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I Don't Hear A Single
  Updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 23:56:52 +0000
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Modern Space - Flip For It
Category Modern Space

It will be no shock that I like an album by a Canadian band, what is most newsworthy is that a major label has got hold of a half decent band. Modern Space are not necessarily aimed at out demographic and Warners probably normally think that we buy all our stuff from Cherry Red and await the new "return to form" Paul Weller album.

So let's enjoy the fact that a band that we'll like will get some decent promotion and celebrate the fact that Flip For It will be right up our street. It's chock full of hooks that largely work. It is a tad shouty at times, but it is splendid pop.

Sean Graham's Ontario outfit are now a five piece and that has expanded the sound. There's plenty of hints of the likes of The Vaccines and The Killers in earlier time. Graham's vocals are suitably diverse enough to pull in an older crowd and the songs romp along.

Kaiser Chiefs spring to mind, although there is far more depth to Modern Space. Surprisingly to these ears, the single and title track is probably the weakest song amongst some really strong songs. The Strokes like riff on A Small Pocket adds to a great lyric. Just Quick starts with a great riff and develops into almost rockabilly.

There's plenty to enjoy here and Flip For It is well worth your attention. You can buy and listen to it everywhere. You can find out more about the band here.

Andy Bopp - Wherewithal
Category Andy Bopp, Myracle Brah

I mentioned how great Myracle Brah were in the review of Andy Bopp's previous album. Blisters And Thorns. That solo album is great, you can read the review here. But the even better news is that Bopp has moved on a pace since then and Wherewithal might just be the best thing that he's ever done.

The album reminds me a lot of Ian McNabb's latest, Our Future In Space. There are plenty of similarities. Melting Into Velveteen is interchangeable, it could be either's song. But the comparison is deeper, both will be compared to their previous band.

Yet their solo work is far deeper, far more fulfilling, but will get less attention than what's gone before. Bopp leans more towards Psych Pop. McNabb to Classic Rock, but the charm and ability is equal.Both have produced exceptional albums this year.

Sure And True is a wonderful example of how good Bopp is now, it's a killer Beatlesque chorus. Lonely Driver is Indie Joy, built around a funky bass riff. Push And Pull is pure Bowie, complete with Sax and some incendiary Guitar. It's a belter. Even the moody piano instrumental. April Is Near.

There really is so much here. The closer, Stranger Is Strange is all twangy moodiness, think Ian Hunter's The Outsider. Blind Faith is a haunting strum, it could make you weep, it's inspired. Shadow is anthemic in a Lennon manner.

These 10 songs contain so much in them, so many twists and turns in each. Beautifully arranged with some outstanding Guitar playing. You even find yourself singing along to the slower numbers. This is nothing like Myracle Brah and you wouldn't want it to be. Andy Bopp is at the top of his game. Wherewithal is a definite inclusion in my Top 10 of the year. Moody. yet incredibly melodic.

I can't recommend the album highly enough. You can buy it everywhere, including the likes of Amazon here. You really should!

Henry Chadwick - Marlin Fisher
Category Henry Chadwick

I could say more about how great the Henry Chadwick is, but my great friend Dennis covered Marlin Fisher beautifully on his excellent Pop Record Blog. You can read his review here. I urge you to give the album a listen, you will be hooked. The album is right up our street.

You can listen to the album here. Buy it here and everywhere. You can find out more about Henry Chadwick here.

The National Reserve - Motel La Grange
Category The National Reserve

I'm all up for surprises, there are too few of them and Motel La Grange caught me by surprise. It's a wonderfully constructed mainstream album and that caught me unawares. I'd suspected quite a bit of yee haw and what I got was a splendid album that resides more in Classic Rock territory.

Why surprised? Well usually as soon as I see a cowboy hat and a guitar, I run for the hills, hoping to avoid cliche after cliche of good ole boy lost love. Well I should shed my preconceptions, as I'm delighted to tell you that this is a cracking 38 minutes.I was sad when it ended and on it went again.

