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Magazine > Music Reviews > Claire Wilcock - Planet Claire - Part 7
Claire Wilcock - Planet Claire - Part 7
Published by Sthelensnow on 22/12/17 (279 reads)

Claire Wilcock - Planet Claire - Part 7

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Claire Wilcock Podcasts on Radio Rectangle


Planet Claire #53
Planet Claire #49
Planet Claire #45
Planet Claire #42
Selected festivals and gigs

Selected Planet Claire Podcasts on Radio Rectangle

Selected festivals and gigs:

Rendezvous, St Helens, 1 September 2007 with Android 80
Casa Nicaragua, Belgium, 24 February 2012
La Légia, Belgium, 21 April 2012
Fête du Quartier Rue Fond Pirette, Belgium, 8 June 2012
La Légia, Belgium, 5 October 2012
Record Store Day, Saturn Megastore, Médiacité, Liège, Belgium, 20 April 2013
Oh La Vache! Festival Rue Fond Pirette, 8 June 2013
GET ART OF HERE: festival des créateurs, The Fiacre, Liège, Belgium, 18 July 2013
Scott’s Bar, Brussels, Belgium, Thursday, 10 April 2014
La Diode, Liège, Belgium, 23 August 2014
Surya, London - 5 November 2014 with Benjamin Schoos
Fête de la Musique, Liège, Belgium, Friday, 19 June 2015
L'Aquilone, Liège, Belgium, 7 November 2015
Quai du Barbou Péniche Légia, Liège, Belgium, Thursday, 25 February 2016, 'Holding Hands in Public' EP release show.


Android 80


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The Winter Tyres on Facebook
The Winter Tyres on Twitter (@TheWinterTyres)
Claire to tackle Big North swim in Lake Windermere in memory of her brother-in-law - St Helens Star - 10th June 2015
EP: The Winter Typres – Holding Hands In Public - Backseat Mafia - 28 January 2016
See: The Kitchen Sink Drama release video for debut single Idiot - Backseat Mafia - 21 July 2016
The Kitchen Sink Drama on BandCamp
Planet Claire Podcasts on Radio Rectangle

This article was created, compiled and produced by Barry Grady. 22 December 2017.

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