We all know writing a guest list is a part of the wedding planning that most of us don?t really like to do!
Of course we would all like to invite everyone we know to our wedding, especially if you have a huge family! but lots of couples planning their wedding can?t do this and need to stick to some kind of budget.

This wedding guest record is here to change your life!!!
Ok maybe it wont but it will help you get organised, keep a record of who you have invited, how many you?ve invited and also their contact details.

This Guest list can easily be printed off to add to your wedding planning information and will help you to keep track of who you have sent an invite to and also if they have got back to you with a yes or no.

We included a column at the end so you can mark off who you've sent a thank you note to!

Take a look at our wedding guest post if you have a problem wedding guest!
The Wedding Guest

Hope this helps!

Pretty Things Wedding Blog Guest List - Day

Printable wedding guest record planner