Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 1

2007 to 2011


Brian Carney
David Bowie Had a Discotheque
Android 80 et Ecce Homm (Intoxicated Man)
Game Over
Blitzkrieg Bop
Electricity (OMD cover)
Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Tubeway Army cover)
Subterranean Homesick Blues : Android 80 cover

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 2 – 2011 to 2014
Suburban Robot, Ed Bishop, Punk’s Not Dead Video, Game Over, Moogy2, Mambo No 5

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 3 – 2015 to 2016
The Awakening Of Operative 13, Shy Coconut, It Melts Me, Glass Utopia, Make It Rain, The Tree Transmission, Violated

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 4 – 2016 to 2017
Version Therapy, Five Years, We Worship The Devils!, The Girl You Cannot See, Make it Rain Ed Sheeran, It Melts Me, Take Your Protein Pills, Battle of the Bands, X, Backseat Mafia

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 5 – 2017
Android 80 Plays The Human League – Teaser 1, Android 80 Plays The Human League – Teaser 2, Eyes Of The Termite, Mambo No 5, UFO Goes UFA, Pop Garage Symphony Number 9, Supermarket is Full of Zombies

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 6
Phantom, Le Cowboy et la Call-Girl, Je ne veux que ton bien, Je Ne Vois Que Vous

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 7
The Loved Drones, Femme Plastique, Benjamin Schoos Ft. Laetitia Sadier, Je ne vois que vous, The Tangible Effect Of Love, Cosmic Memories, Red City

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 8
Take Your Protein Pills, Radio Rectangle Podcasts

Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 9
Totally Wired, Radio Rectangle Podcasts

Brian Carney

Brian Carney was “Professor Bubblekeys” in Poisoned Electrick Head on keyboards and vocals between 1986 and 1998.

Bubblekeys & Tjunca – along with another pseudonymous musician, “Flimb” (drums) and Doug Eglin (vocal/guitar) – had worked together as the Academy Of Unrest (who released the ‘Sheol Hex/Rise of Doubt/Hope‘ 12″ EP in 1986 and the track ‘Sensitive’ on compilation album ‘Elegance, Charm and Deadly Danger‘.

PEH went through a period with greater vocal input from Bubblekeys, a harder and more metallic sound and the inclusion of rapping. In 1998, Bubblekeys left the band and Poisoned Electrick Head was put on hold for a decade.

Bubblekeys using his real name, Brian Carney, is now based in Belgium and performs as a solo act called Android 80. In 2011 he released a solo album ‘Suburban Robot'(a nod to Devo’s ‘Smart Patrol’ “…suburban robots to monitor reality”). He was nominated for best Electronic artist in ‘Les Octaves de la Musique 2012’, the Belgian Music Awards. In 2010, he published an autobiography called “Take Your Protein Pills: The Poisoned Electrick Head Story” which detailed his life with the band.

Carney also mixes up the names Brian Carney and Android 80 to get Briandroid, a name he also uses, particularly on his DJ work with Radio Rectangle.

He is also author of three books and a music journalist (Backseat Mafia).

David Bowie Had a Discotheque published on 2 September 2007

Android 80, Rendezvous, St Helens, 01/09/07. The quality is not great on this but I had to include for it’s historical value, it’s at the Rondy in St Helens and it features Claire Wilcock. All good reasons.

Android 80 et Ecce Homm (Intoxicated Man) published on 9 Jul 2009

Hommage a Gainsbourg, Dimanche 21 Juin 2009 pour La Cloture des Fêtes de la Musique dans la salle Phylarmonique de Liège.

Game Over published on 6 Dec 2009

Game Over, Android 80, Freaksville Cabaret, L’Atelier de Rock, Huy, 05-12-09

Blitzkrieg Bop published on 6 December 2009

Blitzkrieg Bop, Phantom, Freaksville Cabaret, 05-12-09, Atelier de Rock, Huy

Electricity (OMD cover) published on 14 Aug 2010

Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Tubeway Army cover) published on 23 August 2010

Subterranean Homesick Blues : Android 80 cover published on 14 August 2011

And we never did share Android 80 did we? Really thought we had? Surely we did? Rebellion obsolete? Bon voyage, I wish you well…. poisoned electronic headlines because punks not dead, “One man band consisting of Brian Carney, synth-man with UK underground psychedelic band Poisoned Electrick Head, Android 80 sees the Belgium-based Englishman return to his first love: 80s synth pop, vintage synths and the robotic melodies of Kraftwerk and early The Human League”. I’m pretty sure we did mention it before, been out a couple of years now, it is rather timeless though and burn baby burn and worth another mention and whatever the rules are with these things, here it is, no pushover, no game over….


Poisoned Electrick Head
Academy of Unrest


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