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Wonderlands Angels
  Updated Thu, 21 Feb 2019 18:17:40 +0000
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Who Do You Love?- 5 Seconds of Summer and The Chainsmokers: Review
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Description: Hello Angels! We all know at this point that I’m a very firm fan of 5 Seconds of Summer: I’ve seen them live (as you can tell from my Instagram), I’ve got every CD (Youngblood got a track by track review), I’ve got every B-Side I can find to download and I’ve got a tattoo …   more...

Hello Angels!

We all know at this point that I’m a very firm fan of 5 Seconds of Summer: I’ve seen them live (as you can tell from my Instagram), I’ve got every CD (Youngblood got a track by track review), I’ve got every B-Side I can find to download and I’ve got a tattoo booked inspired by them (‘Invisible’ if you’re wondering). I’m a huge fan to say the least.

I never paired them with The Chainsmokers though. They’re alright, they liked a selfie of mine a few years back and I thank them for that, but I’m not a huge fan. I think a lot of the reason I say that is I’ve got a lot of memories tied to the band that I’d rather forget at times.

Still, when ‘Who Do You Love?’ was announced and came out, I had it pre-saved on Spotify, and I had it downloaded the second I could download it. Gotta support my boys, right?

Prepare yourselves because here’s the thing: I was a tad disappointed.

Lyrically it’s brilliant. I love the fact that the lyrics actually tell a story. It sounds a lot to me like lyrics that could have been on a song on Youngblood, and I think that the writing on that album is phonomenal and I’ll say that until I’m blue in the face.

I feel like a lot of people can and will relate to the lyrics because it’s something I think a lot of people go through: dealing with being cheated on, staying, but knowing something is going on:

Yeah, you’ve been actin’ so conspicuous
You flip it on me, say I think too much
You’re movin’ different when we makin’ love
Baby, tell me, tell me

Who do you love, do you love now?
I wanna know the truth (Whoa)”

I know that I can relate after my past few relationships, and I know that fear will sneak into my next relationship, it’s something I think a lot of people can understand. Which is why I think that despite the things I don’t like at all about it (that’s to come), it’s still saved and it’s still being played. This isn’t one of my lyrical breakdown posts though, so I’m not gonna go deep in on it- I’m just gonna say, the lyrics and the vocals save it.

Vocally, I loved a lot of it (parts I hated and we’ll get onto that), but I thought it was great. Luke smashes it out like he always does, it’s something everyone has come to expect. Calum is as iconic as always (we know I support my fellow bassist and singer, it’s a fucking skill to multitask both). I’d have liked more Michael but the little we got of him was great… But we FINALLY get more of Ashton singing and you have no clue how happy I was to hear his voice more.

Give him more chances to sing, he’s an angel and we’re all asking for it.

There was nothing vocally from The Chainsmokers/ Drew which I did appreciate. I think it was a wise choice; his voice is good, I think ‘This Feeling’ and ‘Beach House’ were two great tracks and again, great lyrically too. But they were working with a band of people who can sing and all of them do and have done for years. I liked how it was done in that sense.

It also was something I liked because there’s not enough of 5 Seconds of Summer in it. Both bands are big in their own right, but both have very different sounds, which can work if the balance is right. Instead of making a balance, it ended up very Chainsmokers-y, even with the lyrics reminding me off the tone on Youngblood and 5 Seconds of Summer all singing. When I listened, if you hadn’t have told me it was them, I’d have just thought it was The Chainsmokers with any band. It just didn’t fully mesh right for me.

Another bad side? The chorus. That fucking chorus brought it down and brought me down with it. What are the effects on the voice? What is the voice even really saying? I thought we’d gotten past this editing of voices to the point where nobody can understand what the fuck is being said, but it’s repeated and sounds like a demon being kicked in the nuts and talking into a pillow.

While you can hear their voices, it just doesn’t sound like them, especially that fucking chorus. It feels edited, it feels like their voices have been messed with slightly.

That being said, if you can get past the playing with voices and the questionable chorus, it’s a good song. I still do listen to it, and I can imagine it being a lot of people’s ‘Summer Song’s. I like the fact that very different bands work together, but sometimes it just doesn’t mesh perfectly.

So ‘Who Do You Love?’ Not this song, but I like it as a friend. Not in the way it wants me to feel, but I still like it enough to stay friends.

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ?

thank u, next- Ariana Grande track by track review
Category 2019, art, blog, blogger, blogging, music, music blog, music blogger, music review, musical, review, reviews, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, 2019 music, album, album review, Ariana Grande, chart music, nini wonderland, pop music, thank u next, thank u next album, thank u next album review, thank u next review
Description: Hello Angels! So, here’s the thing: I don’t mind Ariana Grande. I think she’s a great person and she can release some good shit. So, I was excited when I saw she was releasing a new album. Then I listened to this, and there’s a lot of good tracks on it, but some stuff left …   more...

Hello Angels!

So, here’s the thing: I don’t mind Ariana Grande. I think she’s a great person and she can release some good shit. So, I was excited when I saw she was releasing a new album. Then I listened to this, and there’s a lot of good tracks on it, but some stuff left me completely underwhelmed.

A lot of this album, I can relate to. I do think she’s had a shit time and while she’s said writing this album was therapeutic, I think it’s also therapeutic to listen to in a way.

So, without my further babble, here is a track by track rundown of thank u, next.

