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Magazine > Music Reviews > Titors Insignia - Part 1 - 2006 to 2008
Titors Insignia - Part 1 - 2006 to 2008
Published by Sthelensnow on 12/11/17 (573 reads)

Stu Oggy and Titors Insignia - Part 1

2006 to 2008


Stu Oggy
The Heath
The Differents
The Monte Christo Blondes
Roll Up, Roll Up
Talk to The Wall
Girl With The Starry Eyes

Titors Insignia - Part 2 - 2009 to 2013

Titors Insignia - Part 3 - 2014

Titors Insignia - Part 4 - 2015 to 2017

Stu Oggy

Singer, song writer & guitarist. Stu Oggy, full name Stuart Ogden, has fronted bands for over 18 years. Titors Insignia, The Differents, The Heath. Stu is now pursuing a solo career.

The Heath appeared with the track 'Hometown Hooligans (Bring Back The Chair) on the St Helens Musicians Collective various artists CD compilation 'Three' (SHMC 003) in 2006.

The Differents played the St Helens Festival in Sherdley Park on July 7 and 8, 2007 along with The Loungs, Ghengis Grimes, Mark Wilson, The Monte Cristo Blondes, Krazy 88 and the St Helens Music Academy.

Stu's band before Titors Insignia was The Monte Christo Blondes

The Monte Christo Blondes

The first line up of the band came together in mid 2006 but by early January 2008 it was time for a new and fresh line up to make the band stronger and better than ever. With Dale Kinsey (guitar-vocals) leading the way from the front, Mark Swift (drums), Stu Oggy (lead guitar-vocals) and Danny (bass).

Previous gigs include: St Helens Arts Festival, Newton Music festival, St Helens Show, St Helens Citadel, St Helens Rugby Homecoming 2007, Manchester Roadhouse, Zanzibar (Liverpool), Warrington Peace Centre, Jack Daniels Soundcheck, Liverpool & Wigan, BBC Radio Merseyside and KCR Radio.

Roll Up, Roll Up published on 3 June 2008

"The circus came to town today".

Talk to The Wall published on 3 June 2008

Original song. Copyright The Monte Christo Blondes.

Girl With The Starry Eyes published on 3 June 2008

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Titors Insignia Review


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This article was created, compiled and produced by Barry Grady. 12 November 2017.

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