Laura James & The Kadavors

Laura’s first band was Glass Child, a female fronted indie/rock band from St.Helens/Widnes/Warrington. The band were formed in 1996 and split in 2004 with two different line-ups.

The original line-up between 1996-1999 was:
Laura Follin – Vocals
Steve Smith – Guitar and vocals
Neil Allerton – Drums and vocals
Lee Hankinson – Bass

Glass Child was Laura Follin’s first band and she sang on the bands first recordings. Laura left the band and got married and later became the lead vocalist in Laura James and the Kadavors.

Between 1999 and 2004 the Glass Child line-up became:
Cathy Cunninghham – Vocals and guitar
Steve Smith – Guitar and vocals
Neil Allerton – Drums and vocals
Steve Millington – Guitar
Mark Birmingham – Bass

Laura recorded “This Life”, a track with Glass Child for the St Helens Musicians Collective album released in 1998 entitled Embryonic One (St.H.M.C./CD001) featuring Laura Follin on lead vocals.

Wake Up by Glass Child

Following this the band recorded “Wake Up” for the second St Helens Musicians Collective album, “Embryonic V2” (St.H.M.C./CD002) released on 20 December 1999 with the same line-up.

Laura James
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