  1. imagine
    Her voice is incredible on this, I’ll start with that: her high notes are there, including the throat whistle that very few people can pull off and do, so to me, it feels like she just keeps getting better.
    After listening to it a good few times, I think it’s clear that this is one of the songs written about Mac Miller, and to me personally, it ties in a little with aspects of ghostin’ (which comes in later in the album and I’ll draw the connections I see then).
    Other than that, while it is a beautiful song and it’s well written, it just doesn’t seem as standout as the other songs on the album. It feels like a very typical romantic love song, with an added layer of yearning and sadness, which while adds to it, something just doesn’t feel right about it. It feels like there’s something missing from it. At first, I thought it was great and it’s very different and stripped back to what she usually does, but when listening to the rest of the album, it’s just not there.
  2. needy
    This is MY song. This is the one song I listen to and I can relate to whole heartedly and I love her for writing it. I think the plus point of growing up with fans is that they begin to relate to some of the things you go through, and this puts across how I know so many people feel about them.
    One thing I think that she puts across well is that it can be difficult to love someone who is “a lil’ messed up” and that how you may act could frighten a person off, but you can’t help it. Backing up that is the beginning of the second verse “Sorry if I’m up and down a lot, sorry that I think I’m not enough, sorry if I say sorry way too much… But after all this damage I can’t help it” and I think the fact that she’s saying stuff like this is such an unapologetic way is refreshing.
    Usually with songs like this it’s something that people try and make really romantic, and don’t get me wrong, with lines like “But all I know is I need you close” and “But what I can trust is I need your touch” there is definitely romantic tones, but it’s not a sob story and it’s not all sad. It’s not making being a little broken seem like a good thing, or wanting sympathy, it’s just really honest.
  3. NASA
    This is a 90’s girl band inspired bop if I’ve ever heard one, which given the tone of the album having the whole girl power thing going for it, I think it’s one of the most fitting songs on the album, as well as showing care for the person she’s with in a weirder way.
    The verse opens with “I’d rather be alone tonight, you can say ‘I love you’ through the phone tonight” which sets it off that she’s not going home and she wants time to herself. Then the line “Just makin’ sure I’m good on my own tonight”, which to me implies that she wants to make sure she can still be okay on her own, and she’s not relying on anyone.
    I think the whole thing is about knowing that sometimes people need space (which is why I love the fact it’s called NASA, I thought it was really clever) and that they “can’t really miss you if I’m with you” and sometimes we need to miss a person to remind ourselves how much we appreciate having them. We also get the common theme of her trying to find herself and how there “ain’t nothing wrong with saying I need me time” and “You don’t wanna leave me but I’m tryna self discover, keep me in your orbit and you know you’ll drag me under”.
    When it boils down to it, it’s about wanting someone around but they’re coming too strong too fast and when you’re trying to put you first and look after yourself, they’re not helping you at all and you need to put more space there.
  4. bloodline
    This one I didn’t expect to like as much as I did end up doing. Again, it’s become one of my favourites on the album. It’s written well and it’s catchy, as well as bringing in elements I didn’t expect Ariana Grande to play around with. I didn’t expect her voice to mesh as well as it did with the music; I thought one or the other wouldn’t meld well and get drowned out, but if she did a whole album with this kind of sound, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
    A lot of this album has the theme of going out and having fun and being single and enjoying yourself. There’s times where it’s more about loving yourself and how you need to love yourself fully before you can give yourself to another person seriously.
    This plays with that in a way; while it isn’t serious, you can still go and have fun.
    “Don’t want you in my bloodline, just wanna have a good time” is the line that shows the message that it’s okay to not be serious with every person you meet. It’s okay to go out and have a good time and to let yourself relax.
    Though, I am gonna say, that with every song I’ve heard on the album yet, there are ties to past relationships, whether picked up on or not: in the second verse, we hear “Not looking for my one true love, that ship sailed away”.
  5. fake smile
    I don’t hear enough people talking about the lyrics in this one. I’d like people to remember that she’s been through a fucking lot and she’s only in her early 20’s, so the fact that she’s feeling like this? It’ not fucking right.
    She covers a lot here: from not feeling safe (“Can someone walk me to my car, if I go alone I’m not gon’ make it very far”) to the fact she feels she needs to fake happiness (“I can’t fake another smile, I can’t fake like I’m alright” and “Fuck a fake smile”) and also touching on the media’s views (“Hear what they say about me on the TV, it’s crazy, getting hard for them to shock me”) I think we get a window into her life and how she feels. In all honesty, I have no idea how she’s coped with so much and I got a lot of love and respect for how she’s handled herself.
    We get a glimmer of her standing up for herself in the bridge “If I’m hurt, I ain’t gonna lie about it, arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted”, and I think the message she’s putting across is that you shouldn’t hide how you feel and it’s okay to feel and not fake a smile all the time.
    Preach bitch, I need that lesson myself.
  6. bad idea
    This is another that I could imagine a girl band doing really well, but at the same time, I can only imagine Ariana herself doing this any justice and being able to get every aspect of it across and it not come off as way too much for one song.
    This one connects a few themes from the album together: one of which is wanting to protect someone from getting too close, as shown through the majority of the song, but the opening verse highlights that with “I’ve been worries ’bout you lately, running out of time”.
    Yet, we still have the same feel we get in bloodlines, because she doesn’t want to hurt this person, but she wants to have fun with them (“I got a bad idea, I’m gonna call you over to numb the pain” and “Even though we shouldn’t, baby boy, we know we will”).
    The contrast between the meanings and the intentions is enough that I was impressed, as a lyricist I know the balance is difficult to pull off well, but then the contrast between the fact the song itself is upbeat, but the lyrics are far from it was something I thought was pulled off incredibly well.
    What brought this down for me was the ending; I thought the ending music went on for way too long, and the pitched down vocals that reminded me of the same effect used in Stressed Out by 21 Pilots in 2015, and then every other artist in 2016 and 2016. It’s something which is so overdone that I think it brings her down a bit in a way because after pulling of something like this, there’s no need to play into past musical trends.
  7. make up
    I wasn’t a fan of this lyrically and so it just put me off the entire thing. I don’t like that it played into the arguing and making each other angry just to have makeup sex ploy (“I like to fuck with you just to make up with you ’cause the way you’re screaming my name”). After everything covered on the album, it doesn’t link in, there’s nothing sexy or powerful about getting your boyfriends dick up (“Sorry-in-a-box, so when it pops up by surprise”).
    I can appreciate that the lyrics are clever, but the actual song itself is awful to me personally and there’s not a lot else I can say about it.
  8. ghostin
    One of my favourite songs on the album by far. I cried listening to it and had to take a break form listening to the album because it actually hit me really hard. I think the fact it’s such a personal song and how raw her emotion is makes the song. It makes it feel more personal. It’s the slowest, saddest song on the album yes, but it’s also easily the most beautiful. I can’t talk about it as a song as a whole because it’s just something I can’t put my finger on. I can’t go into detail on why it’s so beautiful to me and why it hit me so hard; it just did.
    This one links to ‘imagine’ to me because of the mention of “He just comes to visit me, when I’m dreaming every now and then” when in imagine, she talks about a dream world for the two of them. There’s also the line “Though I wish he were here instead” and “…While you’re sleeping next to me, but it’s your arms I need this time”: both which focus a lot around how she sleeps with this person, which is also mentioned in ‘imagine’ through the line in the chorus “We go like up ’til I’m asleep on your chest, love how my face fits so good in your neck”.
    To me, I think that ‘imagine’ is a song for Mac Miller, and what she loved about being with him and wished she still had, whereas ‘ghostin’ is her dealing with his death and her regret of knowing she’s still in love with him, but she’s lay next to Pete Davidson and while she loves him and she loves everything he’s done for her, it can’t compare, and she hates that she’s putting him through something. That in itself is a heartbreaking thing to go through, but to hear somebody dealing with it is also heartbreaking.
  9. in my head
    I feel personally victimised by the content of these lyrics and I’m suing for the fact she’s gotten in my head and written down my own flaws when it comes to my past romances.
    The whole song is about how you see a person you’re in love with different to how everyone else does; “They see a demon, I see an angel”. It talks about how you almost fix a person in your head, ignore the faults, and you almost create a version of who they are to fit what you want from a person, even if they’re really shitty (“Your Gucci tennis shoes, runnin’ from your issues” is an ICONIC line, do we know the same people?)
    Yet again, we see that she accepts that the fact she saw this person like this and ignored the people around her as her fault. It was her own issue and her own doing. There’s nothing that she wants pity for, and I respect that. Living in a world full of women in the music industry passing blame for their mistakes on to other people is tiring. While no person is to blame for falling in love with a shitty person, somebody who isn’t having a sob story and wanting sympathy from anyone with ears is refreshing.
  10. 7 rings
    Don’t kill me, but I’m not a fan. I think this lyrically went too much down the typical rap route. There’s so much flexing, there’s so much comparison and judgement in a way. Yes, the line “Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch, who would’ve thought it’d turn me into a savage” is iconic and I have used it as a caption on Instagram.
    The use of ‘Those are a Few of My Favourite Things’ doesn’t work here. I’m all for sampling songs and taking parts of songs to flip on their head and use in a clever way if it works, and to me, this really just doesn’t work. I just don’t think anything meshes well, and while it’s original, it also reeks of being completely unoriginal, and after a lot of this album, I expected more.
    Yes, some of her lyrics in it are still great, but a lot of them have been meme’d and there’s something in it that takes away a lot of what she’s done with the album; yes, she’s buying “rings for each of my bitches” and a “ring don’t mean no mrs” but when it comes down to it, it’s very face value. I heard this and I was incredibly disappointed, and it’s the one song I do skip as much as I can.
  11. thank u, next
    The most famous song on the album, as well as clearly the title of the album, I think it’s the most commercial and catchy on the album as a whole, which is why it is and was lead single material.
    I like the fact that she’s taken the trend of talking about ex’s, and she’s done it in a way where she’s talking about how great each one was for her in a way with the lines “One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain”, as well as not being indirect and naming each of them.
    None of that T-Swizzle shit here.
    There’s also the theme of her loving herself and how she’s learned from each mistake (“Look what I’ve got, look what you taught me”) and she’s come through it fine is something that I think people should take note of. She also makes the statement of “…Because her name is Ari, and I’m so good with that” shows us that it’s okay being on your own, it’s okay to love yourself. It’s okay to think you’re amazing, to recognise you’re a strong arse bitch. I love the fact that it’s celebrating love in a warped way, but also celebrating self love and I’m here for it.
    Also, yes, the video is incredible and the ending of “Thank you next, bitch” is iconic.
  12. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
    Her newest single, and the one which has caused a lot of controversy in its own way, though I’ve not actually seen too many people mention it or complain (but believe me, I’ve seen it).
    Here’s my theory though; I don’t think she’s actually talking about trying to split up a relationship and instead she’s talking about wanting to break up with her boyfriend and focus on herself because she’s bored of being in a relationship. She’s bored of splitting her time and attention and wants to focus on herself. When she’s saying “Then he realise she can’t compare”, it’s seeing two versions: the version of herself when she’s improved can’t compare to the version of herself she is now, whereas her earlier lyrics of “Damn, it ain’t fair” is her thinking it’s not fair that she can’t make herself into who she wants to be because she’s tied down.
    As a person who’s been there, trust me, I get it.