Yes there are country tinges, but these aren't many and are more than compensated by the rocking and ace song arrangements. Indeed the opener, No More, is a fantastic thing. It resides in some place between Springsteen and Del Amitri, it's a corker of a song.

The National Reserve are from New York, although you'd think that the five piece are more acquainted with Southern California or Nashville. Motel La Grange is a very American album, a real nod to the 70's. It's also a fine testament to the leadership of Sean Walsh. Great songwriting, a commanding vocal and some fine Guitar rock outs.

Although there are hints at times of a rocked up Eagles or a fleshed out Hootie And The Blowfish, the whole album stands firmly on the quality of the playing and some great Organ breaks. New Love smacks of The Outlaws, in fact there's a lot here that compares to that band without the excess.

I should open a closed mind a bit more. This album is a great listen, something that makes me wish I'd discovered it a little earlier. I can't wait for the follow up. You can find listen to and buy the album here. You can find out more about The National Reserve here.

Cursed Arrows - Rebirth
Category Cursed Arrows

I've always had an admiration for Cursed Arrows. The Ontario Guitar And Drum duo of Jackie And Ryan Stanley have always come across well as a sort of Roots Folk Buckingham Nicks. This is their sixth album and things have changed, hence the album title.

The expansion into a trio with the addition of Scott Gray has sent the band into a different direction. It's not a major diversion, but the arrangements are bigger, the soundscape, whilst still wonderfully eclectic, veers more towards a rock canvas and it works beautifully.

The rocking is at a gentle pace, a song like Dusty Old Soul up front is all jaunty, but behind the eyes are some weird and wonderful instrumental diversions including a cracking Psych Guitar Riff. The songs are very piano led, but it's what is going on in the spaces that makes the album so effective.

A song like Rebirth is duet that feels dark, but the 60's synths and haunting guitar refrain makes it wonderfully moody. There's plenty that's familiar here if you've been on the Cursed Arrows journey for a while. But Rebirth, just takes it on massively. There seems so much in each song and more every time you listen.

This is an incredibly good album. Power Pop it is not, but it's a body of work that deserves your attention. It's a belting listen. You can buy and listen to the album here.

Summer Magic - Sharks And Other Dangers
Category Summer Magic

There's a real 80's Pop feel to Kevin Bachmann's Summer Magic. Not in the twee or SAW way, but in a really innovative mix of eight songs. The two album openers show that strength in very different ways. Hey! is pure Power Pop whilst Tracing A Bird On Construction Paper is a noisier synth led Sheffield pop.

Charles De Gaulle In The Afternoon is Glam Rock that even includes a Roxy Music like Sax refrain. New Years Day is Bubblegum until the fuzzed solo nods to Glasgow 88. By Your Side is a cracking slab of Psych Pop.

The main surprise is that this delightful album comes out of St Louis, it sounds very English. It's also really hard to pick track selections as each is so different. The closer, Running Game is mesmerising, a sort of George Harrison All Things Must Pass dream soundscape.

A Certain Little Chord feels a bit like Doves doing The Beach Boys with some ace harmonies. Attraction Corridors heads straight for the Byrds / TFC slot and jangles straight to the Bullseye. That's the beauty of this album. No song is overdone, say what you've got to say and move on to the next.

Sharks And Other Dangers is one of the best debut albums that I've heard in a long time.

The Posies Are Coming To Town
Category The Posies

Here in the UK, we look at the live Power Pop and Pop Rock happenings in the States with a mixture of longing and an opportunity to moan. Most of all of it is financial of course, more would come across of course, if people bought more albums or supported tours by attending.

So when a band do make the effort, it is essential that they are supported and The Posies do support the UK Scene. They are becoming Elder Statesmen of Power Pop and remain one of the finest live acts that you could witness.

2018 has been a really exciting time in Posies land culminating in this 30th Anniversary World Tour with the original Frosting On The Beater Line Up. It's a wet dream for fans and builds on the 2 Disc Deluxe Edition Release of the album.

