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Pretty Things Wedding Blog
  Updated Wed, 16 Aug 2017 08:28:47 +0000
Description Wedding planning made easy! Ideas and beauty testing for everyone!
Category Weddingbridesideasbrideplanningbeautydressesbeautiful wedding dressescolourschecklistface caremoney savingshoestestingwedding beautywedding dressesRonald joycebeauty testingface masksfirst dancegiftsgroomgroom danceivorymen danceshort dressesskincarethe body shopwedding coloursJustin AlexanderRiki DalalStella Yorkaccessoriesautumnbackless dressesbackless wedding dressesblueblue dressblue suitsbridal dressesbridal shoesbride dancebride dressescelebrity weddingcolour schemecolour shoesdancefiber lashesflash dancefreefree guest recordfun dancegarnier moisture bomb tissue maskgartersglossing serumgoldgrapeseedguest listguestshairhigh streetinvitationslistmake upmascaramen's suitsmoisturiserperfumepinkproblemsringssalessave the datessimpletable planswedding dancewedding guestwedding helpwedding ringswedding shoeswhitewinterwinter weddingswooden heartswooden stationarywooden wedding stationaryyounique
Generator Blogger
30 Things To Do Wedding Checklist!
Category bride, checklist, groom, planning, Wedding, wedding help
Description: 30 Things To Do Wedding Checklist!

Congratulations on your engagement! So maybe you or your partner have asked that big question!!! and everyone is so excited and asking all the details?

In the back of your mind I'm sure your thinking Where do I start? there is so much to do!
Here we've put together a wedding checklist to help you and your partner get everything done in time!
Everyone wants something different for their wedding so don't panic if there are items on here that you don't want, just skip past it to the next one.

Happy planning!

1. Announcement - let everyone know the great news! maybe plan an engagement party?
2. Budget - before you go booking everything you can think of to do with weddings, sit down together and plan a budget with what you can really afford.
3. Date - Sit together and come up with a date that you agree on and see if you can you be flexible with that date if needed?
4. Paying - If you have help paying for your wedding, work out who is paying for what.
5. Venue - Work out a list of venues that you both love! Church, hotel or golf club? near home or away somewhere hot?
6. Bridal Party - Depending on your budget how many bridesmaids etc would you like to have and who will you pick to help on your special day?
7. Colours - What colours do you want for your wedding? Will you have a certain style or theme?

8. Wedding Insurance - Decide if you want insurance for your wedding?
9. Photographer / Videographer - These are some of the things that book up really quick! If you find someone you love, book it!
10. Dress / Suits - Start to look at ideas for outfits and the different styles that you like, book in to try dresses on, some bridal shops like you to book an appointment.
11. Florist - Decide what flowers, colours etc you want and where you would like them. Do you just want bouquets and button holes or do you want to decorate the venue as well? maybe use your florist for your centre pieces.
12. DJ / Band - Sometimes your venue will have a DJ that they use regularly and will recommend them to you, if not shop around and ask friends who they have used before.
13. Catering - Is food included with your venue or will you need an outside caterer? Are you having a sit down meal or a buffet?
14. Cars - How many? What style? How many trips?

15. Rings - Try loads on to see what matches your engagement ring!
16. Venue Dressing - Some venues will do this for you, if not do you want chair covers, table decorations or maybe a dance floor?
17. Hair and Make up - Find someone who can give you a hair and make up trail to give you an idea of what you want for yourself and your bridal party. Will they come to you on the day?
18. Shoes, Accessories and underwear - If you've picked your dress then now is the time to find your accessories and matching underwear!
19. Bridal party outfits - Take your bridesmaids, best man and ushers to find their wedding outfits.
20. Cake - Look for ideas for styles, sizes and find somewhere that you can go to and taste a sample.
21. Guest List - List everyone that you would like to attend your wedding.
 Decide if your sending save the dates.
22.  Music - Pick what music you want in the ceremony. Traditional or modern?
23. Invites - Pick your invites and send out around 6 weeks before although lots send them out sooner if the wedding is on a school day or in holiday season.
24.Centre Pieces and Favours - If your not using your florist for your table decorations, will your venue provide them? will you make them yourself? Are you giving out favours?
25. Honeymoon / Wedding Night - Will you be going on a honeymoon after your big day? Maybe your waiting a while? Where will you be spending your wedding night if there isn't a room at your venue?
26. Table Plan - Once you have a reply from all of your guests you can decide where they will all sit!
27. Gifts - What gifts will you give to your parents and bridal party? or to anyone who has been a big help with planning your wedding.
28. Help - See if someone can help at the end of the day if your not going to be the last one standing at the party!
29. Timetable - Make a list of times of how the morning will run and be sure your wedding party have a copy so they all know where they should be.
30. Relax and Enjoy!!!

