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  Updated Mon, 10 Sep 2018 13:23:28 +0000
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Relaunch: The Theatre Buildings
Category advertisement, affordable, art, artists, crafted, create, event, gifts, holistic, music blog, music blogger, shopping, social media, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, Beautiful things by Amanda, blog, blogger, blogging, bluebirds and daisies, Boho Beauty and Holistics, bopo blog, bopo blogger, Cards by Carol, Clarity and Disparity, decoupage, Dormouse Records, Etsy, Flumps Flowers, hand crafted, hand made, handcrafted, handmade, Liverpool, local shops, Lynne's Room, Manchester, merseyside, Niniderland, Passoul, relaunch, reopening, shop local, small business, st helens, support local, support small business, The Theatre Buildings, theatre buildings, Treasured Trinkets, Warrington, what's on in St Helens
Description: Hello Angels! Today’s post is just a little quick one and some publicity for both a shop and an event said shop is holding. There has been a relaunch of a shop that I used to work in under new management and under a new name: The Theatre Building. In there you’ll find so much …   more...

Hello Angels!

Today’s post is just a little quick one and some publicity for both a shop and an event said shop is holding.

There has been a relaunch of a shop that I used to work in under new management and under a new name: The Theatre Building. In there you’ll find so much talent and art it’s unbelievable.

So, the relaunch: on the 15th of September, the building will be relaunching. Open 10AM until 8PM, the shop will be rebranded Theatre Buildings after a year of playing around with names. Press will be there at some point and it’s open to the public, no fee to enter. If you come, look out for my mess of orange hair; I’ll be wandering around for most of it, and share it on social media! The idea of the Theatre Buildings is to celebrate small businesses and to draw attention to talented crafters.

New band Roi (with singer from Vukovar) will also be there- so if looking for new artists and bands, it’s definitely a good place to be; a little bird has said that they’ll be writing and working on music as they’re playing, so it’s entirely new and forming in front of you.

The address is on the link I added earlier (I’ll also link the entire Facebook page here), but it is
8 Corporation Street,
St Helens,
WA10 1DZ.

A very quick run down of the layout, because we’re on 3 floors so it can get a little confusing and you can get a little bit lost. I’d be more descriptive, but I’ve added a slideshow of pictures so you can see the variety of things sold in the differing rooms.

As you walk in, there’s a variety of handmade and hand sewn pieces dotted around, as well as some of the decoupage and some crochet shawls and bags (the pictures also show some other hand sewn goodies).

Click to view slideshow.

On the first floor, there’s a shop area filled with jewellery, handmade crafts and sculptures. Each thing is entirely unique and handmade, and I know for a fact there are people who will do commissions and custom orders.

Click to view slideshow.

There’s then a classroom/ mini shop: the building holds craft and art classes where you can learn the skills that store holders possess and is filled with gorgeous decoupage as well. Again, everything is handmade and as far as I know, commission and custom orders can be requested.

Click to view slideshow.

In that same room, you’ll find a hideaway record shop. Filled to the brim with great quality vinyl, CDs and singles, it’s a haven for rarities (and an owner who will attempt yo find rarities for you).

Click to view slideshow.

The second floor has a beauty therapist who is amazing; I used to work with her as a shop assistant and I’ve also had treatments done by her: she’s one of the best with some incredible prices. Soon to be opening a new shop and beauty area, it’s a place that is constantly growing.

Click to view slideshow.


I thought I’d show said price list for some guidance, and also out of the slideshow so there’s no time limit and faff.

On the top floor there is Passsoul: a store that also runs classes, as well as selling up cycled furniture and art.

Click to view slideshow.

So, I hope to see you there if you’re local or just fancy a nosey to see what’s out there! Below are links to pages of the people who stock their stuff and make it all possible; they’re all incredibly talented so check them out!

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ?

Beautiful Things by Amanda:

Bluebirds and Daisies:

Dormouse Records:

Boho Beauty and Holistics:


Treasured Trinkets:

Clarity and Disparity:

Lynne’s Room:

Flumps Flowers:

Cards by Carol:

Wacky Pammy Creations:
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June’s Crafts:
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Making Instagram Work
Category advice, blog, blogger, blogging, FAQ, influences, Instagram, let's talk about it, music blog, music blogger, questions, rant, social media, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, bloggers on Instagram, blogging on Instagram, followers on Instagram, following on Instagram, gaining on Instagram, Instagram campaign, Instagram popularity, making Instagram work, nini wonderland
Description: Hello Angels! I wanted to do a post on something every blogger and every social media personality or influencer is wondering: how the fuck do you get Instagram to work for you? For me personally, I can only give advice that has worked for me personally; within the past 6 months or so, I’ve gone …   more...

