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Heart of Glass
  Updated Mon, 21 Jan 2019 10:21:32 +0000
Description Heart of Glass is a St Helens Arts Council Creative People and Places programme
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Watch a video of Baa Baa Baric: Have You Any Pull? by Mark Storor
Category Projects
Description: Baa Baa Baric: Have You Any Pull? is a twelve year undertaking by artist...  more...

Baa Baa Baric: Have You Any Pull? is a twelve year undertaking by artist Mark Storor in collaboration with the people of St Helens, and commissioned by Heart of Glass.

Confronted by its own set of negative statistics, St Helen?s is a town symbolic of national inequality. In a radical act of rebellion Baa Baa Baric harnesses the powers of creativity, imagination and possibility, refuting labels and challenging the status quo. The project poses the question: Is the most brutal act of barbarism civilisation?

On 29th September 2017, which marked two years into Mark Storor’s 12 year project, Jack Welsh of The Double Negative joined bemused locals in St Helens to report on artist Mark Storor?s epic residency, Baa Baa Baric. Welsh found flowered police horses and children amongst those helping Storor to question the town?s negative stats. You can read Jack Welsh’s full report here.

Or watch the events of 29th September 2017 unfold in this video filmed on that special day.

Photo credit: Stephen King

It?s a Wrap! Our 2018 round up!
Category Artists
Description: It?s a wrap! On Thursday 13th December, we gathered with friends at The Citadel...  more...

It?s a wrap!

On Thursday 13th December, we gathered with friends at The Citadel theatre in St Helens for a right good knees up to celebrate what has been an incredible 150th year for St Helens and for Heart of Glass. Our friends at Eggs Collective invited their friends along to entertain us, sing to us, and make crowns with us – it was a wonderful night!

And there was so much to celebrate! This year has been a remarkable year for St Helens, which was named the inaugural Borough of Culture for the Liverpool City Region in its 150th year. Over 60000 people have taken part in events across the year, which began with public art at the side of the Sankey canal, and continued with a parade to celebrate the borough’s unsung heroes in June and an army of volunteers building a giant cardboard castle in August. September saw the start of a jam packed Take Over Festival in partnership with St Helens Libraries and Cultural Hubs, which included literature events with Frank Cottrell Boyce, film screenings with Maxine Peake, St Helens debuts and the return of old friends, collaborations with brass bands and older members of our community. In November, the award winning theatre production TORCH by ANU and women of St Helens journeyed through St Helens over two weeks, and at the start of December we gathered at St Helens Town Hall for the finale of St Helens 150, which featured an animation premiere and a schools’ lantern trail, and we watched as the Town Hall was transformed by a large scale light projection created by artist Simon Mckeown and BuzzHub St Helens Coalition of Disabled People. 

What a year it has been! Here are our highlights!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been involved with Heart of Glass this year, as a collaborator, an audience member or a supporter from afar. We wish you a lovely festive break and look forward to seeing you again in the new year!

We kicked off St Helens 150th year and our year as Borough of Culture with a stunning photography exhibition that loomed large over the Sankey Canal created by Stephen King and communities of workers from this town’s industrial past. © Stephen King


Our Director Patrick Fox introduces the third With For About conference in May this year.

On a very warm day at the end of June, the St Helens Citizens? Day Parade made its marvellous way across the town centre led by Eggs Collective in celebration of the everyday heroes who make our town such a wonderful place to be! Video by Philip MacDonald, subtitles available.


In August, over 200 volunteers worked over a weekend to create St Helens’ very own Lost Castle, as part of the Liverpool City Region project led by renowned French artist Olivier Grosset?te. © Stephen King.


As part of this year?s Independents Biennial, artist Kate Hodgson worked with a group of women from Parr and their children to produce a screen printed posters and tote bags. © Stephen King 


In September, St Helens Deafness Resource Centre celebrated its 90th birthday and opened its doors as part of Heritage Open Days 2018. The banner in the background was created by DRC members as part of the Connect. Create. Celebrate project led by artists Katie Musgrove and Alex Douglas. © Stephen King 




In late September, Take Over Festival 2018 began in partnership with St Helens Libraries. We were thrilled to hear Frank Cottrell Boyce read from his works in the same libraries that he used to visit as a child. © Stephen King 




