Environmental Statement

I am aware that St Helens Now has an impact on the environment in a number of ways and I am fully committed at every level to achieving continuous improvements in environmental performance and the reduction on my impact on the environment.

St Helens Now has undertaken to implement, manage and maintain an environmental management system.

My practices and procedures as part of my management system include:-

  • Carrying out regular and detailed assessments of my environmental aspects and impacts.
  • Ensuring that I am aware and I am fully compliant to environmental regulations and legislation applicable to St Helens Now.
  • Ensuring the reduction of all forms of waste through waste minimalisation plans and programmes wherever possible.
  • The continued reduction of raw material use wherever possible.
  • The continued reduction of use of all forms of natural resources wherever possible.
  • The continued reduction of emissions and all forms of pollution on the environment.

To achieve continual improvements in environmental performance, I set myself achievable environmental targets and objectives which are subject to review.

To help me achieve my environmental objectives, I educate and communicate policy, procedures, objectives and general environmental issues with all contributors to St Helens Now and communicate performance on a regular basis.

St Helens Now encourages full co-operation from all involved, and all environmental improvement suggestions to promote an improved environmental position in St Helens are viewed positively by St Helens Now.

This environmental policy is communicated and understood by all involved with St Helens Now at every level. I also select and use suppliers on the basis of their commitment and continual improvement on their impact on the environment.

This policy is available to all interested parties including the public.

This policy was last reviewed on 25th March 2019. No changes were made.

Barry Grady, Site Producer