Paper Mountains

Counterfeit Faith

Paper Mountains began life as a St Helens band called Counterfeit Faith

They were a multi-genre (but mainly rock based) band from St Helens, Merseyside. Amongst other things, they were fans of loud guitars and funky basslines.

Band Members:

Ryan Shaw-Binns – Vocals and rhythm guitar
Matty Rynn – Bass guitar / backing vocals
James Forshaw – Lead guitar
Charlie Hayward – Drums and percussion

The band then changed their name to Paper Mountains in October 2016.

Paper Mountains

Paper Mountains (formerly Counterfeit Faith), who formed in 2015, consists of Ryan Shaw-Binns (vocals and rhythm guitar), James Forshaw (lead guitar), Matty Rynn (bass guitar) and Charlie Hayward (drums).

Paper Mountains image
Paper Mountains

Hailing from the Bold and Sutton areas, the group were all aged 17. The group has had an overhaul on style in line with their ambition to hit the big time, leading to the ‘Paper Mountains’ being born.

The group were managed by ‘One Ten Down Management’ with Al Allison-Hughes and Dave Foreshaw.

Paper Mountains had big plans for 2017 including the release of a debut album, a UK festivals tour and a bursting gig diary across St Helens, the region and nationwide venues.

The band did in fact record tracks that were posted to SoundCloud but they have now been removed. Their own tracks included ‘Bermuda’, ‘Giants’, ‘Joyless’ and ‘S.A.D’.

Paper Mountains image
Paper Mountains

The group says they have been influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Catfish & The Bottle Men, Killers and 1975 and have developed their own “edgy, raw and very likeable brand of rock”.

Their live shows showcased a mixture of choice rock covers and the band’s planned new album material.

The Paper Mountains are now disbanded, allegedly after a fall-out with their Management. James Forshaw and Charlie Hayward have moved on to form another band Stem.

Paper Mountains image
Paper Mountains

Selected festivals and gigs:

Counterfeit Faith:
Insomnia, Westfield Street Music Festival, St Helesn, 5 June 2016
Tannerstock Music Festival, Skelmersdale 29 July 2016
The Citadel, St Helens, Saturday, 24 September 2016 – Supporting The Patriots ‘Lost In Lights’ EP Launch with The Pretty Pennys

Paper Mountains:
The Griffin, Earlestown, 14 October 2016
Red Lion, St Helens, 22 October 2016 supporting The Patriots with Daisy Hatton
The Bull and Dog, St Helens, Friday, 11 November 2016
The Green Room, St Helens, Saturday, 19 November 2016
The Clock Face Hotel, St Helens, Saturday, 26 November 2016
The Elephant, Thatto Heath, St Helens, 3 December 2016
The Citadel, St Helens, 24 February 2017 with Strangers and Harry Whiston
Parr Conservative Club, St Helens, 18 March 2017 supporting Stillia
Zanzibar, Liverpool, 24 March 2017, The launch for ‘The Road Less Travelled’ EP
The Junction Inn, Sutton, St Helens, 1 April 2017 with The Alleys
Deanes House, Prescot, 28 April 2017
Elefest 2017, The Elephant, Thatto Heath, St Helens, 1 July 2017 with Titors Insignia, Matty Lamb, Sapho and others



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Up-and-coming Paper Mountains treat fans to live show ahead of EP release – St Helens Star, 17th February 2016
Paper boys aiming to scale mountains – St Helens Star, 19th October 2016

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