So, here it is: a track by track rundown of ‘thank u, next’. I think we can all agree that her music has grown as she has, and this was written on about a week, which is impressive. I love the message her music has (mostly) taken, I’m glad there’s someone who is saying what people is going through is normal without begging for sympathy or making herself out to be a victim.

With everything that’s gone on in her life the past few years I don’t think anyone would blame her if she’d gone off the rails, but she’s not and I may not be a huge fan, but I can be a fan of her as a person and I’m proud.

Stat safe and stay happy, Angels?

The Old Playlist Tag/Challenge
Category 2019, blog, blogger, blogging, music blog, music blogger, music playlist, music tag, musical, playlist, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, 2019 music, alternative blogger, fun post, music, nini wonderland, old playlist, old playlist tag, playlist tag, shuffle the music, Spotify, tag post
Description: Hello Angels! So, I was reading through old posts, seeing music challenges (my bop or flop was very surprising) and I saw a gap. Where are the posts on us going back to our playlists from years ago?! So, here is what I came up with: we put our old playlists on shuffle. Or we …   more...

Hello Angels!

So, I was reading through old posts, seeing music challenges (my bop or flop was very surprising) and I saw a gap.
Where are the posts on us going back to our playlists from years ago?!

So, here is what I came up with: we put our old playlists on shuffle. Or we find an old mix CD and put it on shuffle. Note down the first 10, then write a little bit about them.
As a heads up, I tag anyone who reads this to give it a go (give me credit, it’s my shit idea). Don’t be embarrassed: while the music on mine is actually not that bad, I’m still slightly ashamed that this used to be my jam.
The link to this will be on my Spotify if you want to get into it in full.

10. Fade Into the Background- Ne-Yo
This is actually a great song, I have no shame in this being on the list. In the good old(er) days, we could rely on him to bring the sad, heart breaking songs, could always turn to his soulful and smooth voice. I don’t know what happened to Ne-Yo but if he still sounded like this, I might know what happened to him. I lost interest after he started hanging around with Pit Bull.