In October, Selina Thompson presented the multi-award winning Salt in Parr Library as part of Take Over Festival. Salt. is Selina’s visceral, vulnerable and beautiful one woman show retracing of the routes of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle, from the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, and back. © Stephen King 


At the start of November, the opera-occasional, lycra-loving, black-beard, drag-diva Le Gateau Chocolat returned to St Helens to present a unique performance of his newest treat, RAW CACAO, in collaboration with a local brass band at St Helens Town Hall as part of Take Over Festival. © Victoria Tetley


One week later, we were back in St Helens Town Hall, which had been transformed into a Control Room for ‘Unexploded Ordnances: UXO’ by award-winning US performance troupe, Split Britches, as part of Take Over Festival. © Stephen King


Meanwhile, over in 20B Church Street, a large scale video work was being projected onto a shop wall as part of Take Over Festival. Artist Larry Achiampong made his St Helens debut with Sunday?s Best, a large-scale video projection which brings together the vivid sounds and images of praise and worship sessions in a Ghanaian community church. © Larry Achiampong.


In the middle of November, a sell out audience watched Funny Cow in Ravenhead Social Club and then welcome Maxine Peake and Frank Cottrell Boyce for a Q & A as part of Take Over Festival. © Radka Dolinksa.


After 2.5 years of research and preparation, TORCH, a site-responsive, all-female theatre production by ANU Productions and women of St Helens began its journey through the town in November. TORCH was directed by Louise Lowe and commissioned by Heart of Glass, ANU Productions and idle women as part of the Helen project, which responds to an urgent need to address violence against women in all its forms; the systematic, the structural, the domestic and the social. In this photo, actresses Gillian McCarthy and Nandi Bhebhe start the performance in St Helens Central station. © Radka Dolinksa.


TORCH was performed to 200 audience members over 2 weeks, with 4 audience members per performance and 4 performances per night. It received 5 stars from The Stage and 4 stars from The Guardian.  In this photo, actress Etta Fusi recounts the story of an ‘idle woman’ who worked on the region’s canals during the Second World War. © Radka Dolinksa.


At the start of December over 500 people braved the wind and the rain to watch St Helens Town Hall be transformed by a large scale projection artwork titled We Are Still Here  created by artist Simon Mckeown and BuzzHub St Helens Coalition of Disabled People, as part of the St Helens 150 final event. Photograph by Andy Salkeld ? © Simon Mckeown
It’s a wrap! On 13th December we celebrated what has been a wonderful 150th year for St Helens with A Royal Wrap Party, hosted by Eggs Collective and friends at The Citadel. © Stephen King





A Royal Wrap Party: Photo Gallery
Category Events
Description: On Thursday 13th December we celebrated a fantastic 150th anniversary year for St Helens...  more...

On Thursday 13th December we celebrated a fantastic 150th anniversary year for St Helens with A Royal Wrap Party hosted by our Party Political Artists in Residence, Eggs Collective, and their friends at The Citadel theatre.

What an evening it was! There were sing-a-longs, there were drum-a-longs and there were lots of laughs as a variety of acts took to the stage.

Here’s a round up of the evening, complete with photos!

Léonie and Lowri of Eggs Collective present the first act.
The night was compered by Léonie and Lowri of Eggs Collective. 


Kitty O'Shea dressed in head to toe pink stands in front of a banner reading A Royal Wrap Party
The first act on stage was St Helens very own Kitty O’Shea who shared her royal research at St Helens Archives with us to the sound of tunes from DJ MrsBaxter2U.


Kitty O'Shea sings to the audience.
Kitty O’Shea gives us a rendition of Barbara Streisand’s ‘Papa, Can You Hear Me?’  


Leonie and Lowri from Eggs Collective lead the audience in a sing-a-long.
Eggs Collective lead us in a sing-a-long of a song written by residents of Parr Mount Court earlier this year. 


Three male members of a drum troupe play the drums in front of a banner reading A Right Royal Wrap Party
Drum troupe Luma Creations return to St Helens. 


Two members of the audience join Luma Creations on the stage to play the drums.
Luma Creations invite audience members to join them on stage, including our very own Suzanne!


Members of the audience make brightly coloured crowns with Sam of Might Heart Theatre.
Did you make a crown with Sam from Might Heart Theatre? Who did you choose as your queen? Or perhaps you chose a cat?  