Hello Angels!

I wanted to do a post on something every blogger and every social media personality or influencer is wondering: how the fuck do you get Instagram to work for you?

For me personally, I can only give advice that has worked for me personally; within the past 6 months or so, I’ve gone up over 1000 followers with at least 100 likes per picture. I know that that’s not a lot of growth in that time frame, but it’s realistic and the more followers you have, the faster you grow. They’re not bought, no likes are bought and it’s all organic.

This works because when you follow someone, you come up in recommend people to follow. You also may come on explore feeds more; there are posts that have 50 likes or so on the explore page so you may appear there too in recommended posts. It’s not just the best and most popular accounts if you know your audience and how to reach them.

My second piece of advice is that you post daily. Instagram’s algorithm punishes you for not posting daily; the longer you leave it, the lower you’ll be on the feed and less likely your posts will be seen. I try and post every day, even if I only leave it up for a day to then delete/archive it. I try not to and I try to post quality stuff and stuff that has a message. Because I’m a music/body positivity blog mostly, I try to cater to that.

Hashtags are something I know shit about; some people say you post 5, some people say 30 (the maximum amount). Some people say put it in the caption, other people say put it in the comments. I usually put 30 because it reaches the most amount of people and fits in the most amount of categories. I put it in the caption mostly because it’s the way I’ve always done it. I don’t know if it goes for or against the algorithm, it’s just how I’ve always done it and will continue to do because it works for me.

Also avoid tags like ‘follow for follow’ or ‘like for like’. When I was first starting off, I admit I used them and have no shame in admitting it; it got my posts seen. As I’ve built a following, I stopped. The likes are often counted as spam likes, which although count as the number rises, Instagram don’t count them and again, your posts aren’t actually gonna get on the explore page.

Don’t fucking buy followers. Again, when you have 10k followers and you’re begging for likes, it shows how you got those 10k followers; either through the gain train shit or through buying them. Bot accounts or bought accounts are first of all against Instagram guidelines, but also they are beginning to get deleted so your followers? They’re going down (yelling timber).

Don’t play the follow/unfollow game. If you’re part of a followers train on twitter or something, just follow the people you’re interested in, not follow someone for a day then unfollow them. I have the app that tells you who’s unfollowed you and when and I could name and shame bloggers, but I’ll not for now. I’ve had one woman follow/unfollow me 5 times now. Girls I see you, I’m not playing your game again. Yes, Instagram have unfollowed people randomly recently, but you notice that shit. If I’ve unfollowed anyone let me know; I unfollow those who unfollow me and that’s about it. But don’t play the game, it’s petty and immature.

On that note, don’t be a petty bitch and burn your bridges. There’s a girl who unfollowed me because apparently I joined then unjoined a live video she did from inside my pocket. Because I entered then left I was unfollowed. Don’t be petty and don’t think you’re all high and mighty; usually, that’s why your follower count is dropping. If you’re a straight up bitch, people aren’t gonna stand for that shit.

Follow those who will enjoy your content. I post music stuff, body positivity stuff and I have a more vintage/ alternative style. So you know who I follow? Musicians, people who are alternative and people who like vintage. I look for people who might need a body positive message or also share that message. If people like your content, the more likely they are to follow you. Don’t just follow other bloggers. Yes, follow bloggers and show support, but follow others too.

Stop looking at numbers. I’m following about 1000 people. I have 2000-ish people following me. I know some bloggers and influencers who will point blank refuse to follow more people than are following them, love, who the fuck cares? No company gives a shit about how many people you follow, they give a shit about engagement. If you’re following 4000 people but 3000 people follow you and you’re getting a lot of comments and likes, they don’t give a shit about the people you’re following. Many will ask for 3000+ followers, but they do not care about your following count.

Comment and like other people’s posts. If you engage with others they’ll engage with you. If you see someone asking for advice on their story, give them advice. If you like someone’s shoes, fucking tell them. A 4 word comment (under that can be counted as spam) can both rise someone up a feed and make their day. Engagement is key; it’s called fucking SOCIAL media for a reason.