9. Through With Love- Destiny’s Child
I used to belt this out whenever it came on, sod the fact that I’d never been in love back then, this made me feel like I was treated wrongly and was pissed about it… Turns out it’d end up being accurate at many points of my life. The fact that we’ll written songs can make you feel like you’re in a place you’ve never been is a magical thing.

8. Leavin’- Jesse McCartney
OKAY, NOBODY TOLD ME THIS HAD HIDDEN FILTH. Listening to this again, only now am I shook. It’s still a bop, but bloody hell, a child should not have been singing and dancing along to this. What happened to just wanting a beautiful soul? This, and then Shake (outraged it’s not on Spotify)? He left the angelic intentions behind as well as the blonde, floppy hair.
All this being said, it has been downloaded again.

7. Sober- P!nk
Again, another great song and child me didn’t have bad fucking taste. I’ve always loved P!nk, and although I could appreciate how sad the song was back then, now it’s like a shit ton of bricks. Her voice just gets better and she sings from the heart. Have fun sobbing while listening to this.

6. Don’t Speak- No Doubt
This is hints of my alternative roots (in a way) coming through. It’s a song I bet most people know, even if they don’t know what it’s called or who it’s by. Gwen Stefani was a babe, and I used to make me feel (and still does) that I should take no shit. Don’t Speak has turned into Shut the Fuck Up.

5. 3 Spoons of Suga- Sugababes
Right, this is a fucking good pop song and everyone was sleeping on it then and they still are now. Only now do I understand the lyrics (and appreciate the pun) but even then I appreciated how much it pumped me up. Another one redownloaded, and I have NO shame.

4. Biolgy- Girls Aloud
Okay, so while it’s not one I’ll go back to a lot, it’s a damn good pop song: it’s catchy, it’s simple enough to sing along to, it’s upbeat. It’s a good pop song and I honestly forgot it existed. Fun fact: I own pretty much every Girls Aloud album, or did at some point.

3. The Show- Lenka
This is a really twee song. It’s very happy and friendly and PG, I can imagine it in a kids TV show. But there’s something I’ve always liked about that, and even then, I just found the song… Cute? I liked it just because the song was so sweet and innocent. I think this was a one hit wonder, BUT, she does have new music out. Spoiler: she still is and sounds as cute as she did then.

2. Irreplaceable- Beyoncé
BITCH YOU THOUGHT? Of course Queen B would be on my list somewhere here, and yes, yes I definitely still do belt this out whenever it is played. A song filed with sass, and bitterness? I think this song helped shape me as a person. Like with Destiny’s Child, I didn’t relate when I belted it back then, but I definitely have been able to relate since.

1. Caught Up- Usher
This is a song I dare you to not bob your head to when you hear it, especially that intro and first verse. Double fucking dare you. I still love this song and I can’t believe I forgot about it. Shout out to pre-emo Nia: you’re giving me some great shit here.

So, from this list, you can see my taste has changed a lot; while some of this is great, it’s not something I listen to a lot or would choose to listen to. Some stuff I forgot was great, I got dragged into the not liking pop music thing.
Although this is just a fun tag, here’s a lesson: like what you fucking like. Who cares if it fits your ‘image’? If you like it, fucking listen to it. You bet your arse I’ll be trying to not dance down the street listening to Usher.

So, here’s the challenge: YOU find an old tape you made or CD or playlist. Make a blog post listing 10 songs. I challenge you to share your old playlists, as embarrassing or as unexpected as they may be. Tag me in a tweet if you do it and I’ll share it.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels?

My Most Played: January 2019
Category 2019, blog, blogger, blogging, January, music blog, music blogger, music playlist, music review, music tag, musical, recovery, wonderlands angels, wonderlandsangels, 2019 music, alternative beauty, alternative blogger, breakup playlist, January 2019, January 2019 playlist, january playlist, music, nini wonderland, playlist, Spotify playlist
Description: Hello Angels! I wanted to start a monthly post to keep you up to date with what I’m listening to. I find that music matches a mood, and I’ve had a hell of a month. Between the aftermath of a breakup, finishing uni work, and then some very happy moments, so my music has been …   more...

Hello Angels!

I wanted to start a monthly post to keep you up to date with what I’m listening to. I find that music matches a mood, and I’ve had a hell of a month. Between the aftermath of a breakup, finishing uni work, and then some very happy moments, so my music has been a little all over the place. Plus on top of that, of course I’m still listening to the newest 5 Seconds of Summer album Youngblood on repeat (link to review is here) so there was a lot of that going on too. Luckily, only 3 songs in my most played are from there.
Without further babble, here are my most played songs of January 2019, and the playlist will be on my spotify.

20. (One of Those) Crazy Girls- Paramore
This is on the list purely for no other reason than I overlooked it for years, so then when it came on I think I played it a solid 20 times in a row. Why this wasn’t a lead single for them I don’t know, but I think it’s lyrically incredibly clever.

19. Come a Little Bit Closer- Jay and the Americans
This is just a nice, upbeat song. I think it surprises a lot of people that this is my kind of thing, this is the kind of music I listen to quite a lot, especially when I do need a boost and I need to cheer myself up. I also used it to replace backing music for a project in Uni so it was listened to a lot in that time to get the right timing and the right part of the song.

18. Brassneck- The Wedding Present
“I’ve just decided I don’t trust you anymore” is something that I can relate to and I understand. That song was a summary of my feelings for a good few months, so I did find myself turning to it a lot. If you’ve never heard The Wedding Present, this is one of my favourite songs of theirs and it’s incredible live- give them a listen.

17. Moving Along- 5 Seconds of Summer
This song makes me nearly start belting on a bus so it’s definitely one that packs a punch.  I think this was one of my most played on the album, which surprises a lot of people because it’s not one of the most popular. For me, a common theme on this list, it’s angry enough that it motivates me to work, and it’s relatable enough to make me not feel like a bitch.

16. Broken- Lovelytheband
This is a song that I admire a lot; when you listen to the lyrics, it’s actually pretty depressing, but it sounds so upbeat and the synth on it is fab. It’s been stuck in my head for weeks so I don’t think it’s really too surprising that it’s been one of my most played this month.