The Wedding Guest
Category bride, groom, guests, planning, problems, Wedding, wedding guest
Description: So I've worked with weddings for a while now as I also make wedding accessories on another page that I have and I love to follow lots of other groups, pages and ideas that brides and grooms have when planning their special day.

From following these groups and listening to people planning their big day I can see one thing! Everyone wants the best day ever! and everyone wants their wedding to be one that family and friends enjoy and remember in years to come! Yes?

So this is how it goes -

The happy couple have something in mind about how they want their wedding day to be, what colours they want and who they want to be there on the day!
They then go out to 500 wedding fairs, try 50 cakes, change their mind about colours around 15 times and look at every venue within 30 miles of where they live!

A photographer is picked and flowers are chosen and then one million scatter crystals are bought for the tables!
The chief bridesmaid has taken the time to shame you on your hen party and you've found a way to get a loan because of the amount of wedding favours you need!

Sound familiar?

After all this hard work, the stress, tears and massive amount of effort, one thing happens!
The Problem Guest!!!!
It's almost as if there are jobs out there to become a problem guest! To cause as many problems as possible?

This is the guest that -

Won't sit at table 4 unless her friends husbands sister is there?
Won't be there if they can't be the photographer?
Is a bridesmaid but won't wear pink as it's not her colour?
Wants to bring another 5 guests with them who you've never met?
Wants to wear a wedding dress?
Would like to bring 2 pet dogs with them as they can't get a sitter?

As the wedding gets closer you find that -

Someone will wait until your seating plan is complete before they say their not coming!
A bridesmaid will only be coming as a guest now you've bought the dress!
The best man will be banned as he made a show of the groom on the stag do!
There wont be enough seats at the top table for everyone!
It's impossible to separate everyone in the family that hate each other!

I'm not joking when I say I read about these kind of problems over and over every single day!
This has always happened to brides and grooms planning a wedding and probably always will!
There will always be that one person who thinks that their helping or likes to give their advice even though their not a wedding planner.

Try to be calm with planning, yes things can go wrong but don't let people think that it's their day and remember that these are some of the things that you'll remember in years to come and maybe even laugh about!
If that doesn't work, go shopping!!!

Happy Calm Planning!
                                               Michelle xx

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask - Beauty Testing
Category beauty, beauty testing, brides, face care, face masks, garnier moisture bomb tissue mask, skincare, Wedding, wedding beauty
Description: Hi everyone! I've heard lots of people talking about the new Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask lately so couldn't miss out on testing it for the blog!
I thought it might be interesting to see if its worth using to help prepare your skin for your wedding day.

It's a super hydrating revitalising face mask so perfect if your skin looks a bit dull and could do with brightening up!

It rehydrates skin
Reduces the look of fine lines
Revives Radiance

I've made a little video clip to give you the directions of how to use it if you want to click on the link,  the tissue mask is fab as it only takes 15 minutes to use! Perfect if you don't have a lot of spare time.

Easy to open foil pack
One folded mask inside
Unfold mask and place onto the face, blue side facing out
Remove protective layer
Leave for 15 minutes

My Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask Video

I will warn you that this face mask looks hilarious on and I did give my 12 year old son the fright of his life!
I certainly wouldn't answer the front door to anyone wearing this! My husband said something about a horror film???


Anyway I followed the instructions, left it for 15 minutes and peeled off, its as quick as that!
Wipe away anything left from the mask and your done!

I would definitely use one of these again, maybe a once a week treat for my face? My skin felt really refreshed and smooth after the use of this mask so perfect for wedding skincare!

Score - 8/10
Sons score - frightened!
Hubby score - Horror film! 
Price - 1 shop around as I've seen this at a higher price in a few shops

Let us know if you've used this before and feel free to send in any photos!

                                  Michelle   xx

Wedding Dance - Traditional or Fun?
Category bride dance, first dance, flash dance, fun dance, groom dance, men dance, wedding dance

Anyone stressing about their first dance? It's one part of planning a wedding that many brides and grooms don't look forward to!
Lots of couples worry about what song to have, how to dance and how many guests will be watching (if your not comfortable with dancing in front of people!)