Furthermore, comment stuff that actually makes sense and actually has something to do with the picture. Instagram’s algorithm shows that if you completely ignore a caption and post fly away comments consistently, you’re marked as a bot and you lower your reach. Either don’t comment or comment something that connects to their caption. Also, imagine trying to put a load of effort in to a caption and it goes ignored?

Stop seeing others as competition. It’ll actually hold you back in the end. If you flip the advice I give on it’s head, you’ll be the one who suffers in the end. If you try and drag others down so you’re top dog, you’ll just drag yourself down.

Stop being a fucking bitch. Or bastard, not to be sexist. Stop going after people and burning bridges. Stop thinking the amount of followers you have on any platform makes you better. You’re not; everyone has their niche. This isn’t going to directly effect your reach, but it’s just life advice.

I know this came off as a rant and I am ranting. So many people are bitches on Instagram and so many people are trying to damage your reach. But, it’s also a little advice. A little help, because I’ve grown organically and steadily over a few months and thought I’d share what helped me out a lot!

If you want to keep up with me on Instagram and don’t already, I’ll leave my link here- let me know if you have so I can give a little love!

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ?

Underrated Bands #1: Halestorm
Category blog, blogger, blogging, music blog, music blogger, music review, music tag, musician, review, reviews, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, alternative music, Arejay Hale, bmusic blogger, females in music, feminism in music, Halestorm, Halestorm review, hard rock, Joe Hottinger, Josh Smith, Lzzy Hale, metal music, mini music reviews, music, rock music, underrated Bands, underrated music
Description: Hello Angels! I wanted to start a new musical themed series. Something which I can always write about and talk about; bands I think are overrated or underrated. A quick disclaimer that I’m not working with/for any of these bands (I fucking wish) and these opinions are my own. All songs I talk about or …   more...

Hello Angels!

I wanted to start a new musical themed series. Something which I can always write about and talk about; bands I think are overrated or underrated. A quick disclaimer that I’m not working with/for any of these bands (I fucking wish) and these opinions are my own. All songs I talk about or mention will be linked so you can listen; they’re a band that helped me through a lot, and they might help one of you.

So Halestorm: a quick background check for you. Arejay and Elizabeth “Lzzy” Hale have been writing and performing music since 1997. The teen siblings released an EP titled Don’t Mess With the Time Man in 1999. In 2003, Joe Hottinger joined the band. In Halestorm’s earlier days, Lzzy and Arejay’s father, Roger Hale, played bass before Josh Smith joined the group in 2004. Atlantic Records went on to sign them in 2005, where they then released the live EP ‘One and Done’ in 2006, then their self titled first album was released in 2009.

First of all, they’re one of the bands openly talking about women having sex: on their first album there was Dirty Mind (talking about both female masturbation and enjoying sex, seen through the line ‘I don’t need to have you here, to feel you crashing in to me‘ and ‘me and my dirty mind are working over time‘) there was Mz Hyde on the second, there’s Amen, Apocalyptic, Gonna Get Mine. Their last album Vicious has Do Not Disturb (a song suggesting a one night stand and a three way- taboo for a woman to sing about but they take it in their stride effortlessly). They’re a band that celebrate female sexuality and here for it. This has been shown especially on their third and fourth album. For me, Apocalyptic is a key example of this (“I’ll give you one last night, so make it twisted, give you one last shot, go on and hit it, give you one more time, so make me miss it, baby love me apocalyptic” and “Give me a red hand print right across my ass, I’m leaving scratches up and down your back, throw me against the wall, bite me on my neck, like end of the world, break-up sex“) as she’s openly talking about sexual attraction and how despite the fact that they’re ‘dysfunctional’ and the fact that there’s ‘still one thing’ they’re good for.

Although we live in a world of sexualised pop, how often do we actually hear about a woman taking control? How often is is just written plane in the face without hiding around it? How often do you hear brutal honesty and no metaphors around it? The difference is that there’s an honesty to it and they’re not relying on it to sell music. Also, it’s written by a woman who is singing it; not a man writing music for a woman to sing so it’s just basically male fantasy. Also not ghost written by a woman for a woman to sing so the person is singing about another person’s experiences or desires. It’s real and it’s raw.

But, despite this, there’s still a lot of songs NOT about sex, but they use sex as a metaphor for something else, instead of using metaphors to talk about sex. Think I Get Off– not actually about getting off, but the thrill of being on stage and the rush you get from seeing people enjoy a show. Think Private Part– not about a dick or vagina, but about what you hide from the world, about wanting to see someone completely stripped back and their real selves.

