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Published by Sthelensnow on 25/2/17 (599 reads)


After signing to Nameless/Faceless Records late 2013, the band consisting of Si Consiglio (Vocals/Guitar), Benjah Ryan (Bass) and Dan Parr (Drums) went on to release a brand new record called ‘The New Today’. It was released in March 2014 along with their debut single and video “RISE UP” which to date has had over 20,000 views on youtube.

The New Today is a record that sums up the Cenacle journey, past, present and future. Ultimately, it represents the dawning of a new era and speaks of challenges, perseverance, battles and victories along the way. Frontman Si comments “There’s something for everyone. We wanted to tell the audience our story and encourage them to keep going as they live out theirs. Although hardships and adversity are a part of life, ultimately we’ve experienced a greater love and faithfulness that we can’t deny”.

The bands faith coupled with their attitude and work ethic send out a clear message that anything is possible and this is something they are really keen to portray to their fans. Whether its music, art, business or something else everyone has the potential to fulfil dreams.

With a 15,000 strong online following and upwards of 70,000 youtube views, Cenacle have managed to carve out a place for themselves, which is no easy feat in todays music scene.

Cenacle began in 2005 and was started by former frontman, Joe Consiglio and his brother, current frontman, Si Consiglio. In 2007, drummer Dan joined the band, soon to be followed by Ben Ryan (bass) and Ben Houghton (lead guitar). Down the years Cenacle's music has evolved to reflect their journey bringing in fresh sounds. The band recorded a number of demos until in 2010 they released their first EP, 'Immortality'. After a great deal of gigging playing every kind of venue, from pubs to Christian festivals, in 2012 the band made a huge step forward and signed to Nameless/Faceless Records. In March 2014 Cenacle released the EP 'The New Today' along with the single "Rise Up".

Cenacle - 'Moving Targets'. siconsiglio. Published on 11 Jul 2007
Cenacle - Moving Targets (Music Video). Featuring footage from Spectrum.

A New Mix of Cenacle's 'Immortality'. Added some bass fuzz and fixed some phasing and clarity issues. All music is Copyrighted to Cenacle - They just let me mix it for them =D

Fan made music video for the track "All or Nothing".

You can download their 3 track EP for free here - http://www.bit.ly/cenacledemo

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Cenacle's cover of Swedish House Mafia's hit song 'Don't You Worry Child'. This is our first release with Si on vocals. Big thanks to Cesca Productions for the amazing video! Published on 10 April 2013

Download the track for FREE: http://bit.ly/cenacle_dywc

'Rise Up' - Video. Published on 27 February 2014

Cenacle "Rise Up" - The Amazing Spider Man 2 Edit [Music Video]. Alex Greig. Published on 28 February 2014.

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'Rise Up' released 15 March 2014.

Another popular song is 'Rise Up' which we released as a single. It's a personal declaration for us as a band who are on a mission. We proclaim that our time has come and we are going to rise up to everything that God wants to do in and through us. It's also a declaration to other believers to say that we are one in spirit and there are no 'solo missions' in the Kingdom. Everyone has a part to play in expanding God's Kingdom across the earth and it's time to rise up to the call of God on our lives.

Dan Parr, drummer, Cross Rhythms, 23rd February 2015.

From 'The New Today' EP

The EP opens with a brief intro, fitfully titled “The Awakening.” The thirty seconds isn’t long enough to be overly dramatic. Instead, the driving piano part leads straight into “Rise Up.” With hard-hitting guitars and a feisty chorus, “Rise Up” can hold its own in the realm of radio rock. It’s no wonder this one was chosen as the EP’s lead single. “Holding On” is in that same vein, while turning things up a few notches tempo-wise. The partly-screamed bridge is a nice link to the searing guitar line towards the end of the song, making “Holding On” a contender. “Encountering” follows, and while it doesn’t bring anything new to the table musically, it’s still a decent track overall. “A Shadow Behind” offers up a subtle change (in the form of the key) and features another head-banging bridge, while “One With You” closes things out in a slower, more melodic vibe. The blending of piano and guitar do a nice job of complementing frontman Si Consiglio’s singing, and ends the EP on a powerful note.

JesusWired, Review Date: 27 February 2015, Review By: Topher Parks, Release Date: 15th March 2014.

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From 'The New Today' EP

A band favourite is 'Encountering'. It's a story of a person's journey through life and the point being that it's more than words that convince people that God is real and wants to know them personally. The song poses an invitation for the person to see past their preconceptions of the spiritual and allow God to meet them in power. As a band our ministry revolves around this. Instead of just telling people about God we want them to experience him. We believe the Kingdom of God is not a matter of words but a matter of power.

Dan Parr, drummer, Cross Rhythms, 23rd February 2015.

From 'The New Today' EP

From 'The New Today' EP

"We see ourselves as 100 per cent ministry. A lot of people might just see us as a rock band but it goes much further than that. We are gifted in music and the music scene is our sphere of influence. Our music is a vehicle that gains us access to places where we meet people who see music as their god. A lot of people we meet are broken, hurting, and in need of hope. We want to be that hope to them in whatever way we feel led to be."

Dan Parr, drummer, Cross Rhythms, 23rd February 2015.

Tomáš Matejícka. Published on 7 March 2015.
Koncert v Sokolovne v Chotebori.
Trochu horší zvuk, ale bylo to tak nahlas, že to nestíhal mikrofon. :D

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Cenacle Official website
Inspire Magazine
Cross Rhythms

This article was created, compiled and produced by Barry Grady.

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