Claire Wilcock – 2014-2015 – Part 4

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Claire Wilcock, Benjamin Schoos and The Winter Tyres


3 Acts in 1 Night on Radio X
Anyway – The Winter Tyres
J’ai essayé de t’aimer – Benjamin Schoos
Anyway – Claire Wilcock
La grève des éboueurs – Claire Wilcock
Unhappy Hour – The Winter Tyres
The Great North Swim
November Song – The Winter Tyres

3 Acts in 1 Night on Radio X recorded 10 April 2014

Enjoy an hour long set from the Winter Tyres as they perform live on the stage at Scotts Bar, Brussels, Belgium.

Andrew Mavin is the host and organiser of 3 Acts in 1 Nights, Steve Bullock from Zinne Studios recorded the set exclusively for Radio X.

Anyway published on 27 Aug 2014

The Winter Tyres Live at La Diode, Liège, 23-08-2014

J’ai essayé de t’aimer – Benjamin Schoos published on 11 November 2014

Benjamin Schoos live at Surya, London – 05/11/2014

Anyway – Claire Wilcock released 11 December 2014

from Freaksville Mutant Low-Fi Anthology (2005/2014) by Various Artists

La grève des éboueurs – Claire Wilcock released 25 February 2015

from Les Experts en désespoir by Various Artists on Freaksville Records.

Unhappy Hour – The Winter Tyres released 20 April 2015

from the album ‘Lo-Fi’. A compilation of Lo-fi songs. Compiled by Claire Wilcock (Freaksville UK) and Benjamin Schoos. Art cover by Brian Carney. Freaksville Records.

The Great North Swim

Claire Wilcock took part in The Great North Swim on Saturday 13th June 2015, inspired by her late brother-in-law Joseph Carney.

The Joseph Carney Memorial Trust is a St Helens based organisation which aims to help people aged 50 and above who are affected by redundancy and provides help and advice.

Diane Carney, a 47-year-old nurse from Dentons Green created the trust in memory of her husband who died in September 2013 following a battle with depression.

In the St Helens Star on 10th June 2015, Claire explained: “I am so proud of Diane for setting up this charity and would like to raise money to help her with her big hearted project. If I can help just one person and prevent their family from going through the pain that we have suffered following our loss then I would feel an enormous sense of achievement and happy to be contributing proactively to fight against this awful illness.

“Joe was a bit of a daredevil to say the least. he would probably have jumped out of a plane to raise money for charity. I’m too much of a scaredy cat to attempt anything like that so I have chosen to enter The Great North Swim, which is almost as fitting as Joe was also a water baby like me.”

The Great North Swim took place in Lake Windermere and Claire was tackling the one mile course.

November Song – The Winter Tyres released 1 November 2015

Richard Brett: Bass, backing vocals
Rémi Confalonieri: Guitar, backing vocals
Maria Ruiz Novales: Glockenspiel, melodica, tambourine, backing vocals
Annick Van den Bossche: Backing vocals
Claire Wilcock: Lead vocals, backing vocals, sleighbell

Music and lyrics by Claire Wilcock


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