Then there’s shit that hits you hard. What Sober Couldn’t Say is a song that described my life and an ex relationship for a long time and is a song which is one of my favourites but is one I struggle to listen to at times. Dear Daughter is another that can hit people fucking hard but offers so much love and comfort- sometimes you just need to hear the words she’s singing. Break In is a sentimental song about love that I think anyone can relate to. Bad Girls World talks about constant judgement and challenging stereotypes, encouraging girls to be themselves- “they’ll hate you ’cause you’re beautiful” is something which will never fail to hit me.

They write music about writing music and being in a band. Think fucking Rock Show where the title is self explanatory. Then, I Like it Heavy– a song about loving music, loving rock and how it’s lead them to their career (the acapella part at the end will give you goosebumps). Here’s to Us is a song about their career and celebrating how far they’ve come, talking about the mess ups and the good times.

It’s rare for a metal/ hard rock band to sing or write about shit other than sex: they’re writing about female sexuality, they’re talking about love, they talk about rock. For them to break the trend and do something new is incredible to me. I look up to Lizzy Hale as a role model and have done since I was about 13 or 14; she’s honest, she’s open and she’s herself without shame… Also her fucking voice is immense and she’s an incredible guitarist and pianist. She’s able to be a badass bitch while also showing vulnerability, she’s a real person and also a really good person.

But, it’s not just the lyrics and the vocals. Although Lzzy Hale is centre stage as the front woman, the rest of the band are just as talented. Arejay Hale is incredibly talented and up there with some of my favourite drummers (Ashton Irwin, Dave Grohl and Sandy West and the others). I’m never not impressed with how skilled he is. Joe Hottinger is also an incredible guitarist and him and Lzzy bounce off each other; guitar parts always mesh together seamlessly and I don’t think the sound would be as full or defined without him. Josh Smith is one of the reasons I started playing bass and one of the people who inspired me (Callum Hood, Jackie Fox and Kim Deal are there too). If you try and play one of his bass lines you’ll struggle when you first start trying to learn it and still afterwards, he’s incredible. It’s difficult for bands to make music and bring stuff to the table that works well together. When you see them live you can see they know each other with a look and any improvisation that they do the others pick up on like it was planned.

I think they send out a good message. I see a lot of people are saying their their music isn’t for younger children, but let them listen to what is on the radio. I don’t like the stereotype that rock is going to be harmful to children or inappropriate; despite my earlier rant, it’s the same as stuff which is on the radio… just with more guitars and less subtly, though listening to half of the shit (a future post coming up) it’s no longer as subtle as I originally thought. I like the fact that women are owning their sexuality- I just don’t like the fact that they tear other women down a lot of the time for owning it while being hypocritical.

I like the fact that there are women in rock and metal music. I like the representation. A lot of the music (Steel Panther for example) is about what men do to women. Halestorm are fronted by a woman and play music about what people do with each other.

If you’ve not listened to them, please do: there will be a song by song review of their latest album going up soon; I’ve been so busy and had to write a lot of posts on demand and do other paid work that it’s not as early as I’d have liked it to be.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels ?

#beYOUteFULL: Social Media Perceptions
Category Be-YOU-te-FULL, Be-YOU-te-FULL campaign, beauty, beauty blog, beauty blogger, body image, let's talk about it, mental health, mental illness, music blog, music blogger, physical health, real life, real talk, social media, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, #beYOUteFULL, #BeYOUteFULL campaign, blog, blogger, blogging, body confidence, body confidence campaigns, body positive, body positive campigns, body positivity, body positivity blogger, ed recovery, Instagram campaign, Instagram campaigns, mental health blogger, nini wonderland, recovery, self love
Description: Hello Angels! Many of you will know by now that I’m running a body positivity campaign and a campaign to love yourself called #beYOUteFULL. The original post I did on it will be linked here if you wanna give it more of a little read into it and know the background behind it. One thing …   more...

Hello Angels!

Many of you will know by now that I’m running a body positivity campaign and a campaign to love yourself called #beYOUteFULL. The original post I did on it will be linked here if you wanna give it more of a little read into it and know the background behind it.