A crown made of tinsel, cardboard and baubles featuring an image of Joan of Arc.
A crown featuring Joan of Arc.


Artist Amy Pennington shows a dart board attached to her chest.
Artist Amy Pennington introduces the audience to the game of ‘bargain bully’ – did you dare to throw darts at Amy?! 


Kitty O' Shea throws a magnetic dart towards the dart board on Amy Pennington's chest
Kitty O’Shea takes part in ‘bargain bully’ to win a Barbara Streisand record, and wins!  
Comedian Stephen Bailey performs his comedy set wearing a pink suit.
The final act of the night was comedian and TV star, Stephen Bailey.
Invaders of the Lost Park, an animation by St Helens community groups and Twin Vision
Category Events, Projects
Description: On 8th December 2018, as part of the We Are Still Here: St Helens 150...  more...

On 8th December 2018, as part of the We Are Still Here: St Helens 150 Finale there was a very special premiere in St Helens Town Hall and it took place within a space-age tent!

Invaders of the Lost Park is a stop-frame animation that was created by the following St Helens community groups in collaboration with the multi-media charity, Twin Vision during a series of workshops as part of the We Are Still Here project:

Knit and Knatter, Newton Le Willows; Lansbury Bridge School; Your Voice, Your Choice, Knowsley; Autism and Friendship Group, St Helens; Knowsley Disability Concern, KDC; Citadel AHSC; Change Grow Live, CGL St Helens; Mill Green School; Activate Knowsley; BuzzHub St Helens Coalition of Disabled People and The Autism and Asperger Society, St Helens. 

The animation tells the story of a child called Lansbury who reimagines their town with amazing results! You can watch the animation in full below, we hope you enjoy!

Watch on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/307011448

We Are Still Here: photo gallery
Category Projects
Description: On the evening of Saturday 8th December, St Helens Town Hall was transformed by...  more...

On the evening of Saturday 8th December, St Helens Town Hall was transformed by 200,000 lumens of light, 8 supersized projectors and over 100,000 images which brought the building to life with animations created by internationally renowned multi-media artist Simon Mckeown and BuzzHub St Helens Coalition of Disabled People as part of the project We Are Still Here.

An audience of over 500 people braved the windy, wet and cold conditions to watch the spectacle that celebrated the St Helens 150 finale, and for that, we thank you!

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the artists and that created the artwork showcased at this event. The We Are Still Here projection was collaboratively created during a number of workshops led by Simon Mckeown with BuzzHub St Helens Coalition of Disabled People over the past months and the piece was inspired by St Helens? past, present and future.

We commissioned We Are Still Here as part of the St Helens 150 celebrations in partnership with DaDaFest, an innovative and cutting edge disability and Deaf arts organisation based in Liverpool that aims to inspire, develop and celebrate talent and excellence in disability and deaf arts. We Are Still Here was also the culmination of St Helens as the Liverpool City Region?s Borough of Culture and this title was passed over to Wirral during the event.

Find out more about the We Are Still Here project here. Can you spot your favourite moment in our photo gallery? 

St Helens Buzz Hub members in their submarine projected on to the Town Hall by Simon Mckeown. The title to We Are Still Here by Simon Mckeown projected onto the town hall in St Helens. December 7th 2018. Patrick Fox, Director of Heart of Glass, with Ruth Gould Artistic Director of DaDaFest, Liverpool introducing artist Simon Mckeown at St Helens Town Hall Simon Mckeown introducing We Are Still Here at St Helens Town Hall before the event on December the 8th. Image of workshops with Buzz Hub St Helens Coalition of Disabled People led by Simon Mckeown? St Helens July 2018 with Simon Mckeown photographed at St Helens Town Hall. December 7th 2018 Exhibition of summer workshop activity with Buzz Hub and Simon Mckeown at St Helens Town Hall December 8th 2018. Each window of St Helens Town Hall is illuminated and animated closing and opening in time to music by a creative disabled sound ensemble. Coloured splodges cover the townhall in time to a musical composition by deaf composer Ailís Ní Ríain. A submarine with art work and the artists created during workshops with Buzz Hub ? St Helens Coalition of Disabled People, is animated and projected onto St Helens Town Hall. A blue Tardis sits on the St Helens Town Hall in an animation derived in workshops with Buzz Hub ? St Helens Coalition of Disabled People. St Helens Town Hall. The contours of St helens Town Hall are carefully highlighted and animated in the final work. The 30m wide facade of St Town Hall is illuminated by Simon Mckeown in rehearsal on December 7th 2018. The 20m tall tower of St Helens Town Hall is illuminated by Simon Mckeown in rehearsal on December 7th 2018 The facade of St Helens Townhall opens to reveal a 3D blue car during rehearsals. Simon Mckeown getting ready to interview Ruth Gould, Artistic Director of DaDaFest in St Helens Town Hall on December 8th 2018. Ruth Gould, Artistic Director of DaDaFest in St Helens Town Hall as part of We Are Still Here by Simon Mckeown on December 8th 2018. The Town Hall at St Helens is precisely illuminated as part of We Are Still Here on December the 8th 2018.


