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Magazine > Music Reviews > Stephen Smith - Part 5 - Various tracks, various dates
Stephen Smith - Part 5 - Various tracks, various dates
Published by Sthelensnow on 21/10/17 (519 reads)

Stephen Smith - Part 5 - Various tracks, various dates

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Me and Barney Rubble

You, Me and The Revolution

Face The Music

Julie Rainbow

Workers Song



Liar Liar Cover - Liam Hillyer


Other tracks

This was my first solo recording, which was made many years ago now, so it's a bit rough around the edges! The song is about me going to watch my beloved Liverpool FC as a boy with my Dad and meeting my football hero Alan Kennedy AKA Barney Rubble. True story.

Song I wrote about working together to try to make this world a better place to live in. When terrible, awful things happen in this world, we need each other more than ever.

So let us stop fighting and stand together against war, hatred and racism.

As someone who voted to remain in the EU in last years referendum, I found myself looking for positives in the weeks and months after we learned we had voted to leave the EU. The biggest positive I found was the huge interest and political debate that we were engaging in during the weeks before and after the referendum.

It gave me hope that as a society we may be encouraging each other to take an active part in shaping our future.

It matters not left or right, what matters is wrong and right.

If we want a better world for us, our children, our children's children to live in, then we need to work together.

We need each other now!

This song is a demo, the final version will appear on my forthcoming album due for release in 2018.

For further info go to www.stephensmithmusic.co.uk @stevesmithsongs


I really want to understand,
I want for us to find some common ground,
Where together we might stand.
Together we can make a change,
But we've got to stand up,
We need to engage,
Wether we leave or we remain.

You and me are sat in the same boat,
But we are we heading for?
You and me we need each other now,
So what are we fighting for.

What does it matter left or right?
If then we lose our way caught in the fight,
And we can't see wrong from right.
While the NHS is on it's knee's
And we still have people sleeping on the streets.
But bigger bombs are what we need?

You and me can see which side we're on,
So what are we fighting for?
You and me we need each other now,
So what are we waiting for?

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Song written many years ago by my friend and former Glass Child vocalist and band mate Catherine Cunningham.


Beautiful song written by me old mate Darren Poyzer!

This is my rendition of a great working class rebel song by Ed Pickford.

The government provides quarterly homelessness statistics for England. Recent statistics July to September Quarter 2014 show that there were 60,940 households in temporary accommodation on 30 September 2014. This is 6% more than at the same date last year

For Katie, rest in peace, miss you.

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Cover version of Stephen's "Liar Liar" by Liam Hillyer.


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All links accessed and working on 23 October 2017.

Stephen Smith Official website
Stephen Smith Facebook page
Liar Liar on the Official Liverpool FC Facebook page
Liar Liar on BBC Music
Football tragedy inspired Stephen's song (St Helens Star - 22nd April 2011)

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This article was created, compiled and produced by Barry Grady with major contributions by Stephen Smith.

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