Neurotic Wreck – Part 4


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Priceless, Bloody Priceless
Let’s Make Hate
When Clocks Start To Melt
Obsidian Offerings
Europe’s Missing Sons

Priceless, Bloody Priceless released April 15, 2016

A collection of new tracks put together for you to listen to while queueing up outside a shop you ignore the other 364 days of the year to buy an overpriced reissue of something by an established act on a major label in the name of independence.

Various articles which can be easily found highlighting the problem of pressing plants being unable to print up releases on indie labels due to being booked up with majors repressing collections of old b-sides on white vinyl.

This release comes ahead of another free release from me, a full length album called Glow Ghosts In Subspace coming out on the 14th of July (Net Label Day) on Marilyn Roxie’s Vulpiano Records. Sandalphon will be coming out on Small Bear Records in Autumn, more details to follow.

EP from Neurotic Wreck, a stop-gap before a special Netlabel Day release in July and a kind of “tribute” to Record Label Day. following up from I’m Laura Palmer on Vulpiano Records back in 2013. Now Dan Wreck is partner of label founder Marilyn Roxie, who is pleased to present another release from Wreck once more.

‘Lost in Cleansing Fire’ also appears on Sampler EP: Volume 6 by Vulpiano Records Artists released June 27th, 2016

The Sunday Experience
Louder Than War

“Let’s Make Hate” – a fan video for Neurotic Wreck from Danica Uskert.

This Neurotic Wreck track came out during a rough patch in a current relationship. Since the song more or less fit my situation, I cut together a performance art/diary video for the tune. Song courtesy of Vulpiano Records:

“When Clocks Start to Melt” – a fan video for Neurotic Wreck from Danica Uskert.

“And nothing I do now is original […] my life’s work a collage” sings Dan Wreck, the lead of Neurotic Wreck, on the track “When Clocks Start to Melt,” another Vulpiano Records release ( that’s been finding resonance in my life as of late. For the die hard fans of my more erotic work, it’s a return to form — nudity, shibari, etc. Please enjoy.
(…after this, I might be taking a break from making videos for a while, because, to be honest, I’m exhausted.)

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Marilyn Roxie and Neurotic Wreck – Obsidian Offerings Published on 30 April 2016

Video by Marilyn Roxie
Music by Neurotic Wreck

Public Domain Image Credits:
Title Illustration by Austin Osman Spare from Page 34 of Behind the Veil (1906)
Angel trumpeter image from page 205 of The Pilgrim’s Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come” (1905)
Obsidian mirror image from page 301 of The Sanitary News : Healthy Homes and Healthy Living : A Weekly Journal of Sanitary Science (1886)
Moon image from page 941 of Handbook of Nature-Study for Teachers and Parents, Based on the Cornell Nature-Study Leaflets (1911)
Hieroglyphic Monad from Cover of Monas Hieroglyphica (1591)
All via Internet Archive

Smoke 1, Smoke 2, and Smoke 3 //FREE FOOTAGE\ by VFX Footage
Clouds by Lee Erickson
Fire Tests by Hayden
Stone Forest by Niklaus Gerber
All licensed Creative Commons Attribution on Vimeo
Title font: Witchqueen by Anna Antrophy
Credits font: Aaargh by Tup Wanders

Europe’s Missing Sons released June 22, 2016

This comes ahead of Glow Ghosts, released for free download on Vulpiano on the 14th of July and Sandalphon on the 22nd of September (yes the Autumnal Equinox, naturally).

The A-side if you can call a download that as there’re no sides, Europe’s Missing Sons, will be on Sandalphon; the B-side is, obviously, exclusive as you can’t just stick a track on the internet and call it a single as any good lover of pop music knows.

It’s coming out now as my statement on the EU referendum: I think Europe needs to stand together, also we can’t give the government any more power than they’ve already got and let’s face it even if you do vote out it’s very likely that Parliament will overturn it anyway. Europe’s Missing Sons is about the rise of the dual forces of religious extremism and far-right extremism, two sides of the same coin. I wrote this a while ago and take no pleasure from being right because any idiot could’ve guessed things’d go this way and many people more clued up than me were warning us.

Listen to this as the world burns.

All instruments and vocals by Dan Shea

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The Longdrone Flowers


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