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Magazine > St Helens Now Info > St Helens Now Hall of Fame
St Helens Now Hall of Fame
Published by Sthelensnow on 29/3/17 (912 reads)

Our St Helens Now Hall of Fame was started in March 2017.

It is for people, artists, bands, music or even businesses who have achieved 1,000 views in one week on St Helens Now.

We give you some serious promotion for 1 week, free of charge, providing we like you and you are St Helens based. If you get there you will always remain on this page :)

The following have achieved it:

April 2017

The Bordellos achieved it in just 3 days. Brilliant.

The Bordellos

Olivia Parr

March 2017

Sonya Hurst

Chris & The Autocrats

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