15. I Don’t Love You- My Chemical Romance
I’m a huge fucking emo. If you don’t go back to your emo roots slightly when you’re sad and angry and stressed, then you’re a stronger person than I am. This is something that has always meant a lot to me, and it did teach me something when I was younger: that you always have to have the guts to be honest with people. I think when looking at every song they’ve done, this is one that I think it underrated by many.

14. Ring Off- Beyoncé
Did you expect for me to have a rough month and not have Beyoncé in my life somewhere? It’s catchy as fuck, and it has a good message in it about moving on and how there’s always gonna be something good at the end of going through some shit. It cheers me up just with how catchy the music itself is.
Sidenote: if you’re feeling more pissed off and want a song to make you angry, Don’t Hurt Yourself from Lemonade is a go to. It was a tie between the two, but seeing as everything on these lists has a playlist on Spotify, this pipped Don’t Hurt Yourself. Think of this being after a breakup is fresh, then Ring Off is after you’ve calmed down more.

13. Cherry Wine- Hozier
This is one of my all time favourite songs, but it’s one I find difficult to listen to very often; once you know what the song is about and you pick up on it ( spoiler: it’s about an abusive relationship) it’s something which goes from beautiful but sad to just plain depressing. Yet, this has been on repeat this past few weeks. I utterly adore the song, and it’s usually playing most nights.

12. Ass Backwards: Mindless Self Indulgence
This is just funny. If I’m ever in a truly shit mood, I tend to head towards Mindless Self Indulgence because they’re funny. How few fucks they give always makes me smile, they’re the people I rely on, they remind me that it’s okay if I care a little bit less, and I should be a little more brutally honest occasionally. Fun fact: the first song I ever learned on bass was Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence.

11. Wicked Game- Chris Isaak
It’s a sad, yet romantic song. I have no shame in saying I’ve sat at night staring at the rain outside my window while this was on, moody lighting and all. If I’m gonna have a scene out of a romantic comedy, I’m gonna go all fucking out with it. Sidenote: fuck Friends for making this song have happy romantic connotations. Let miserable bastards like me be miserable.

10. Don’t Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult
If I’m having a rough time, I usually do turn to this song. There’s something about the opening riff that instantly calms me down and lets me concentrate on what I’m doing. I’ve listened to it a lot in uni when I’ve been working because while it’s soothing in a way, I find it motivational. Plus, when you’re a uni student and you feel as if death is approaching near enough constantly, it feels nice for somebody to say don’t fear it.

9. When Doves Cry- Prince
If I’ve had a really shitty day and I need a boost, this is something that will always cheer me up. Prince was an incredible artist, and I dare you to not move a little bit when you hear this, and feel a spike of energy in some sort. Plus, I think this is usually underrated as a break up song for either party; it has the bitterness of someone who’s been broken up with, but the reasoning of a person who’s broken up with a person… I also really wish I had the showman ship of Prince, and hope I one day do.

8. Youngblood- 5 Seconds of Summer
SURPRISE!! Of fucking course Youngblood would be on the list. It fills me with sass and fuels me: it fuels my anger and the fire, it makes me walk with more purpose, makes me want to succeed. I relate to the lyrics in a way quite a lot, so if ever I need that bit of a push and backing up, I go to this. It’s become a song that I never skip; if you want a full review of the song, the link is above in the track by track review. You’ll see why I rave about it so much and why it’s one of my most listened to this month.

7. Are You Gonna Be My Girl?- Jet
I went MONTHS without listening to this. I kind of forgot that the song existed in all honesty, so this came back into my life with a crash. This genuinely has me strutting around and bouncing. There’s something happy about it, it’s just a catchy song. I’m unsure to why, but again, this is one that gives me a huge confidence boost.

6. Guys My Age- Hey Violet
The lyrics in this one is what really got me: it’s a well written pop song which is trying to relate to people, and it does it fucking well. If you’re going through a breakup, I highly recommend this because it’s a bitter, fuck you song about moving on and how you can get better than your ex. It also suggests going for an older man, so it’s got a message and advice in it too I guess.

5. Walls Could Talk- Halsey
“She ain’t your baby no more…” is something which again, when you’re angry and bitter and not exactly happy, it’s something that definitely channels that. I’ve loved this song for a long time, there is something about it which makes you want to take no shit and stand up for yourself, while also wanting to spill the tea… thank God I’m a bigger person than that.

4. Curious- Hayley Kiyoko
Just a poppy song that cheers people up. I’m a huge fan of Hayley Kiyoko (Lesbian Jesus) and I love how her style of music has changed over the years. There’s also bits of lyrics that I relate to in different ways and different situations. I think no matter your age, there’s something comforting about having a song relate to something you’re going through, just so you’re not feeling entirely alone.

3. You Shook Me (All Night Long)- AC/DC
I’ve started having to do mini workouts recently to build muscle because I lost a lot of weight. This is the one song I will always put on when I do, because it does pump you up, it does push you through. I think this is on a lot of people’s workout playlists. There;s no deep meaning for this one, it’s just my go to song when I need to kick myself up the arse to exercise.

2. Dazed and Confused- Led Zeppelin
I’m a student, this is my constant state: dazed and confused for so long it’s not true. There’s something sexy about this song in a way, I think the opening bass and guitar is what kicks it off. I’ve been feeling insecure in myself more the past month or so, and this does make me feel better about myself, it does make me feel sexy. It’s also my favourite Led Zeppelin song so there’s that factor too.

1. Ghost of You- 5 Seconds of Summer
I’m looking at getting lyrics from this tattooed on me at some point, it’s a song that means a lot to me for a lot of different reasons- this and Youngblood were actually two of my most played songs of 2018, so even before shit hit the fan this was a song that I went to a lot of it meant a lot to me. Being my favourite song on the album, it’s one I go to every time and it still makes me really emotional.

So there you have it; I know it’s very much a mixed bag, but I’ve been trying to get myself back into blogging and writing about stuff that isn’t for uni, and this seemed like a good way to get myself back into it.

Stay safe and stay happy ?

The 10 Worst Songs of 2018
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Description: Hello Angels! I’m back in time for the new year, and I bring you something that I’m known for: complaining about music. The rules are this: I’m going off what’s been the most popular in the charts, what’s been in the Top 40 mainstream charts- if I was going off every chart, I’d have gone …   more...