One thing which I think affects us all in a way is social media; we see people photoshopped and edited to perfection. We see so many unrealistic body standards which we’re supposed to obtain. We see people with surgery saying it’s natural when bitch you cannot get an arse the size of Brazil while not having strong thunderous thighs, stop kidding yourself and other people. If you’ve had surgery, work it; you’re making you feel better about yourself, why hide it? You do you boo.

I’m gonna give you a little realness here: not everything is a perfect filter, angle and facial expression. The light doesn’t hit you right 100% of the time, sometimes (unless it’s just me) you get distracted when taking a selfie and it comes out looking weird or not 100% normal. It’s not all aesthetic themes and following a theme of using the same filter. It’s not perfect hair and makeup and skin. It’s not real to look like that 100% of the time. We all have our bad days.

I’m gonna call MYSELF out now in a way: I’ve been loving pinks and lilacs and pastel colours. I see pink pretty much everywhere I go. I take pictures of pretty, aesthetic things to separate my selfies because I get sick of seeing my face. I follow a pretty theme (not 100% by choice) and only show the best selfies. I only post the best pictures, and everyone does it, everyone wants to put on their best face and best version of themselves. If I’m feeling myself, I’ll batch take selfies for Instagram. One reason is the algorithm (it’s awful) another is because then if I’m having a bad face day, there’s still stuff to post. It’s rare to see my face on Instagram now without makeup on or a filter on.

I remember the backlash I got when I posted the pictures of me in a bikini. I’d never worn a bikini before and it was a really big step. I lost 50% of male followers (fucking pervs) and got a lot of creepy or mean DM’s. I’ve been accused of encouraging obesity (for reference, I’m a size 14 in hips, thighs and arse, a size 8/10 waist and a size 10/12 everywhere else with a 34D bust) when I’m no where bear obese- I just got a little tummy. I was asked to edit my pictures so they would be more ‘goals’ and nicer for them to look at. If I was a little smaller I’d be shared on fitness pages, but here’s the thing:

Fuck off.

People are desperate to see perfection and we do feel the pressure to be perfect from ourselves and other people. We judge a lot, we expect things to fit the norm, we let ourselves look at the outer appearance on first impressions: it’s human nature, and we all wanna give a good first impression.

I think people need to combat that and I’m gonna be doing my bit too. I’m going to try and post things that aren’t edited too much or 100% perfect because I’m far, far from perfect. But when people see these pictures where there’s no hair out of place, no spot, makeup is perfect, and body’s are edited and photoshopped it can really effect people. You can usually see a filter and makeup, my eyelids aren’t naturally a red and gold mix. But with Photoshop and body editing apps, you can’t usually tell these days- I’m not guilty of that, but I know that I’m guilty of only using the pictures that are the best.

We don’t all have a polished, perfect life. We all have issues and problems, we all have our bad times. None of us will talk so openly about it because we want people to see the best versions of us. And that’s fine, I do it, but I want to change that; I want to make it normal to NOT be okay or not look perfect occasionally. You’ll see more unedited pictures, more pictures where I have no makeup on. More pictures that are real… Still see the “better” pictures of me and those batch selfie days, but you’ll see me being real too.

Sidenote: if you do a post on Instagram about this or about recovery from an eating disorder (whether it’s from undereating or overeating), tag me (@nini_wonderland) and use #beYOUteFULL and I’ll share it around; you’re helping me spread a message so I’m gonna share your support.

What I’m trying to say is, take everything on social media with a pinch of salt. You see filters on pictures and filters on lives. Fuck, I don’t broadcast my bad days here, I do it too. Just know that very often some shit can be going on or something isn’t perfect in those you see as perfect. Or, the people who look perfect don’t actually look like that.

I’m sorry for my ramblings, but I wanted to get the message out there and I wanted to do more campaign blog posts. This seemed like a good topic to let myself get back into it- I’ve got another one half written for next week so watch out for that!

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ?

The Choices of John Still- Conner Cherland Review
Category blog, blogger, blogging, honest, music blog, music blogger, music review, music tag, musical, musician, review, reviews, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, 2018 music, acoustic music, alternative music, American music, Conner Cherland, indie music, music, music blogging, music reviews, new music, nini wonderland, recommended music, The Choice of John Still
Description: Hello Angels! I was asked a few weeks ago to review a song released by Santa Barbara songwriter Conner Cherland called The Choices of John Still. It was supposed to be up last week, but my WordPress account has been acting up; I wasn’t able to log in, then it’d randomly close and not save …   more...

Hello Angels!