For my wedding day we picked a song that we both loved, that we could do a traditional slow dance too and we asked the bridal party to all join us about 30 seconds in, as we didn't want everyone to see how bad we were at dancing :)

Now there are so many options out there!
There is the traditional slow dance, the whole wedding party flash dance or a bride and bridesmaids dance!

So I thought it would be fun on the blog to share some of the best dances that I've seen on YouTube to give you all some great ideas if your thinking of doing something a bit different and a bit more fun!
I started to look through lots of YouTube clips and found some great dances that must have taken a long, long time to learn! Some great, some not so great but all of them where fun!
I then came across quite a few men that had organised their own dance to surprise their partner on the big day! and I have to say some of them where amazing!
This got me thinking about all the years that it's been more of a bride thing to be comfortable with the first dance, can the men actually do it better!!! 
I almost think I should have done this on my own wedding day, but there wasn't many of these around 10 years ago!

Anyway I decided to share some of the best men's wedding dances! See what you think, Enjoy!


Thank you for reading! Let us know if you've planned anything different for your first dance and feel free to share your pictures with us! 
                                                           Michelle xx

Bridal Shoes Ivory or Colour?
Category accessories, bridal shoes, brides, colour shoes, shoes, wedding shoes
Description: Anyone still looking for their wedding shoes? Or finding it hard to pick from some of the gorgeous wedding shoes out there?

Not sure if you should go for a traditional white and ivory shoe or to go a bit different and add a touch of colour to your wedding outfit?

I?ve been taking a look at what?s around at the moment and there are so many different styles and colours of shoes to choose from!

Check out http://www.rainbowclub.co.uk for their fantastic range of bridal shoes from around 70. If your amazing and can walk in high heels ( I wouldn?t last the morning! ) then take your pick from this lovely shop, they also have lots of smaller heels and also flats!

I found my wedding shoes from Rainbow Club in the bridal shop that I bought my wedding dress from and they were really comfortable to wear all day.

Lots of brides are now buying ballet style shoes or trainers to change into for the evening party so they are ready to dance all night!

Asos are fabulous for shoes! Perfect for any budget and also have other brand names such as Dune.
They have next day delivery if your in a rush and I've noticed there is a little sale on at the moment!
The shoes below are just an example of what they have!


www.prettythingsweddingblog.com               www.prettythingsweddingblog.com


As seen on our blog recently these bright pink shoes are from Next and would be gorgeous under a white or ivory dress! The lovely blue shoes are only 14 from Asda if your after a bargain!
Pink Weddings!
Something Blue!

 www.prettythingsweddingblog.com                       www.prettythingsweddingblog.com

So far in 2017 colour wedding shoes have been a big hit! Picking shoes to match your wedding colours is a fab way to add a splash of colour to the bride and this can easily be done with Rainbow Club!

If you take a look on their website you?ll see they have a range of shoes that are dyeable and there are loads of colours to choose from.

All you need to do is find a stockist and pop down there to try your choice of wedding shoes on and pick your colour. They will then send them off to dye and once they are ready the shoes will come back to the shop ready for you to collect! There is a part of the website where you can look at the shoes and change the colours to get an idea of what they will look like.
Have fun trying out the range of colours and let us know how you get on!


Send in your pictures of your wedding shoes and let us share them with other brides and grooms on here!    
Thanks for visiting! 
                                   Michelle xx


We have a new giveaway starting today for a fab pair of groom cufflinks!

To enter our wedding competition just follow our blog using your email address and give our facebook page a little like then comment done!

Good Luck!!!

This competition was organised together by Pretty Things Wedding Blog and Pretty Things by Michelle.

Wedding Beauty Skincare - Moisturiser
Category beauty, beauty testing, brides, face care, moisturiser, simple, skincare, Wedding, wedding beauty
Description: Hi everyone! Hope your wedding planning is going well and your enjoying every minute?

I'm sure lots of you have started to look at wedding beauty products to use on the run up to your big day and have tried to find some affordable skincare products that wont break the bank?

Not sure about you but I find that I need a loan first to buy my skincare and then I spend most of my time worried the kids are going to use it!

Well this beauty product could be perfect for you! Simple Hydrating Moisturiser!
To start, let me tell you that for years and years I have spent a small fortune on a really expensive brand of moisturiser for my skincare routine and I've always stuck to the same one as many of us do!

Simple Moisturiser
Simple Moisturiser

As usual I let my moisturiser run out and didn't have time to go for more as its not a brand that every shop sells.
This led to me just grabbing one off the shelf in my local supermarket thinking its better than nothing until I can get my usual expensive, works better because it costs more moisturiser???