Some of us will be attending as fans at different tour dates. I'm at Manchester, so there's also a chance to catch up on what is going on in the IDHAS world. Keep up on Facebook and Twitter to find out who and where.

The Four UK Dates are as follows :

Friday 19 October       The Garage London
Saturday 20 October   Brudenell Social Club Leeds
Sunday 21 October     King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
Tuesday 23 October   The Deaf Institute Manchester

The band then head off to Germany and Scandinavia to complete the Tour. You can find tour dates and buy tickets here. The splendid Omnivore label has reissued the three Geffen albums as double disc editions. Two have been released, Amazing Disgrace is coming up very shortly.

You can find details and tracklisting in the following links :

Frosting On The Beater

Dear 23

Amazing Disgrace

The albums are also available at all the usual retail emporiums.  more...
Upcoming Release Dates
Category Upcoming Release Dates

One of the things that has been mentioned most to me over the past few months are Release Date Notifications. Reviewers usually get albums well in advance, but are then in a quandry as to when to review. I used to go close to the release date, but others like to go early.

With this in mind, it has become increasingly difficult for buyers to find out when albums are coming out and at times where to find them. Gone are the days you could just look on the likes of Amazon or before the internet, the music press.

There's also many musicians that have been bemoaning recent changes to Facebook that mean algorithms miss out most of their potential audience. This is particularly prevalent to gigs and album release dates.

So every Friday, there will be an Album Release Date post, telling you what is out that date and what is due in the next three months in Week Order. Music and it's medium of delivery has become so fragmented in the last decade, that it makes sense to do this. You won't find the latest Ed Sheeran or Kanye West nonsense here. It will be limited to the type of music IDHAS covers. As well as telling you when it is out, you will also be informed of whre it can be bought or listened to.

Any artist wishing to be included, who has a release within the upcoming 13 weeks can contact me by email, Facebook, Twitter etc. Those who live nearer can use pigeon or whippet. Details are on the Top Right Hand Side of the Blog. I spot a lot, but it's always best to contact me as a double check. I will also be contacting certain labels to mention the idea to them, if they want to add their roster. ALL OF THIS IS FREE AS ALWAYS.

Reviews will be back after the weekend and I thought it worthwhile to mention why there is a backlog. It's a combination of inside and outside factors. People who are close already know. It's a mixture of an unexpected recurrence of a health issue which now should be hopefully sorted and the expansion of I Don't Hear A Single.

The latter has taken far longer than expected as these things always seem to. I will tell everyone in full when all is signed and sealed. I can tell you that IDHAS is becoming a Record Label and Distributor (Physical and Download) and a 2 hour Radio Show with Interviews, Sessions, Chat and of course music. I'm also half way through a book that will be released next year.

Mick Dillingham Interviews : Curvey
Category Curvey, Custard Flux, Mick Dillingham, The Luck Of Eden Hall

It's about high time that we had another Mick Dillingham Interviews feature. This is a hectic time for Mick with another couple of interviews coming up in the near future.

Here at IDHAS, we are big admirers of the magnificent Psych Pop purveyors, Luck Of Eden Hall. We also love Curvey's latest project, Custard Flux. So we thought it was about time that we caught up with the great man. Mick found out all about Custard Flux, including a track by track breakdown of the Helium album and much more.

Mick: So you moved from Chicago to Detroit. That must have been quite an upheaval for you both physically and emotionally.

Curvey: Yes.  I really had no desire to leave Chicago, and my house that I?d been pouring my heart and soul into for ten years. But my wife was really burned out from working for the City of Chicago for twenty years and she was receiving job offers from all around the country.

So we decided to make the move for her career.  I thought I could handle it, but it has really taken a toll on me psychologically.  Detroit has a great music history, but I haven?t had much luck finding local musicians to play with and it?s been quite depressing.

Mick: So how did the Custard Flux project first germinate in your mind?

