012 with various collaborators under the name ‘The Longdrone Flowers’. During those couple of years, they experimented heavily with a plethora of different influences to varying degrees of success. It was an unfocused, messy affair but it gained a loyal – albeit small – following.

“After learning his trade in this wilderness, Rick brought together an impressive array of leftfield musicians from St Helens in January 2013. The work has been hard, the dedication uncompromising, and although only Dan Shea of Bordellos and Neurotic Wreck fame has been the only other permanent fixture, the consistency has been remarkable.

“With a tendency to improvise, deal in noise and experiment on stage, a lot of live shows have ended in chaos, be that walk-outs or fistfights. But the music stands up for itself. Focused yet spontaneous, carefully crafted but wild and unrestrained, The Longdrone Flowers take a thousand different ideas – with a caustic sense of humour, dark sarcasm and relentless distaste for the mediocre – and combine it all to make something they like to call ‘Noise-Pop’.”

According to ReverbNation, The Longdrone Flowers are a four piece, experimental psychedelia, garage rock, shoegazing band originating from St Helens. In early 2012, each member had their own project, but they all wandered into a musical wilderness, until finally they were struck with an epiphany in early 2013. After claiming to see God, they stumbled out of the desert together, a band of misfits and miscreants. The line up now complete, The Longdrone Flowers are sharing their unique mix of shoegaze, noise pop and Krautrock all over the U.K to the satisfaction of audiences everywhere.”

They have a self funded album and live EP.

Cesare Runs Away EP released June 1, 2013

On this EP, The Longdrone Flowers were:

Dirty Kraut Antonsson
Neurotic Wreck Shea
One Hand Bandit Miller
Honeybear Henry

Nothing but nothing but nothing but our sweet love and savage hate was put into our music.

We do not own the rights to the still taken from the film ‘Das Cabinet Des Dr Calagari’.

‘In Cupid’s Garden’ is an ode to the EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN song ‘The Garden’.

Dan Shea on The Longdrone Flowers Tumblr blog talks about “Just Like Living In Clouds”:

“A live recording of a new Longdrone Flowers track. I’m not going to describe it, you can listen and figure it out for yourself. One thing I will say is that, beautiful as this version of the song is, even if you don’t like it you may still love the song: the one certainty is that it will never sound the same twice.”

In December 2017, The Cesare Runs Away EP, previously available on BandCamp, has now been removed by Vukovar. The Longdrone Flowers morphed into Vukovar, so I contacted the band to ask why the EP had been removed.

A member of The Longdrone Flowers, now in the St Helens band Vukovar commented as follows:

“I don’t remember Vukovar recording an EP called Cesare Runs Away, you must have spotted some imposters. We will release the dogs on them.

“Okay, being serious –
Because otherwise what impetus would anyone have to buy the album with them both on? The stuff’s floating around for free on filesharing sites if anyone’s determined to hear it. It’s nice to have a bit of mystery.

“Its only recently with the Internet that anyone expects things to stay static. Bands used to have stuff that got deleted either by themselves or just went out of print all the time. That’s why it’s important to hear things in the moment. You must remember the excitement of finally tracking something down you never thought you’d find. Scarcity is a thing of the past when every band is telling you what they had for breakfast on Instagram and we want to keep some magic alive.

“It doesn’t make a mockery of it at all, it just means you were there in the right place when it was still there. It’s not some kind of Stalinist revision of history where we remove it from your page, it’s just only available from one place. Imagine the excitement in a few years if someone gets really into us and discovers this record that no one knew existed. That’s all I’ve got to say on it really.”

She’s Strangehead Too EP released October 1, 2013

A beautiful, handmade CDEP, featuring not only the “Strangehead” EP, but our previous EP “Cesare Runs Away”. Comes in a gatefold card case, hand-painted and printed. SOLD OUT.

For their second EP release The Logdrone Flowers are doing away with the monikers such as Neurotic Wreck and Dirty Kraut


Adam Henry
Joshua Adam-Smith
Rick Antonsson
Dan Shea

All songs written by Rick Antonsson except ‘My Sister, Drusilla’ written by Dan Shea and Rick Antonsson.

Recorded at Catalyst Studios, St Helens. Engineered by Andy Bowes. Produced by Rick Antonsson. Released by Small Bear Records

Adore Me published on 1 June 2012

These tracks were posted on Reverbnation with no information available.

According to Sonic Masala in Australia, the band are no more. But as is often the way with these things, this isnt the end of the story, and the main duo Rick and Dan have formed the somewhat aptly titled The Neropolis Felines.

There does appear to be a lot more releases by The Longdrone Flowers but have been removed from the Internet for whatever reason.

Rick Antonsson stated on their Facebook page that “Ivory Tree Records are releasing The Longdrone Flowers new album ‘All Fall Down/Paint A Rainbow’ and 2 EP’s ‘While My Sitar Gently Weeps EP’ and ‘I Want To Hold Your Stump EP'”, however, I could not find any trace of these lost items.

He also mentions The Longdrone Flowers – ‘Bring Back Mr Tambourine Man!’ (LP), ‘Peasant Demyan Inside EP’ (EP), ‘Hand The Devil A Shovel And Tell Him To Dig Deeper EP’ (EP). However, again, there is no trace of them.

The band mention ‘Bjorning’ with it’s ‘brevity is the soul of wit, almost post-punk sounding’.

Longdrone Flowers Carousel Tapes image

What happened to The Carousel Tapes?

Selected festivals and gigs:

“Take Acid Now”, Rendezvous, St Helens, Ivory Tree Records Showcase with Don’t Panic and Neurotic Wreck, 5 January 2013
Pool Saloon, St Helens, with One Eyed God, Hush Hush, Subtle Internal, Buff and Eyelicker, 13 April 2013
Homebrook Valley Park, Chesterfield, 26 May 2013
Jamm Studios, St Helens, 20 June 2013

The Coda Main, Hoylake, 28 June 2013
Bloc, Glasgow, 2 July 2013
RAFA, Leyland, 5 July 2015


The Bordellos
Neurotic Wreck


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Small Bear Records
Sonic Masala
Take Acid Now @ Rendezvous Bar – St Helens Star 31st December 2012

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