So the next morning I tried it and thought OK its not bad for now, its fine for a couple of days until I get more.
Around four weeks later and I'm still using it and haven't bothered with getting my usual 20 + products! It takes a few days to feel the difference so don't try it once and then give up.
My skin has felt so soft and lovely that I will definitely stick with this one! Not that I don't like my old one, its just for a price difference of around 20 for something that made my skin feel even better then why not?
I've now gone on to buy the face wash too and added that to my daily routine.

These products have no artificial perfume, colour or chemicals so its gentle on your skin and its also easy to use and affordable.

Directions - Apply to your face and neck twice a day morning and night, using upward and outward movements. You don't need loads but give it a good few days to feel the difference!

Price - 2.50!! My lovely local supermarket had a special offer on beauty products and also had 3 for 2 if anyone is looking for a few products to try.

Beauty Score - 9/10

Hubby test - Happy I'm not spending over 20 on moisturiser anymore!!!

Let us know what you think of this product or any others that you have tried! Hope this helps with your wedding beauty planning!
Speak soon!

                                           Michelle xx

Beautiful Backless Wedding Dresses!
Category backless wedding dresses, beautiful wedding dresses, bridal dresses, bride dresses, dresses, wedding dresses
Description: So I've noticed lately that there are lots of  beautiful backless wedding dresses around at the moment!

Not so long ago a backless wedding dress would have been quite shocking for a wedding and not very traditional but there are so many different styles out there that there is something for everyone!
As they've become more popular when looking for a dress that's a bit different, I thought I'd have a look through tons of them for you to find some of the best ones and thought I'd share my favourites with you!
If your looking for a dress that's different but don't want one that's backless, try shorter dresses.
Shorter wedding dresses for your big day!

My first beautiful dresses are from Stella York and they are so pretty! You don't need to show of the whole of your back or feel naked!
Maybe go for something like these that are still pretty and don't come too low down on the back area?

If you don't feel confident enough to wear a backless wedding dress, there are so many that have a thin layer of lace over to cover you but will still give you the backless dress look.

Backless Wedding Dresses

Backless Wedding Dresses

My next lot are from the wonderful Ronald Joyce! These are another example of how you can include a lace back but still get the look you want.
Personally I'm loving the backless dresses that have rows of pearls or diamante, so beautiful!
The first dress here has a gorgeous lace back and the second one is beaded.

  Backless Wedding Dresses                 Backless Wedding Dresses

These Maggie Sottero wedding dresses have an amazing design on them! The first with a bling design with diamantes and the second one with a perfect lace pattern. The first dress has such a glamorous look to it without being over the top.

Backless Wedding Dresses

Backless Wedding Dresses

Hope I've given you some great ideas to find your wedding dress! Looking for a backless dress? Share yours with us! Be sure to try lots of different styles to find the perfect one for you and have fun!

                                                                                     Michelle x


Pretty Things Wedding Blog: Something Blue!
Description: Pretty Things Wedding Blog: Something Blue!: Happy Friday everyone! This week we've picked another colour choice for your wedding and we've gone with the lovely blue! Blue wed...  more...
Something Blue!
Category beautiful wedding dresses, blue, blue dress, blue suits, bride, colours, Wedding, wedding colours
Happy Friday everyone! This week we've picked another colour choice for your wedding and we've gone with the lovely blue!
Blue weddings are perfect for anytime of year as you can pick a beautiful light baby blue for spring or summer and maybe a royal blue or navy for autumn and winter.
I love, love, love blue mixed with silver! or you could be really different and mix it with a yellow or a cute shade of pink!

These dresses from Monsoon are perfect for bridesmaids and flower girls and they have lots of different styles available. They also have free delivery on orders over 75 at the moment!

If your wanting to go for a darker shade of blue such as royal or navy blue then take a look at these beautiful dresses from Coast.
Again they have a massive selection of gorgeous dresses perfect for any special occasion.
Looking on their website today I noticed that they have a sale on so you might even bag yourself a bargain!

Don't forget the groom can wear blue too! Loving these suits from Debenhams and there really affordable if your wanting to buy the menswear rather than hire.


Finally I thought we needed to look at some accessories for your special day, we have bargain shoes from Asda for only 14 that can be worn again for a night out, hair fascinator from Dorothy Perkins and a cute little glitter bag from Primark!  
Our beautiful cake is from Cakes by Design in St Helens, Merseyside.


 As always we would love to see your photos of your special day! We want to see the colour blue at your wedding or tell us what colours you would like us to share on here next time!
Thanks for reading!
                                                 Michelle xx


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