Hello Angels!

I’m back in time for the new year, and I bring you something that I’m known for: complaining about music.

The rules are this: I’m going off what’s been the most popular in the charts, what’s been in the Top 40 mainstream charts- if I was going off every chart, I’d have gone through thousands of tracks and I don’t have the time or will power for that. It has to have charted in 2018, whether it having been carried over into it or not… But I think most of them were all released and charted in 2018. They can’t be by YouTubers or originated from memes… If they’ve become memes that’s their own fucking fault.

Now we know the guidelines, I’ll get right into it.

10. Ciara- Level Up
Oh Ciara, your days of doing the 1, 2 Step and working with Missy Elliot and Justin Timberlake are long gone, and instead you’re giving us you saying the words ‘Level Up‘ for 3 minutes. Better lyrical content than some stuff on this list, but come on. Relying on it being remixed and/or played in clubs is a good game plan, but you’re letting yourself all the way down here.
I hate to break it to you, but in this song, you are lying; your ‘comeback on one hundred’? My love, it’s not even on 0.1. The ‘old mistakes are gone’? I know, but this is another new mistake. This whole song as an entity is a mistake, and not a happy mistake like I was.
“I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading”. That’s also a lie Ciara: you’ve lost a lot of talent and a lot of respect. Your career may be going up, but from where I’m sat, that’s up in flames.
Although the song is supposed to be a empowerment anthem (I think?), to me, it just sounds like typical rap, talking about what you have which is so amazing and how you’re better than everyone else, mixed in with some Taylor Swift vibes, because I get the impression this is also about an ex, or firing back at haters (“Oh you can talk all you want, See me, I see greater”) or just causing drama and shit in general. You’re a grown woman: I’m sure you and your team of writers could write something slightly better about how you’re rising above the hate and going a ‘level up’… which is basically about what 90% of the track consists of, minus other verses basically saying people need to up their level to get on her level, and occasionally the word yummy.
Ring Missy back up, please.

9. Bebe Rexha- I’m a Mess
Bebe is actually an incredible songwriter. She’s written some great stuff, and I’m being genuine when I say that. But this song honest to God makes me cringe. There’s nothing cute or sexy about being a mess, even a hot mess.
I love the guitar in the verse, I like how chilled it sounds, it sounded different for her and when I first heard it, I had some hope in me… I’m an idiot, I know.
Her voice then comes in, coated in auto tune, singing about how a man doesn’t love her anymore and that her therapist said she’d be okay: the lyrics for a good portion of the song in the beginning are “He don’t love me, he don’t love me, he don’t love me, he don’t love me”… That sounds like someone I know, but moving on. I had another glimmer of hope by when she said that she loves herself, and I hoped she was gonna flip this on its head and be a song about not needing this bloke.
It didn’t work out that way.
Instead, she sings “I’m a mess, I’m a loser, I’m a hater, I’m a user, I’m a mess for your love, It aint’ new”. YOU DON’T NEED HIM. Any person who makes you a mess for their love and keeps you around even though they don’t love you are not worth your time. Then it carries on with “I’m obsessed, I’m embarrassed, I don’t trust no one around us”.
You should be embarrassed. Your song sounds like a girl craving her toxic ex. We don’t do that Bebe, we’ve passed that- but from the looks of it, we actually haven’t; there’s another song on this list which has a similar tone.
“Nobody shows up unless I’m paying, have one on me, cheers to the failing”. I actually liked that line, but it makes me sad because I hate the pity party song about toxicity that it’s surrounded by.
Basically, this whole thing is a mess. It’s a mess, it’s a loser, I hate it, it’s about an abuser… Please stop with the whole shenanigan.

8. LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo)- Thunderclouds (or ANY song recently released by the trio)
I’m severely disappointed in Sia. I loved her first few albums- Breathe Me is one of the saddest songs I’ve heard. I’d even allow She Wolf (Falling to Pieces). But she’s let the heavily commercial, mainstream edge go to her head and her talent is wasted on screeching mindless pop that makes my ears bleed.
Labrinth has a great voice: it’s smooth and his range is great. Although often outshined by John Legend, he holds his own. Unlike Sia, his voice does sound good on some of these tracks, but why be connected to a shitty project making manufactured shit with Sia screeching as she destroys her career behind you? Make better choices Labrinth. You seem like a decent bloke, just run before you get dragged down.
So what the fuck Labrinth?
Meanwhile I have nothing to say about Diplo. I have no disappointment in his connection to this at all.
But on to the song, and not just my disappointment in the artists: it’s shit. My ears hurt, my head hurts, it feels like concussion in a song.
“All I need is one, one old man is enough” sings Sia. Now, just gonna say, I think Sia has enough money by this point and she doesn’t need a sugar daddy or to be a gold digger. Then it carries on her asking him to trust her and that she’s wondering where their love went. Maybe it went away when you started calling him an old man and making him think you were cheating.
Then Labinth comes in and fixes the screeching we’d just heard with his soothing voice, saying that Sia is “Saying those words like you hate [him] now”… before she screeches again. Then I turn the song off or down or tune it out because I can only take so much of Sia’s screeching. I’d suggest you all do the same.
This was nearly in the top 3 in all honesty; it’s like nails on a chalkboard and sets me on edge… but it’s pop and mostly unoffensive. There’s some more morally challenged songs on this list and stuff which makes me angrier than just poor choices and throwing talent away.

