Android 80 and Brian Carney – Part 2

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2011 to 2014


Suburban Robot
Ed Bishop
Punk’s Not Dead Video
Game Over
Mambo No 5

Suburban Robot released September 9, 2011

Android 80: vocals and synthetizers, Claire Wilcock: backing vocals

Recorded at Android 80’s Studio and Freaksville Office by Android 80 and Miam Monster Miam

Additional drum programming : Jérôme Danthinne at Lynx Royal Studio, Vocals overdubs recorded and mixed by Raphaël Wynands at Stuio 5, Liège, Assistant: Antoine Litt

Composed by Brain Carney

Design: Scalp
Photos: Pascal Schyns

This album is dedicated to Tom McGrath

Ed Bishop by Android 80 published on 29 Aug 2017

One man band consisting of Brian Carney, synth-man with UK underground psychedelic band Poisoned Electrick Head (1986-1997), ANDROID 80 sees the Belgium-based Englishman return to his first love: 80s synth pop, vintage synths and the robotic melodies of Kraftwerk and early The Human League.

The composer defines his eccentric project as “one man on a lonely platform listening to the voice of Buddha”, but ANDROID 80’s ‘Surburban Robot’ is a wry reflection on “Search for a Star” Pop culture (“Materialism is the new vision/You’re nobody if you don’t want it all/’Cause Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll/has sold its soul to the shopping mall” on ‘Punk’s Not Dead’) with one nervous eye on an apocalyptic Orwellian future.

1984, a symbolic year for ANDROID 80, a slice of electronic culture, which he tries to honour with tales of twisted digital pop (‘David Bowie had a Discotheque’) and warped vocoder anthems (‘We Love Drugs’) in an effort to assure the Hacienda that “the party ain’t over yet”.

Punk’s Not Dead Video published on 8 August 2011

“Punk’s Not Dead” by Android 80

Born in St Helens – in the suburbs of Liverpool (sic) – a chance hearing of Warm Leatherette by The Normal became a defining moment that changed everything for the teenage cyborg, he traded his heart for a Roland beat box and fell in love with the analogue synth. He composed his first song shortly after an embryonic 1980 concert of The Human League and was further inspired by a “life-changing” show by Kraftwerk in 1981.

He discovered the power of stage-costumes from observing Devo and The Residents, aided and abetted by the drug-fuelled excesses of the free-festival/rave movement of the late eighties/early nineties. Swept along by the never-ending madness of the era, he was once declared “the most wasted person I’ve ever seen in the entire history of the Glastonbury festival” by Michael Eavis himself no less! (founder of the English rock festival), not knowing that twenty years later his solo album would read like a synthetic snapshot of his decadent mis-spent youth.

Game Over published on 12 Aug 2011

Singer of enraged garage band UFO goes UFA, keyboard player with Phantom feat. Lio and The Loved Drones and author of the book (‘Take Your Protein Pills – The Poisoned Electrick Head Story’), Brian Carney is a far cry from radio-friendly singers, his music is his life and his Jupiter 8 synth an extension of his twisted brain.

Conceived in Brussels in 2010, ‘Surburban Robot’ sounds like a nihilistic electropop symphony, an endless urban nightmare spiked with ascerbic melodies, barbed lyrics and lush synths that drip acid rain down onto the English suburbs. A mutant echo of early Depeche Mode with Dr Strangelove at the controls.

Warning! Unidentified Flying Object alert…


“Allusions of Berlin-era Bowie, Kraftwerk and Eno. Dancey and deliciously retro futuristic”
Froggy’s Delight

“Musical Blade Runner…hits your head like a jackhammer”

“Energetic and unstoppable,one of the electro-pop records of the era”

“Music for cyborgs to coldly knock our brains flying with the nonchanlance of a decadent mutant”

Catalog number : FRVM28
Catalog number CD : FRVR28
P Freaksville Record
© Freaksville Music
Published by Freaksville Publishing / Android 80 Music
Freaksville Records
all rights reserved

Moogy2 published 2012 by Briandroid

The Moog Rogue comes to Belgium!

Mambo No 5 published 2014 by Briandroid

A Kraftwerk style version of the Lou Bega hit. Under the moniker Briandroid


Poisoned Electrick Head
Academy of Unrest


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