Corrie star joins line up for the Wrap Party
Category Artists
Description: We’re thrilled to say that comedian, TV presenter (Channel 5?s Celebs On The Farm...  more...

We’re thrilled to say that comedian, TV presenter (Channel 5?s Celebs On The Farm and ITV1?s Zoe Ball On Saturday & Sunday) and Coronation Street actor Stephen Bailey will be joining the glittering line up for the Royal Wrap Party on Thursday 13th December.

Stephen has a friendly and open brand of gossipy humour that has made him one of the most sought after acts in UK comedy today. He recently supported Katherine Ryan and Jenny Eclair on their UK tours and will embark on his own brand new solo tour in spring 2019.

The Royal Wrap Party is our FREE (tickets required) thank you to all the communities and people who’ve joined us on the 150 journey. Hosted and curated by our inimitable Party Political Artists in Residence (and Television Award nominated!) Eggs Collective.

The night will also feature performances from St Helens? own Kitty O?Shea and a drum troupe from OLC Productions. There will be competitions, crown making with Manchester?s Mighty Heart, an interactive stall with visual artist Amy Pennington and a well stocked bar, plus a disco with dance floor classics from DJ MissBaxter2U.

As Eggs Collective put it, ?We’ve had such a fantastic year in St Helens as Party Political Artists in Residence. We’ve met brilliant, creative people in our high street pop up shop, danced through the streets to celebrate the Unsung Heroes of the borough in the St Helens Day Citizens? Parade, been thoroughly out-karaoked and even persuaded a hall full of dignitaries to play the kazoo. The Royal Wrap Party feels like the perfect way to end the year: a fabulous party packed with comedy, music and prizes, with a generous dash of glitter thrown in for good measure.”

Strap on your dancing shoes, St Helens – we’ll see you there!

Book tickets here. 

TORCH Cast and Crew Announced
Category Projects
Description: TORCH is a brand new production by ANU, directed by Louise Lowe and commissioned...  more...

TORCH is a brand new production by ANU, directed by Louise Lowe and commissioned by the ?Helen? Partnership formed of Heart of Glass, idle women and ANU. Find out more about TORCH here.

TORCH is an all female production across cast, creatives, tech teams and collaborators. The team has a total of 193 years of experience between them and for all but one of them, this is their first time working on an all female production.

We’re delighted to introduce you to:


Nandi Bhebhe

Nandi Bhebhe is a London born Southern African and trained at the Liverpool institute of Performing Arts.

Nandis credits include Episodes of Blackness with Vocab Dance company, A Season in the Congo at The Young Vic, Bill T. Jones Fela! at the National Theatre and on Broadway, Gwilym Golds music video ‘Triumph’,  White Out with Barrowland Ballet, Wayne McGregors EVERYbody Campaign with Alesandra Seutin, ‘Wrath’ for Channel 4s Random Acts, A Midsummer Nights Dream and Twefth Night at The Shakespeares Globe, Kneehigh Theatres 946 and The Tin Drum, A Monster Calls at The Old Vic and most recently ‘Boy Breaking Glass’ with Vocab Dance at Sadlers Wells Theatre.

Nandi has also co-directed works with artist Phoebe Davies as Bhebhe&Davies. Theses include ‘Creases’, a commissioned work for the Tate Modern, and short film ‘A Navigation’. Bhebhe&Davies also ran the Arts Admin Summer programme coaching 10 young artists to create short video works to camera, centered around the deconstructions and shifts of power.


