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Magazine > Music Reviews > Claire Wilcock - 2007-2011 - Part 1 and Contents
Claire Wilcock - 2007-2011 - Part 1 and Contents
Published by Sthelensnow on 24/12/17 (537 reads)

Claire Wilcock - 2007-2011 - Part 1 and Contents

Claire Wilcock and Android 80


Claire Wilcock Biography
David Bowie Had a Discotheque
Magnolia cover
The One That Got Away
Fire and Rain
And I Love Her
Last Christmas

Alleys image

Claire Wilcock - 2012 - Part 2 - The Winter Tyres
Sparkling Eyes, Impossible, Anyway, They Shoot Horses Don't They, The Boy Next Door, Sugar Candy Free, The Boy Next Door, Impossible, His Name Was Jacques, Hansum Jacques

Claire Wilcock - 2012-2013 - Part 3 - The Winter Tyres
Sparkling Eyes, Dance, Stuck on a Memory of You, Not Such a Bad Girl-Happy Birthday-Just Like Heaven, Tired of Winter EP, The One That Got Away, Just Like Heaven, Anyway

Claire Wilcock - 2014-2015 - Part 4 - Claire Wilcock, Benjamin Schoos and The Winter Tyres
3 Acts in 1 Night on Radio X, Anyway - The Winter Tyres, J'ai essayé de t'aimer - Benjamin Schoos, Anyway - Claire Wilcock, La grève des éboueurs - Claire Wilcock, Unhappy Hour - The Winter Tyres, The Great North Swim, November Song - The Winter Tyres

Claire Wilcock - 2015-2016 - Part 5 - L'Aventure Vostok, Claire Wilcock and The Winter Tyres
Exit Sign - L'Aventure Vostok, Think Further - L'Aventure Vostok, Your Runner Up - Claire Wilcock, Last Christmas - Claire Wilcock, Holding Hands in Public EP - The Winter Tyres, Clouds Across the Moon - The Winter Tyres

Claire Wilcock - 2016 - Part 6 - The Kitchen Sink Drama and The Winter Tyres
Idiot - The Kitchen Sink Drama, We Worship The Devils! - Brian Carney and Claire Wilcock, Wi-Fi Baby - The Kitchen Sink Drama, Every Good Boy Deserves Failure - The Kitchen Sink Drama, Clouds Across The Moon - The Winter Tyres

Claire Wilcock - Planet Claire - Part 7 - Claire Wilcock Podcasts on Radio Rectangle
Planet Claire #53, Planet Claire #49, Planet Claire #45, Planet Claire #42, Selected festivals and gigs

Claire Wilcock Biography

Claire Wilcock (b.1973) is originally from West Park, St Helens but has lived in Liege, Belgium since 1999 where she works as an EU Aid Projects Advisor.

She is married to Brian Carney who was in St Helens bands Academy of Unrest and Poisoned Electrick Head and now has his solo project Android 80.

Claire has collaborated on many occasions with Brian Carney as well as having her own bands and radio work with Radio Rectangle.

Claire's bands include The Winter Tyres and The Kitchen Sink Drama as well as performances and collaborations with Android 80, L'Aventure Vostok and Benjamin Schoos.

Claire studied at the University of Leeds and went to St Augustines High School, St Helens, Merseyside.

David Bowie Had a Discotheque published on 2 September 2007

Android 80 and Claire Wilcok, Rendezvous, St Helens, 1 September 2007. The quality is not great on this but I had to include for it's historical value, it's at the Rondy in St Helens and it features Claire Wilcock. All good reasons.

Magnolia cover - Claire Wilcock published on 25 August 2010

The One That Got Away - Claire Wilcock published on 25 August 2010

Anyway - Claire Wilcock published on 26 August 2010

Fire and Rain - Claire Wilcock published on 4 September 2010

James Taylor cover.

And I Love Her - Claire Wilcock published on 5 September 2010

Last Christmas - Claire Wilcock published on 18 December 2010

Suburban Robot released September 9, 2011

In September 2011 Claire Wilcock sang backing vocals on Android 80's album release Suburban Robot.


Android 80


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The Winter Tyres on Facebook
The Winter Tyres on Twitter (@TheWinterTyres)
Claire to tackle Big North swim in Lake Windermere in memory of her brother-in-law - St Helens Star - 10th June 2015
EP: The Winter Typres – Holding Hands In Public - Backseat Mafia - 28 January 2016
See: The Kitchen Sink Drama release video for debut single Idiot - Backseat Mafia - 21 July 2016
The Kitchen Sink Drama on BandCamp
Planet Claire Podcasts on Radio Rectangle

This article was created, compiled and produced by Barry Grady. 22 December 2017.

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