Neurotic Wreck – Part 1


Neurotic Wreck – Part 1

Cling Placid
Leave Tonight – Mixtape Side 1
Leave Tonight – Mixtape Side 2

Neurotic Wreck – Part 2

Neurotic Wreck – Part 3

Neurotic Wreck – Part 4

Neurotic Wreck – Part 5

Neurotic Wreck is the project of Dan Shea aka Dan Wreck with guests and collaborators. Shea is a St Helens born and bred prolific, eclectic, mega talented singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer et al.

Shea started his musical career at the tender age of 13 performing and recording with The Bordellos with his father Brian Shea, his uncle Ant Shea and other band members.

During his time with The Bordellos he was able to work simultaneously on his Neurotic Wreck project, as well as working with the The Longdrone Flowers and Vukovar

Dan Shea [Dan Wreck] (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum machine, percussion), Laura Richardson (guitar, backing vocals, 2013-14).

“Neurotic Wreck was born from an idea and a need to stop messing with demos in late 2010. There are sporadic releases, much to the joy of literally tens of people.” – Dan Shea

Cling Placid released October 10, 2011

This album is a collection of tracks recorded over the last year (2011). Some of them synth pop, some of them maudlin singer-songwriter material and some electronic instrumentals but there’s a wintry thread going through them all. Music for moodswings, and music to gaze out of your window at the snow and sleet as the winds rattle the window.

By Dan Wreck

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Leave Tonight – Mixtape Side 1 released June 1, 2012

All tracks written, produced and performed entirely by Dan Shea except Rain Down (Crystal Eyes) and Night Out (Dazed Marrow). See individual tracks for credits.

‘Someone New’ also appears on ‘How To Be A Neurotic Wreck Lesson 1 by Dan Wreck’ – Various artists. Avaiable for free download at Witch Tapes

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Leave Tonight – Mixtape Side 2 released December 12, 2012

Side two of this tape I made you. Hotly anticipated by no one.

This is my love letter to pop music, the songs that saved our lives: if you’re reading this, tracking down unknown artists, we’re probably a lot alike. Regardless of genre it all comes from the same place, the same feelings. Trends come and go but the things that get you square in the heart will always be the same, always be valuable.

I hope this and Side One combined feel like a mix-tape from someone you love or like or just tolerate, and some kind of consolation if and when you need it.

It’s all by me.

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The Longdrone Flowers


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