7.Meghan Trainor- No Excuses
MEGHAN SHOE IS BACK!! What did we do to deserve this? Who decided it was time for her to reappear with fake nostalgia and rip offs from eras past? There is a difference though: she’s gone from grating do-wop pop to sassy seventies inspired plop.
I’ll be entirely honest, I don’t know exactly where this song is going, I don’t know what the message is, I don’t actually know what’s going on. What I do know is her white girl rapping is back and the repetition is strong with this one.
“What you sipping on that got you talking crazy?” is how she makes her screaming nasal entrance to the song, before carrying on that the person is “Looking at [her] sideways, always coming at [her]”. This gives me the impression that this song is addressing her haters: something that she’s following in the steps of Ciara with… Meghan, if you want to follow in the footsteps of Ciara, do not take a leaf from Level Up, we’ve discussed this. She then addresses it to a boy, so it’s no longer a hater song but a song about a boy that apparently hates her. I’m sure I could name a few.
“Have you lost your mind? Open up your eyes… *grunt*” Listening to this, I have actually began to lose my mind. When I open my eyes I see a dancing Meghan Trainor doing the usual choreography and I didn’t really want to see that.
“Someone else, you must have confused me, confused me, with someone else.” No my love, I think everyone knows who you are by this point. Just that you’re not exactly the most liked woman so the looks and side eyes is something you should probably get used to. “There aint’ no excuses, no excuses, babe.” There’s many excuses to why people dislike you, so I’m with this bloke on this one.
The rest is the first verse again, but her asking “Have you never met a lady?” at one point, but the structure remains the same- we go into the pre-chorus where she asks if we’ve lost our minds, then the repetitive chorus of ‘Someone else’.
It’s an unoffensive song but it’s just grating and gets on your last nerve. The random grunting really doesn’t help either.
At least there’s no skinny shaming this time Meghan?

6. Zedd, Marren Morris, Grey- The Middle
This is where I have a dramatic amount of people unfollowing me and calling me a heathen, but here me out…
The lyrics on this piss me right off. There are other aspects that annoy the fuck out of me, but it’s the lyrics that rile me up. There’s many reasons why I could have put this in the top 3, but with what it’s up against, I couldn’t.
It starts fine enough, so I’m not gonna go into those lyrics, but the next few lines? “Stay or leave, the cabinets bare, and I’m unaware, of how we just got into this mess, got to aggressive”? That’s a turning point. This song, sang by a young woman has been overplayed to the point where it sounds like normal background noise, and within the first 15 seconds we’ve got it taking a dark turn. “So pull me closer, why don’t you pull me close? What don’t you come on over, ‘cos I just can’t let you go”. If those were just lifted from a song with no lyrics before it, it’d seem like an early Taylor Swift song. But when you look at just before it, I can see where this is going, and I hate that these themes were a trend in 2018.
“Baby, why don’t you just meet me in the middle? I’m losing my mind just a little, so why don’t you just meet me in the middle?” From the sounds of it, you’re gonna be greeted with a punch to the middle of your face, love. Yes, this is coming from me who knows the rest of the song prior to writing this, so I know that the lyrics to the next verse are coming.
“Take a step back for a minute, into the kitchen, floors are wet, taps are still running, dishes are broken, how did we get into this mess? Got so aggressive, I know we meant all good intentions.” The the pre-chorus of her asking this person to hold her comes in and we have the chorus that is drilled into pretty much everyone’s heads at this point.
There’s nothing romantic about being stuck in a toxic relationship. There’s nothing catchy or romantic about wanting to go back to a toxic relationship. I’ve been there, I’d not want to sing about wanting to go back. The fact that few/ nobody addresses this is disgusting. The implications are all there, the lyrics state that there was aggression and dishes are broke. But yet it was still a ‘Summer bop’.
Then there’s the fact that with 2 producers, going for an upbeat tone, they could only manage a clock ticking (probably counting down the seconds to the next plate being thrown) and then the wooping in the chorus that could be made by a clinically depressed turtle mid yawn.
If we can leave this trend and this song in 2018, I’d appreciate it.

5. 6ix 9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beats- FEFE
I’m fed up of rap music being about vaginas and being a hoe. I’m fed up with the double meanings for basically saying that you fucked someone. I don’t care about you and your shitty sex life. This song is everything I hate about rap.
“Pussy for that wet wet, got that drip drip, got that super soaker, hit that.” WHAT DOES THAT ACTUALLY MEAN? How many ways do people have to clarify that they had sex with someone and the woman was wet? She better be because otherwise it’d fucking hurt. “She a fefe, Hun’ and Keke, she eat my dick like it’s fri fri.”
WHAT THE FUCK DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN? Is that a reference to Drake with that bloody dance song where people climb out of cars and dance along side them? Is it just grasping at straws because he has no flow and can’t rhyme? Is 6ix 9ine writing about some child he’d been with? I see no point in any of this.
“All I know is I can’t wife that, talk to her nice so she won’t fight back, turn around and hit it from the back, back, back, Bend her down then make it clap, clap, clap.” I know we’re talking about 6ix 9ine here, but that sounds bloody rapey. Why? Why was this in the charts and not in the bin where it belongs, along with the artist?
Then appears a mini rap about shooting people (“They don’t shoot back, one shot, close range, red dot”) which seems like it’s striving for controversy and trying to make people talk about that verse, so out of respect for the wishes, fuck that and I’m gonna move along. But just gonna raise a question: what does that have to do with the earlier mentioned wet woman?
Sadly, then in comes Nicki Minaj. Oh Nicki, your talent for lyrics has been flushed in 2018 and it’s starting to show. Working with bullshit brain morons like this is just dragging you down and I feel nothing but disappointment. “He tryna 69 like Tekashi, call him papi, Word to A$AP, keep me Rocky…” and so on, mentioning other artists in a midly creative way. I think the only reason this wasn’t in my top 3 is because although still dog shit, she has some sort of rhythm and flow, and she at least tries to connect to dots in this shitshow. She talks about the earlier mentioned vagina in her part 2 “I sit back and when he done, I be like, ‘Yo how’d it taste, yo how’d it taste?” Classy, but at least she’s trying to make it all sync up, unlike the earlier gun violence.
We then go into more utter nonsense that I can’t really piece together and 6ix 9ine decides to take a leaf out of Justin Biebers book and make it less PG by saying “Eenie meeny miny mo, catch a hoe right by her toe” and we get the same shit we’ve been getting for the past 2 minutes for an added minute.
It sounds so downtrodden, so mashed together, so messed up and misguided. I feel sorry for the rap industry, I genuiney do.