Curvey: My friend Lee Klawans, a great photographer and man of many talents, was managing an estate sale in Chicago, where they were selling an old harmonium, or pump organ.  He told me that I should see it and that I?d fall in love with it, so I rented a trailer and drove from Detroit to Chicago to have a look.

Jim Licka had one in his keyboard emporium that I used to play on and I?d been wanting one of my own, so I bought the harmonium and brought it back to Detroit.  I played on it for about a week before it started to fall apart.  First, one of the old straps that work the bellows ripped, so I replaced both of them.  Then the mechanism that allows you to play an octave higher without touching the keys broke.

So I ended up taking the Harmonium apart and gave it a thorough cleaning and replaced all of the felt pads and cloth hinges.  Once I had it all back together, it was just about as good as new.  My fantasy was, or is, to set up in the park and play progressive psych pop without any amps or p.a.  A green dream, if you will, to share with the kiddies.

Mick: How did the recording process and musical approach taken differ from Eden Hall, what challenges did you encounter and what lessons did you learn from setting yourself this goal?

Curvey:  On this project I wanted every instrument to be recorded with microphones, not plugged in directly, to give the songs a true acoustic feel.  I don?t own an acoustic bass, so I had to borrow one from my friend Steven Chamberlin and it sounded fantastic when recorded.  I never mic the bass when I?m tracking songs for The Luck Of Eden Hall.  I always use amp software for that and occasionally for my guitar sounds too.

Another big difference is that I didn?t use a click track for most of the songs this time.  My studio?s in the basement and my piano is on the first floor, so I had to run mic cables through a hole where radiator pipes pass through the floor to be able to record the piano.  My headphones wouldn?t cover the distance, so I had to track the piano first and use it as a guide for recording the drums and the rest of the tracks.

That really helped give the songs a different feeling.  I basically approached mixing the songs the same way I do with Eden Hall.  As far as panning, I just limited the effects used to reverb and delay.  I did learn a lot about blending acoustic sounds on this project, but it?s basically the same as mixing electrified noise.

Mick: In your mind did the songwriting process differ in anyway from what you?d done before?.were you conscious of writing Custard Flux songs rather than Eden Hall songs or did you just write songs as normal and then let the creative approach turn them into something else?

Curvey: I wanted Custard Flux to be more progressive than it turned out, but pop songs flow out of me like slag.  I had written a slew of tracks that were starting to lose their appeal and then The Hit Parade happened.  I really liked the different time signatures in that song and tried to write more songs that way to break out of the typical pop mould.

Songs usually come to me eighty percent complete, and yes, I was very conscious of writing acoustic songs for this project.  I knew I wanted to include a few instrumental tracks, but most of the ideas I had required electric guitar and echoplex.  I saved a few to flush out for the second release.

Mick: If you had to sit down and re-record any of the tracks as Eden Hall versions how different do you think they would be. Are there tracks on the Flux album that you couldn?t fathom how to do an Eden Hall version?

Curvey: Oh, I think they?d all work as The Luck Of Eden Hall songs.  Some of the tracks would be much heavier and psychedelically blown out, to be sure.  I actually had a hard time not putting down more electric guitar solos on these songs, because I hear them in my head that way.  There?s no sustain when using an acoustic guitar, so I really had to practice my scales, which has really improved my skills.

Mick: How about a track by track breakdown of the album.

Curvey: The Hit Parade.  This track was written around the beginning phrase and the ?I feel better? chorus.  I liked the sound of the riff being doubled on piano and guitar.  The lyrics are all about the high you get when you create something new artistically that?s well received by critics and the public.

Forevermore.  I wrote this on the harmonium, but was really pleased the first time I heard the piano and harmonium parts together.  It created a real dreamy circus feeling.  The lyrics are about the current dingbat U.S. president and his administration.

Empyrean House.  I wrote this track for a collaboration I did with Icarus Peel.  I?d finger picked the guitar on the version he released, which was beautiful and mellow and I decided to rework the song for this project after playing it on my Harmonium.  The lyrics are about experiences I?ve had in the wild, on mountains and in India, how man is really out of balance with nature.