I was asked a few weeks ago to review a song released by Santa Barbara songwriter Conner Cherland called The Choices of John Still. It was supposed to be up last week, but my WordPress account has been acting up; I wasn’t able to log in, then it’d randomly close and not save drafts, so this is my third time writing this and trying to publish it.

Excuses aside, on with the review.

First of all, I’m a fan of the song. At first I didn’t know where it sat with me: to me, it sounded like something that fitted on Catfish- not a bad thing, but it reminded me heavily of that. I didn’t know what i thought of it because it’s a song that makes you think, and I’m still in a place where I’m not 100% sure what it’s about or meanings with it and I think songs that really make you think can make you uncomfortable. That being said, there was a rawness to it, which is the one thing I did like through the whole thing even when I wasn’t sure of I liked the song or not.

I see the work that goes into making music, I see the process because I’ve dabbled in the industry, my dad is in the industry and my brother is. I see the work that bands put in, so when you’re a solo artists with little backing and collaborating with others, I am always in awe of the work ethic you have and the skills you have to have. Even in a band it’s difficult, so collaborating with someone is harder; usually, there’s not that instant connection and bouncing off eachother.

The whole song does work together well. It all fits and there’s no random wailing or gospel that is out of place (looking @ you Imagine Dragons) and there’s nothing out of time. There’s no slip ups, everything works well and is played well.

The guitar in the beginning and until the ‘climax’ of the song was calming and soothing. It almost reminded me of Never Think by Robert Pattinson (another compliment, I love that song), and I think that if the entire song was stripped back for a live performance or something with that kind of tone it’d hit harder and created more of an impact because it would rely completely on the vocals and lyrics to carry it. That being said, it’s skilfully played and fits with the tone of the song, there’s nothing out of place, it works. It’s laid back even when it strays from the soothing elements as the song is ending and it reaches the key change (though not a boyband key change, you get what I mean).

Leading on from that, the lyrics: hands down my favourite part of the song because of the emotion and the story they tell. “In the everlasting tapestry, a thread removes so we could choose this life” was a line that I loved from the first verse. To me, I think it reminds me that some things are going to change and will effect the past, and we can destroy something so easily through our decisons. It reminds me a lot of fate and how we create our own fate in a way, and it caught my attention. To me, as we know, I’m a lyricist and bassist (and I sing but we’re not going into that) so when it comes to reviews, that’s what I hone in on and I was stunned by the lyrics throughout. The chorus of “Don’t you question my motives, dear I loved you more than I could stand, the pheromones will work again…” made me think. There’s a lot of ways people can interpret the song, and to me, it feels like the loss of a love and almost experimenting with love and heartbreak and going through loss of a relationship. Are the same time, I feel tones of almost insanity and abuse: “The toxins they smelled when chemicals rose, it infected their brains in ways no one could know” reminds me of again, experiments with love and a comparison of love and science, but also being driven to insanity. It’s a dark song when you look into it and read into it, not just a acoustic, indie, dramatic song.

But hey, that’s my personal interpretation, who knows if I’m right?

The vocals have a little grit in them and so much emotion that you feel what the person is saying. I would say that they can occasionally be drowned out a little by the music, but the vulnerability to the vocals shines clear. That’s something that I actually can’t go into, you’d have to listen to understand where I’m coming from. They’re filled with heartbreak and confusion and pain and it’s something that you can’t ignore even in the times where they are more drowned out and it’s haunting in a way.

The one thing I’d be critical on is the mixing and editing; I can’t be overly critical because I’m not great at it, my dad and brother are the mixers of the family, but in parts the music drowns out the vocals. But, for somebody doing it all themselves and for somebody with little/no backing, it’s still great. For me, I like the rawness of it and the effect it gives, but I know a lot of music buffs who’d slam people for it, so if going a commercial route, that’d be where I’d be a little more critical.

I imagine this song being in a film soundtrack (or on Catfish which is just as good) and I wonder why they’ve not been noticed or picked up before now. The song is incredible and there’s a lot to it- I’ve heard it not multiple times to write this review and I still haven’t gotten my head around it completely or figured everything out, which I think it good; it leaves it open to interpretation.

I’ll leave the link to his YouTube, Spotify as well as his Instagram. Please go show some love and support, this is something incredible and art to me. The fact there’s so much to it and so much effort has gone into it amazes me and I understand how hard it is (why I do these reviews).

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels!

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