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Academy Of Unrest were formed in 1984 in St Helens, Merseyside, United Kingdom. They disbanded in 1986.

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Brian Carney was “Professor Bubblekeys” in Poisoned Electrick Head on keyboards and vocals between 1986 and 1998.

Bubblekeys (keyboards) and Tjunca/Bun (bass) – along with another pseudonymous musician, “Flimb” (drums) and Doug Eglin (vocal/guitar) – had worked together as the Academy Of Unrest who released the ‘Sheol Hex/Rise of Doubt/Hope‘ 12″ EP in 1986 and the track ‘Sensitive‘ on compilation album ‘Elegance, Charm and Deadly Danger‘.

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Dave Peebles was recruited to the band and joined in the early sessions. Peebles decided his musical interests did not lie in synth-pop and left the band. He did stay long enough for their first gig, a Battle of the Bands which also featured Subversion. Peebles also gave the band their name.

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Brian Carney and Bun were also responsible for opening the Dead Fly in 1984, the first rehearsal room and record label in St Helens.

Academy of Unrest - Sheol Hex


Sheol Hex / Rise Of Doubt / Hope – Dead Fly Records – ACAD 001, Vinyl, 12″, Released: April 1985
Sensitive – Track included on the LP ‘Elegance, Charm and Deadly Danger’ – Push Records, PUSH 001, Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Released: 1985

Cruel World was one of The Academy of Unrest’s top tracks, here is a slideshow of the band – Doug, Bun, Bri and Flimb

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Hope released 1985

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Sensitive released 1985

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Blood on the Sun

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Free World

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‘Elegance, Charm and Deadly Danger’ was a collection of tracks recorded by artists from in and around St.Helens, Merseyside, UK. It was released by PUSH Records in 1985. Push is an acronym for Promotional Umbrella for St Helens.

The full tracklist is as follows:
A1 Old Ma Cuxon And The Soapchoppers – Don’t Cry Darling (Daddy Had To Drown The Cat)
A2 Wake Up Afrika – Love Died In The Road
A3 The Riotous Hues – Happen
A4 Us – This Year
A5 Dixie Cartoon – Big Bucks
A6 The Howitzer Brothers – Real Man
A7 The La’s – My Girl (Sits Like A Reindeer)
A8 Mave – Samantha Rox
A9 Kingston And The Hunters – Heart And Soul
B1 Post Mortem – Pity
B2 The Aristocrats – Ballistic Boogie
B3 5,000 Spirits – Saigon Rain
B4 Cassio Viletone – Fingerless Gloves
B5 The Academy Of Unrest – Sensitive
B6 The Happy Gauls – Bad Night At Malibu Beach
B7 The La’s – Sweet 35
B8 The Romulan Cloaking Device – Terry Fields And A Pint Of Guinness
B9 Mave – Thania (Come Down To Victor’s With Me)

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Poisoned Electrick Head
Android 80 and Brian Carney


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