ERROR: Invalid email - I still want to register!

Requested and Answered by Sthelensnow on 21-Jul-2013 02:50

ERROR: Invalid email - I still want to register!

St Helens Now is not intended to be a traffic provider for other irrelevent sites. The purpose is to give you useful and informative information about St Helens, Merseyside as it happens, now.

We get lots of spammers attempting to post on St Helens Now. We want to protect you from that and we do not accept anonymous email addresses such as hotmail or known spam sites. Usually they just want to post totally irrelevent links.

The process is automated to reject these anonymous email addresses so they will not get through.

If you use a personal email address from your network provider such as btinternet, tesco, sky, virgin etc, or a genuine business email address, you should not have a problem.

If you really want to use an anonymous address because it's your lifeblood or whatever please Contact me to let me know.

Barry Grady, Site Producer.

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