Four-piece band Messiahs enjoyed some success after recording their debut track ‘In Time’ at Sugar House Music, which work out of Catalyst Recording Studio in St Helens town centre.

The Messiahs were formed in April 2017.

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The group, whose members all hail from across the borough, features lead vocals from Ant Critchley, lead guitar by Darrel Ashton, bass by Paul Trantum and drums by Jamie Cook.

Critchley and Cook were formerly in The Pretty Pennys

In November 2017 Darrel Ashton left the band and was in the process of setting up a new band Northern Revelation in December 2017.

First studio recording from Messiahs, produced by Sugarhouse Music.

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In Time published on 7 July 2017

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Selected festivals and gigs:

The Citadel, St Helens, 6 May 2017 with The Doors Alive
Octoberfest, The Runnings Horses, St Helens, 21 October 2017 with Stu Oggy (Titors Insignia), Matty Lamb, Polker Dice, Caution and others
Zanzibar, Liverpool, 20 January 2018 with The Raiders


The Pretty Pennys

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Meet the Messiahs – St Helens Star – 23rd September 2017

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