Etta Fusi

Etta is an actor originally from Hull, now based in Manchester. This is her third time working with ANU (SUNDER, ON CORPORATION STREET) and is thrilled to be joining them again. Some of her most recent credits include;’I AM BECAUSE WE ARE'(Contact Theatre) ‘D FOR DEXTER’ (BBC Radio 4) ‘MORNING’ (Studio of the North)’TWENTY-ONE POUNDS’ (Cheltenham Everyman)’A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE’ (Royal Exchange), ‘The Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass’ Dir. by Helena Kaut-Howson. Short Film ‘Leg. Arm. Head’ Dir. Scout Stuart and ‘Carnival of Souls’ a binaural audio experience Dir. by Bren O’Callaghan in association with Cornerhouse/HOME mcr.






Sonia Hughes

Sonia has been a writer, performer and artist collaborator for the past 19 years. She wrote What Is The City But The People? The opening event of Manchester International Festival 2017. She performed in ANU’s On Corporation Street. Collaborations have been with dancers, Jo Fong, Frauke Requardt, Darren Pritchard, Jane Mason, directors Mark Whitelaw, Sarah Frankcom, Mem Morrison, Max Webster, and visual artists  Humberto Velez and Jeremy Deller. She has been a long time collaborator with Quarantine as a writer on the award-winning Susan & Darren, the epic Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. and as a performer in Entitled and Wallflower.

Niamh McCann

Niamh McCann trained as an Actor at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London (2003-06). She began her career at the prestigious Shakespeare?s Globe Theatre in London, returning for several seasons thereafter, and has worked consistently with some of the leading theatre companies in the U.K and Ireland. Some of which include – National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, The Lyceum Edinburgh, Gate Theatre Dublin, Rough Magic, Abbey Theatre and ANU Productions? Laundry (2011) & Angel Meadow (2014), Sunder (2016), On Corporation Street (2016) & These Rooms (2016), The Sin Eaters (2017) & These Rooms LIFT Festival at Shoreditch Town Hall 2018. Niamh collaborates across disciplines and has been part of a number of significant works with prestigious international artists. Television credits include The Clinic (RTÉ) and Holby City (BBC) River City (BBC), Little Roy (CBBC). Film credits include John Crowley?s Bafta & Oscar Nominated Brooklyn, The Cured, Directed by David Freyne, recently premiered at TIFF & Audi Dublin Film Festival.

Gillian McCarthy

Gillian’s most recent credits are The Lost O?Casey, Judging Shaw, Hentown and Hornets Nest directed by Louise Lowe for ANU Productions, and Futureproof directed by Tom Creed for the Everyman Theatre and Project Arts Centre. Other theatre includes Traitor Project Arts Centre, The Sylvia Smock Alley Theatre, Waiting for Elvis Axis Theatre, The Plough and the Stars  The Abbey Theatre and Irish tour, Juno and The Paycock Abbey Theatre and Royal National Theatre, London co-production, The Playboy of the Western World Druid Theatre Company.

Sarah Morris

Sarah?s most recent credit includes The Lost O’Casey ANU  Productions co production with The Abbey theatre for Dublin Theatre Festival; Class (The Traverse theatre Edinburgh, Edinburgh Fringe First Winners, Dublin Theatre Festival, Galway Arts Festival); Tina’s Idea of Fun (Abbey Theatre); The Bells Of (Theatre Upstairs); Lady Play (Scene and Heard Festival); King Lear (Second Age Theatre Company).

Lir Academy productions include Tarry Flynn; The Living Quarters and Pornography. Television work includes Inspector Jury (Octagon Films for ZDF).



Sinéad Diskin

Sound Design

Sinéad Diskin is a Dublin based sound designer, composer and song writer from Mayo. She is a graduate of the SEEDS programme with Rough Magic Theatre Company and has a BA in music from Trinity College Dublin. She has studied piano to diploma level with the Royal Irish Academy of Music and also writes and performs solo work.