Tiger.  I really liked this riff.  I record melodies on my phone for later use and it was one I?d thrown down.  The chorus lyrics are from a Buddhist saying.  My friend Gregory Chamberlin, who let me use his art for this project, is Buddhist and I wrote it for him, but it?s really about me.

The Shire Of Gingin.  The name of an Australian town I?d passed while on vacation.  Actually my wife was asked to speak at a conference in Perth and I was her baggage boy.  I thought it would make a good song title, so I logged it into my handy dandy iBrain phone.  The lick felt like dark magic and I had to learn a completely different set of scales to be able to riff on top of it, which was fun.  I imagined the shire swirling with magic and genies.

Sleepy.  This was written on the piano and is one of my favourites on the album.  I really like the riff, which got a little buried in the final mix.  I recorded most of the piano tracks on this album with the sostenuto pedal pressed, letting the piano strings ring.  The song is about being lonely.

La Mort.  I had this happy riff and couldn?t seem to turn it into a lyrical song, so I played solos over it and let an ominous blanket of dark harmonium engulf the end.  The drums were added last.  I was picturing a happy child blindly running through a field of daisies and tripping into an old well.  I hope that doesn?t ruin it for you.

Out Of Phase.  This is a track that was left over from The Acceleration Of Time sessions.  I liked how it sounded on the piano, so I rearranged it and added the trippy ending.  It?s all about relationships.

Golden Opportunity.  I wrote this while on tour in England.  I?d played at Kozfest and saw Soft Machine, who blew me away, and it rained the entire weekend.  The mud was thick and hungry for wellies.  I had a great time.

Tiger Reprise.  Believe it or not, all the parts in this song were recorded as part of the Tiger track, but I decided to strip Tiger down for the final mix.  I liked my solos and the drum part, so I mixed this version without vocals.

Helium.  Written on piano.  The Floydian bass line brought it home for me.  I?d nearly scrapped it for being too pop, but I really liked the lyrics.  Dreaming about the queen of psych.  I was originally going to title the album Harmonium Chrysanthemum, but decided it was a little misleading and one of Gregory?s paintings reminded me of a helium balloon, so I made this the title track.

Bonus Disc.  All of the original songs on the bonus disk, except for Innermission, were early songs I?d written for Custard Flux that fell out of favour.  I?d grown tired of them.  It?s usually a sign for me that I shouldn?t release the song if that starts to happen, but I remixed them and added parts that made them more interesting to me again.

Sweetened Hallowed.  I premiered this song last summer at the Halfmoon in Putney.  It?s a made up story about a beautiful, nice lady who gives money to children for candy.

The Feline Hallucination.  Written on guitar, and a little more jazzy.  Another fictitious story, this time about a guy who?s lost his mind.  Me.

Innermission.  Written on piano.  One of my favourite instrumental tracks and I was very happy to get artist Shane Swank to create a music video for the song.  You can check it out on YouTube.

Ascending Stories.  The music for this was written on guitar after returning from tour a couple years ago, but I finished up the lyrics for this project.  It?s about fighting depression.

Mick: So you put together a live band, how did that go?

Curvey:  Well, I wish that were true, but I haven?t put together a live band.  I?d really like to find some local like-minded musicians, but the Detroit scene is about electronica, Jazz, or hard and heavy rock.  Everyone?s already in three bands, or committed to another group.  I really wish I lived in England!

Mick: How has the response to the album been so far?

Curvey: Fantastic!  The first review was out of Moscow, and blew me away.  Shindig and Record Collector magazines have agreed to review it and I?m working on getting more.  I?m so behind in my promoting.  I?ll tell you I?m really happy to be talking to you again!

Mick: As ever you?ve come up with another dazzling limited special edition CD version. How was putting all that together?

