Neurotic Wreck – Part 2


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I’m Laura Palmer EP
I Never Dreamed
The Echo of an Echo
Angry Eyes
Salt Creek – Tonight


Just a short one in the same kind of vein as ‘Half The Time’.


Another “future garage” influenced one. Oh the horror of genre names. Completely undanceable though.

I’m Laura Palmer EP released February 4, 2013

This is a short EP also available to stream and download from the Vulpiano Records download label, launched in November 2009 by San Francisco, USA based synth musician Marilyn Roxie:

Vulpiano is worth your support, releasing some great music by acts who would otherwise go ignored (then again I would say that), so check them out.

All music written, produced and performed by Dan Shea/Dan Wreck. Also released on Vulpiano.

‘Crowned’ also appears on Vulpiano Records Sampler EP: Vol. 4 VULP-0049 released October 23, 2013

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I Never Dreamed

My cover version of The Cookies’ 60’s girl group classic I Never Dreamed.

The Echo of an Echo

Just an offcut from the stuff I’m recording lately.

Obfuscation – Dan Wreck and Total Violet

Produced by Dan Wreck and Total Violet; mixed by Total Violet.

Angry Eyes – Dan Wreck and Total Violet

Another collaboration with US producer Total Violet.

Salt Creek – Tonight (Neurotic Wreck mix)

Dan Shea remix of Salt Creek’s Tonight

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The Longdrone Flowers


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