Recent theatre credits include: Home Theatre: Ireland (Dublin Theatre Festival 2018), Serious Money by Caryl Churchill (The Lir), Incantata (Galway International Arts Festival), The Snapper (Gate Theatre), Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play (Rough Magic SEEDS Showcase), Rapids (Shaun Dunne and Talking Shop Ensemble), 24 Hour Plays (Abbey Theatre), Eggsistentialism (Joanne Ryan, Tiger Dublin Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Love and Information & Pornography (The Lir), Spring Awakening (Smock Alley Theatre) and as assistant sound designer/composer: The Train (Rough Magic) Danse, Morob (The Emergency Room), Mainstream (Rosaleen McDonagh and Fishamble), Death at Intervals (Adapted by Kellie Hughes for Galway Arts Festival 2016).

Sinéad also worked as assistant to sound designer Fitz Patton on the recent broadway production of Three Tall Women.


Maree Kearns

Set and Lighting Design

2018 designs include Rathmines Road for Fishamble Theatre Company & the Abbey Theatre, Class for Inis Theatre (Edinburgh Fringe First 2018) and The Wizard of Oz at the Cork Opera House. Other work includes Maz and Bricks and Invitation to a Journey (CoisCéim/ Crash Ensemble coproduction), Giselle for Ballet Ireland   Annie the Musical & Prodijig the Revolution for Cork Opera House, Agnes, Pageant & Faun/ As You Are for CoisCéim Dance Theatre, Vampirella, Opera Briefs  2018, 2016 & 2014 for R.I.A.M,  Monsters, Dinosaurs & Ghosts at the Peacock, Desire under The Elms for Corn Exchange, These, Zoe’s Play & Far Away From Me at The Ark, Hamlet, King Lear , Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth & Dancing at Lughnasa for Second Age,  Moll & Anglo the Musical for Verdant Productions, Plasticine  for CorcaDorca, A Winter’s Tale, Three Winters, In the Next Room, Scenes from the Big Picture & Troilus and Cressida for the Lir, The Dead School  & Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme for Nomad Theatre Network (Irish Times Best Set Designer 2009).Maree is the MFA Stage Design Course Director in the Lir Academy of Dramatic Art in Dublin.


Niamh Lunny

Costume Designer

Niamh is the recipient of the 2018/19 Jerome Hynes Scholarship on the Clore Leadership Programme, supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, she designs costumes, sets and visual art. She has worked for ANU, Decadent Theatre Company, the Abbey Theatre, Fishamble Theatre Company, The Performance Corporation, Rough Magic, NAYD, Theatre Lovett and The Ark, among many other theatre, film, television and production companies. She has also worked collaboratively and independently on a diverse range of commissions from events to merchandise. Previous work with ANU includes The Lost O?Casey, These Rooms, Sin Eaters, Sunder, On Corporation Street, Glorious Madness, PALS, Angel Meadow,Vardo, Laundry, The Boys of Foley Street. Niamh is a graduate of Limerick College of Art and Design and was Head of Costume at the Abbey Theatre where she served on the Board of Directors from 2013-17. Her recent design work there includes Ulysses, Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme, The Waste Ground Party (set & costume), Heartbreak House, (Nominated for an Irish Times award for Best Costume Design), Maeve?s house (Set and Costume), The Risen People, The House, Other work includes Mainstream(Set and Costume), Inside the GPO(Set and Costume design),Tiny Plays for Ireland 1 & 2, Shorts (Fishamble Theatre Company) The Dead (Set & Costume), Expedition,The Big House Festival, Beautiful Dreamers, Swampoodle, Slatterys Sago Saga, The Seven Deadly Sins and the short film A Life for the Performance Corporation. Rossums Universal Robots, Salt Mountain(NAYD) She spent four years as costume coordinator at the Samuel Beckett Centre in Trinity College Dublin.


