We are looking for local businesses to advertise their products, services or events on St Helens Now.

St Helens Now receive over 150,000 unique and targeted visitors and almost 1 million page views per annum.

We are offering several banner displays based on impressions shown or monthly fixed fees. Clicking on your banner will send a visitor to a URL of your choice.

In addition, included in all packages, we will also promote your business throughout the St Helens Now network which includes a significant presence on major social media websites.

We will also add a link to your website in our dedicated priority sponsor section and up to three further categories in our Links section.

St Helens Now Rate Card

Banners Display Top Right (468 x 60) (above fold)

We will provide you with a monthly statement showing how many banners you have used and how many you have left as well as the number of clicks and your %CTR (click through rate).

Cost Impressions CPM

Fixed monthly fees

Impressions are approximately 65,000 per month based on previous page views.

Centre Top Column – 1 month (above fold)

Cost Display Size CPM
468 x 60

Top Right Column – 1 month (above fold)

Cost Display Size CPM
160 x 150
160 x 300
160 x 600

Left Column – Below Main Menu – 1 Month

Cost Display Size CPM
160 x 150
160 x 300
160 x 600

CPM is the cost per 1,000 impressions

Extra discounts available for larger orders.

If you are interested, please call Barry on 07922 124440