4. YoungBoy Never Break Again- Outside Today
The second is I heard this, skin started to crawl off my body, and I got angrier and angrier. Again, between the high pitched shrieking that’s called rap and the fake deep lyrics mixed with the typical rap tropes, it defines music in 2018: shit that tries to masquerade that it’s shit by trying to be aesthetic and mumbling or screaming.
At times the lines blue between what is typical of the genre and faking a message, whether that message be about depression or be about hiding from fame. Within the first verse we hear him “Try’na hide from cameras” then later on saying “Imma take it to the trial, pray to Lord I beat the case”. Some people think him hiding from cameras is because he’s fucked something up (like with the words trial and case) and others think he’s trying to hide from fame. I’m just gonna say, I’d never heard of this fool until I looked into this list and I wish I’d skipped him.
After listening to it twice (two times too many) I realised there’s nothing deep about this. I can’t say it’s a parody, I can’t say it has any meaning, I can’t say anything syncs up or connects other than him boasting and what I’m gonna guess is him over compensating.
For me personally, I see a child trying to act like one of the greats, trying to mimic the lyrics that you used to assosiate with rap and then merge it with the shrieking of rappers we’ve had in 2017-2018. The mentions of being on the streets, but also being rich and “Just got a pet monkey, cashed out on a tiger, But really don’t want it, my son don’t like him”. I had no idea what was going on throughout this song.
In a way, it made it difficult for me to actually review it and explain why I don’t like it: there are many, many reasons why I don’t like it. The fact that nothing makes sense and connects means that you’re lost and wondering where the people he’s mentioning are coming from. There is no way this child has lived this life and is buying monkeys and tigers and glocks and rifles.
Live in your fantasy world quietly.

3. Juice WRLD- Lucid Dreams
I hate fake emotional shit. This to me personally reminds me of fuckboys sobbing and sending lyrics to girls to get them into bed, trying to get pity sex… It’s a weird world where pity sex is a goal. It feels like fake Tumblr emotion. It feels like thinking depression is feeling sad for a day… I just hate fake deep stuff. Stop trying to be relatable, stop trying to be Frank Ocean, it’s not working out for you.
Again, I had false hope at the beginning when it sounded like Shape by Sugababes. I was excited for this. I was then severely disappointed by this. The first good 20 seconds of vocals heard being the word ‘No‘ though is incredibly fitting; it’s exactly what I was thinking.
We go into the chorus to begin with which is the part that I think everyone knows by now: “I still see the shadows in my room, can’t take back the love that I gave you”. This is what I’m on about when I’m saying a lot of it is Frank Ocean inspired, fake deep shit with no soul or personality, just made of money signs because that’s popular at the moment: the merge of mildly emo, mildly shit, mildly rap. He then mumbles a bit more before proclaiming “I won’t let you forget me”.
That’s a fucking cruel thing to do.
Then we get the chorus again and then the first and pretty much only part of the song where he’s not whining and instead guilt tripping this person into getting back with him. “You left me falling and landing in my grave, I know that you want me dead… I take prescriptions that make me feel a-okay, I know that it’s all in my head”. If ANY person finds this romantic, please leave. Leave right now. There is nothing romantic about this kind of mental abuse and toxic behaviour. “You were my everything, thoughts of a wedding ring, now I’m just better off dead.”
No wonder they left you, you manipulative son of a bitch.

2. xxxtentacion- Sad!
I was honestly trying to avoid keeping him off this list for the sake of his family after his death, but can I fuck ignore this while having all the other shit that I do have on this list. For me, this is one of the worst songs to come out of 2018. Again, more fake deep shit but it’s marred with the opinions of a twisted, twisted individual.
“Who am I? Someone who’s afraid to let go, You decide if you’re ever gonna let me know, Suicide, if you ever try to let go, I’m sad, I know, I’m sad, I know.” Like with Juice WRLD, there’s the whole guilt trip, there’s the whole manipulation and so many little girls think that it’s romantic and that it means that it means this person loves them, and it’s not fucking right. I’ve had this shit done and it fucks you up.
“I gave her everything, she took my heart and left me lonely, I think broken heart’s contentious, I won’t fix, I’d rather weep.” Again, the fact that the blame is souly on this girl and that he’s saying how broken he is and how he’ll never fix himself? This is why so many boys (and I mean boys, not men) try and play this game. There’s a difference between being suicidal and just playing that card to get a reaction and getting them to stay.
We then go to the chorus again and it’s just a loop. A toxic, manipulative loop. This one gets under my skin just as much as the Juice WRLD one which is why they’re both in the top 3, but because of the person X was, I try to see past it but I can’t. That just adds another layer of disgust to how I feel about this song.

1. Lil Pump- Gucci Gang
Only this bullshit could come top of this list. It was a very, very close call. The mini me of 6ix 9ine topped it though with this steaming pile of utter bullshit.
“Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang” is repeated throughout the majority of the song in the nasal screech yet mumble of a drunken constipated parrot. And this whole shenanigan goes on for 3 minutes. 3 minutes I will never get back of my life.
“My bih’ love do cocaine” is another line you can just about make out from the stuff he is saying. For once, it’s the rapper talking about the person they’re with doing drugs and not them, but from the looks of him in the video and from the sound of his voice, it would not surprise me if he too had done something or a mix of stuff before recording this. “I fucked a bih’ I forgot her name.” Is yet another line that not only flips the roles (he’s a hoe) but also proves that it’s not just his other bitch or this bitch that’s on drugs, To go anywhere near him, there’d have to be some sort of substance in a system, not even money would make the most desperate of gold diggers go there.
We then get some more typical rapper flexing, which makes no sense at all and fries my brain: “My lean costs more than your rent, your momma still live in a tent, still slanging dope in the ‘jects, HUH!”
I too am deeply confused Pump, me fucking too.
He then says him and his grandmother take meds, which I can completely understand from his grandmothers point of view because if this was my grandson I’d take anything prescribed to me. Then there’s him boasting about being a dealer, how he flies a private jet, and how he “Fuck a lil bitch, make her pussy wet.”
Well, I guess there’s truth in the fact that there’s somebody out there for everyone.
We then get the whole Gucci gang shit again, the talking about him fucking people and forgetting their names and ect…
I think this topped the list because it was played everywhere and I have seen one too many fake emos whipping and dabbing to it, and that image sticks with you. There is no effort and no amount of talent needed in making this: teach a chimp to speak and they could come up with better in 10 minutes.

So, there you have it: the 10 worst songs of 2018 and my opinions and mini lyrical breakdowns (written while I have a breakdown).
There will be a best albums of 2018 soon, but this took hours to write, research and just go through track by track. Give me a few days to recover and you’ll get the promised happier note to 2018.

Happy new year, stay safe and stay happy ?

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