Louise Lowe


As a theatre maker Louise makes site-specific and immersive art works within communities of space, place and interest. Since co-founding ANU in 2009, she has directed all of the company?s work to date, including: The Sin Eaters (Dublin Theatre Festival, Hentown (Dublin City Council Commission for Tenement museum),  These Rooms (Art:2016) in collaboration with CoisCeim for Dublin Theatre Festival, On Corporation Street (Home Manchester / Culture Ireland) and Sunder, Last Words and PALS in collaboration with the National Museum of Ireland, Winner of two Irish Times Theatre Awards 2015), Reflecting the Rising (RTE), Rebel Rebel (National and International Tour), Beautiful Dreamers (Limerick City of Culture), Vardo (Dublin Theatre Festival), Angel Meadow (Winner of two Awards at Manchester Theatre Awards including Best Production and Best Ensemble, Nominated for Best Director Award, UK National Theatre Awards / HOME Manchester), Thirteen (Winner of the Judges Special Award, Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards), Dublin Tenement Experience, The Boys of Foley Street (Dublin Theatre Festival, Dublin City Council Public Art Commission, Winner Best Theatrical Production of the Year Award ERICS, Nominated for two Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards including Best Director Award), Laundry (Dublin Theatre Festival 2011, Winner of Best Production Award, Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards, Nominated for Best Director Award Irish Times Theatre Awards), World?s End Lane (Dublin Theatre Festival 2011, Dublin Fringe 2010, Winner Best Off-site Production Award, Nominated Best Production Award and Best Director Award, Irish Times Theatre Awards), Fingal Ronan (Robert Wilson Watermill Center New York), Memory Deleted (Winner Best Production Award) and Basin (Dublin Fringe Festival 2009, Winner Irish Times Theatre Awards).

Other directing credits include: Test Dummy (Theatre Upstairs, Nominated Best New Play, Irish Times Theatre Awards), Deep (Cork Opera House), The End of the Road (Fishamble), Across the Lough (Performance Corporation), Secret City, Right Here Right Now, The Baths, Demeter Project: Cultural Olympiad Production (Prime Cut Productions), The Bell Room, Come Forward to Meet You and Evensong (Upstate),

At the LIR Academy (Trinity College Dublin) Louise teaches devising theatre.  She was awarded the Captain Cathal Ryan Scholarship Award and the International Artist Residency at the Robert Wilson Centre, New York.  She has currently been awarded an Arts Council England, Ambition for Excellence Award.

Louise trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London) and Sam Beckett Centre, Trinity College, Dublin.

Lynnette Moran

Creative Producer

Lynnette Moran is an independent Arts Producer & Festival Director specialising in Live Art, Theatre, Visual Art and Digital platforms; with distinct experience of producing collaborative & socially engaged arts practice & public art commissions. In 2009 Lynnette established Live Collision, Ireland?s leading annual curated festival of Live Art and Ireland?s first independent Creative Producing House working with exceptional artists nationally & internationally.

Lynnette is Creative Producer with ANU productions & Louise Lowe since 2013, one of two core producers on all productions to date including The Lost O?Casey, Hawknest, Zero-Hour, Faultline, These Rooms (LIFT), Hentown, The Sin Eaters, These Rooms (DTF), Falling Out of Standing, On Corporation Street, Sunder, Into the Sun, Reflecting the Rising, Rebel Rebel, Beyond the Barricades, Glorious Madness, Pals – the Irish at Gallipoli, Vardo and Angel Meadow.

Lynnette was co-founder & Lead Producer for CAPP (Collaborative Art Partnership Programme), a four year transnational partnership across six countries and nine partner organisations co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. From 2009 – 2017 Lynnette was Associate Producer at Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts (IRL).

Live Collision has also produced the work of several independent artists and artworks outside of the festival which include Amanda Coogan?s Talk Real Fine, Just Like A Lady; You Told Me To Wash and Clean My Ears and Amanda Coogan, LONG NOW (Film Doc); Athletes of the Heart, Anna FurseAn Anatomy Act and I AM NOT A PIECE OF MEAT (Digital Artwork); The Prosperity Project by Jesse Jones (OPW commission). FAST TRACK TO DANCE is a shared audience development initiative between Live Collision and Dublin Dance Festival, as too is Open Studio a creative learning lab exploring performance, connectivity and young people.

Lynnette has directed over 25 works for theatre and gallery spaces, as well as for screen and digital media. Together with Kate Craddock they co-founded mouth to mouth, an international performance collective based in eight countries around the world, rehearsing and devising online before the performances took place in real time across multiple locations. Commissions included LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre, UK), Arnolfini (UK), Wunderbar Festival (UK), Absolut Fringe Festival (Ire); Northern Stage (UK), Dance City (UK), Whitechapel Gallery (UK), Culture Lab (UK), BScene (Switzerland), University of Victoria (Canada) and BAC (Battersea Arts Centre, UK).

Lynnette began her career in London, cutting her teeth with some of the UK?s leading arts organisations including LIFT and BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) from 2005 – 2009. She holds a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art, and an MA in Performance Art from Goldsmiths College, London.


