Neurotic Wreck – Part 3


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Jamie Stewart’s It’s A Wonderful Life
My Darkest Star
Thrown Down
Our Lady of Conflagration EP
Funeral of Roses

Jamie Stewart’s It’s A Wonderful Life released November 9, 2014

Written, recorded, played and produced by Dan Shea. From ‘Never Mind The Baubles’ – Various Artists Compilation, Small Bear Records 2014 Christmas Album.

My Darkest Star

Thrown Down (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Originally intended for a Stevie Nicks themed compilation but just didn’t wind up surfacing so here it is now, the first in the lead up to Neurotic Wreck’s Untold Stories EP.

Dan Wreck- vocals, synth, storm guitar and drum programming / Laura Wreck – vocals and melodic guitar

Archangel (Burial cover)

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Our Lady of Conflagration EP released October 10, 2015

Sandalphon is coming later on Small Bear Records. Dan Wreck – Did everything

Review: The Sunday Experience

Funeral of Roses Published on 18 Dec 2015

A video collage by Marilyn Roxie


All content Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)

Webcam / cell footage CC-BY Marilyn Roxie and Dan Wreck 2015

In order of appearance, used under CC-BY unless otherwise noted:
THE GREATEST FASHION FILM #8 by The Greatest Magazine:
Composition #4 by Jake Bruno:
Fallen Petals by SEN.SE.WA.RE:
[Gould can 5185.4] by Arthur Edward Pillsbury (Public Domain):…
Composition #5 by Jake Bruno:
Snowy Day Cathedral by Jake Bruno:
Hammock – Frailty (For the Dearly Departed) by Natalia Drepina:
Texturnica by Matthew Psyllos:
A Rose bud by Microdac:
1 minute: rain by fastrail:
Rose Remoulding by d.chang:
Falling Snow by Matt S:

The premiere for Marilyn Roxie’s music video collage for Neurotic Wreck – “Funeral of Roses” (her partner Dan Wreck’s solo project) was at Artists’ Television Access on December 18th, 2015. Roxie said “All material in the piece is screengrabbed or shot by Dan or myself or is sourced from Creative Commons or Public Domain works”.

Roxie’s video for Neurotic Wreck’s “Funeral of Roses” marked their entry into the world of music videography. A collage of imagery was selected to fit the lyrical themes of unrequited love with an androgynous person and the idea of “deflowerment”. The songs lyrics were inspired by Wreck reading Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask. The video has been screened at Artists’ Television Access and ASI Student Center Gallery’s Re/Action exhibition curated by Rebeka Rodriguez in San Francisco.

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The Longdrone Flowers


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