Curvey: I wanted Custard Flux to look different than my usual releases and was extremely thrilled when my friend Gregory Chamberlin agreed to to let me use his paintings for the album art.  That too was a lot of pressure off me from coming up with artwork.  About four years ago, my wife and I backed the production of Glowforge, a laser cutting machine, because we could get one for half price.

It took three years for them to get the bugs in their design worked out and our unit arrived last year.  I knew I couldn?t hand cut anything out with exacto blades anymore, because of the pain it causes in my hands. A laser cutter seemed perfect for one of my CD projects or possibly an etched vinyl edition.

I looked into pressing vinyl locally, but the cost was way too much, so I decided on a CD Box Set.  The laser can etch images beautifully into wood.  As I started pricing out the supplies needed for each Box Set, including wood, hinges, CDs, a booklet and postcards. I ran across some boxes for wedding DVDs that were already assembled with hinges and a latch.

They were one third of the price that it was going to cost me to make each box, so I ordered ten to test how they worked under the laser and was pretty pleased with the result.  I had the CDs manufactured at Diskfaktory, where I?ve had CDs made since Subterrene?s release.  Had 100 of each postcard printed by a place I found online.

The 16 page booklets were printed locally, and I saved money by assembling and stapling each one myself.  Then I put the printed pieces in a paper envelope and sealed it with a wax stamp.  The positive feedback that I?ve received from customers has been rewarding.

Mick: You say something about the CD version being edited?

Curvey:  Yes, what I mean by that is some of the songs fade into one another.  If you download the songs from the Custard Flux Bandcamp page, each one is completely separate.

Mick: Will there ever be a second flux album at some point or is this a one off.

Curvey: Oh yes.  Number two is already starting to form in the ether.

Mick: Future plans?

Curvey:  I?ve just finished up a recording session with Tim Ferguson from The Red Plastic Buddha and the three songs we tracked need to be released. Keith at Fruits de Mer Records has asked me to piece together songs The Luck Of Eden Hall has previously released on the label, plus a couple new cover tracks, including one recorded with members of Sendelica, for a new compilation LP.

Mark Lofgren and I will be getting together this winter to start on a new album for The Luck Of Eden Hall. I?ve been asked to record drum tracks for a project Andy Budge is working on and I need to finish up my work on a live album recorded in Glastonbury with The Cary Grace Band and Andy Thompson. That should keep me busy!

You can listen to and buy the Custard Flux album, Helium, as a download, CD or Deluxe CD Set (as mentioned above), here. You can find more about the delights of The Luck Of Eden Hall here.

Lisa Mychols - Sugar
Category Lisa Mychols

Lisa Mychols is back and we should all celebrate that. Whilst there are many contenders for King Of Power Pop, Mychols is certainly the Queen Bee of the hive. Her sugar sweet vocals adorn these 11 songs. Her Queen title is safe and sound, although the album is less about Power and far more about great pop.

It's been quite a while since her last album, five years on from the glorious Above, Beyond And In Between and I think everyone was more than ready for the next adventure. The Pop Community knew it would be great and will it on simply because of the support that Lisa gives to others in the same field.

Unsurprisingly, Sugar is wonderful. It continues her reputation as a modern day Rachel Sweet or even taking over the mantle of Kirsty MacColl. The album has a very 60's Pop feel. but there's plenty more present than just that.

Domino has a verse that has a UK 80's chirp and rolls swiftly along, Goodbye To All Carousels is splendidly Saint Etienne and Next To Impossible is Bond Theme like. My Friend And Me allows you to feel the ache with the Organ drifting in beautifully.

Into Oblivion is chanteuse in it's feel and although the Power Pop is still around with He's Got Me Dreaming, a song like Messages To The Muse with it's hypnotic brooding shows how varied the album is. Having said all of this, it's still great to hear Mychols excel on trademark 60's Pop like One Revolution and Loving You Baby.

All in all, in a three decade career and even considering her magnificent collaboration with Wondermints, this is probably Lisa Mychols most accomplished album and I can't pay it a greater compliment than that.

You can buy the CD here and the download from CD Baby here.


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