BOOKING NOW: Artist Professional Development Workshops
Category Artists
Description: Booking is now open for a series of six practical artist professional development sessions...  more...

Booking is now open for a series of six practical artist professional development sessions for artists working within socially engaged practice. Hosted by Heart of Glass in collaboration with Mark Devereux Projects, the sessions will take place in St Helens between November 2018 and April 2019. You can find out more about the programme and Mark Devereux Projects here, or follow the links below for details of each workshop and how to book.

  1. Planning your project
  2. Talking about your work
  3. Finding the right opportunity
  4. Funding and fundraising
  5. Working with contracts
  6. Collaboration in the field

Heart of Glass, Old Beecham?s Building, Water Street, St Helens, WA10 1PP

10am ? 4pm

Season Ticket – all 6 sessions: £135 (£108 concessions: students, senior citizens & St Helens based artists)

Individual sessions: £25 per session (£10 concession for students, senior citizens and St Helens based artists)

Heart of Glass is proud to be based in St Helens and is keen to support the development of artists living and working in the St Helens Borough. All artists with a St Helens postcode are eligible for a concessionary ticket rate.



Watch the video: St Helens Day Citizens? Parade
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Description: On 30th June 2018 the St Helens Citizens’ Day Parade made its marvellous way...  more...

On 30th June 2018 the St Helens Citizens’ Day Parade made its marvellous way across the town centre in celebration of the everyday heroes who make our town such a wonderful place to be!

Featuring local community groups, the Mayor and Mayoress, musical performances and vintage vehicles from the North West Museum Of Road Transport, the parade was led by fantastic performance artists, Eggs Collective, to Church Square, where a mass-karaoke took place.

It was a day full of very special moments and now you can re-live it, thanks to this all singing, all dancing video created by the wonderful Philip MacDonald. Subtitles available.

We hope you enjoy!




Book Now: Social-Realist Films (Take Over Festival)
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Description: Over the next couple of months, as part of Take Over Festival, St Helens...  more...

Over the next couple of months, as part of Take Over Festival, St Helens Libraries will be showing a trio of rarely seen social-realist films at Chester Lane Library, St Helens. Read more about the 3 films and find times and dates below.

BOOK your tickets here or in any library in St Helens. Season ticket available for all 3 films. 


Thursday 20th September 2018, 7pm. 

A documentary film about the campaign to unionise the women who cleaned office blocks at night and who were being victimised and underpaid by their employers. A key work of the 1970s, this intensely self-reflexive film implicates both the filmmakers and the audience in the processes of precarious, invisible labour.

Berwick Street Film Collective: Humphry Trevelyan, Mary Kelly, James Scott, Marc Karlin and LUX, London. UK, 1972-75. 90 min.

Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the future (with an introduction from Karen Guthrie)

Thursday 4th October 2018, 7pm.

Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the future, is a bittersweet record of an English coach trip to the origins of the Bata shoe empire – the Moravian town of Zlin. Former employees of two now closed UK Bata factories are led by Pope & Guthrie on a unique journey through Bata?s legacy. Watch the trailer here.

A Somewhere Film written & directed by Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope. 93 min. PG

The Rank and File

Thursday 18th October 2018, 7pm.

Based on the Pilkington Glass strike that took place in St. Helens in 1970, Loach uses a documentary approach to cover a wildcat strike among rank and file union members antagonised by a too-cosy relationship between the board and union executive that had resulted in the gradual erosion of pay and conditions.

Director Kenneth Loach. Producer Graeme McDonald. Script Jim Allen. 1971. 71 min. PG

BOOK your tickets here or in any library in St Helens.

Take Over Festival (#takeoversthelens) is a partnership between Heart of Glass and St Helens Libraries that sees six weeks of art, culture and pop-up performances ignite the streets and the spaces of St Helens. No location is off limits as artists are invited to showcase new and engaging work in libraries, shops, labour clubs and public spaces. St Helens 150?s edition of the festival examines the idea of identity. In a world where the only constant thing is change, what does that mean to our sense of self?

For more information on the programme including appearances from St Helens ?son? Frank Cottrell Boyce and actress Maxine Peake and a performance of the award-winning salt. by Selina Thompson visit: www.heartofglass.org.uk to find out more and book tickets. 

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