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PLEASE NOTE: Some of the tracks and videos appearing here have explicit language.

Philly Whizz (real name Phil Webster) first became known as an MC and founder member of Liverpool Hiphop group The Shakti. He was also the front man for the Ska/Hop band Amnesiacs.

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As a youngster Phil always wrote song lyrics and played guitar. As a teenager he moved into rapping and music production. He went on to form the Liverpool Hiphop group The Shakti. They released 3 EPs and received nationwide distribution and press coverage.

They toured nationwide and appeared in national press, also receiving radio play and appearing on Granada TV. He also released a solo LP that reached ‘Number 4’ on the UK Hiphop chart. After this he became the front man for a 10 piece SKA band called ‘The Amnesiacs’, who again toured nationwide and also had a song used in the movie ‘Away Days’. Over the years he has toured and shared stages with many leading artists including: Public Enemy, Goldie Lookin Chain, Ugly Duckling, Lady Soverign, The Blockheads, The Specials, Bad Manners, The Slits amongst a few. He has also produced tracks for many Liverpool based Hiphop artists including O Shea, Ash The Gent and Average Keith. He has now returned to singing and playing guitar but incoprates these other genres into his music, giving this release a unique mixture and blend of sounds.

Philly released his solo album ‘Up The Wizards Sleeve’ in 2005 on his own record label Go Wise Recordings for which he teamed up with fellow St Helens Hiphopper DJ Rasp (DMC/ITF/champ). The album reached ‘Number 4’ on the ‘Hiphop Connection UK chart’. His video for the song ‘Yer Mam’s Yer Dad’ also became a regular favourite on Channel U.

Yer Mam’s Yer Dad Featuring Filthy Rich published on 24 February 2012

Official Music video for: Philly Whizz Featuring Filthy Rich ‘Yer Mams Yer Dad’ Available on the 2005 Go Wise album release ‘Up The Wizards Sleeve’.

The track also features DMC and ITF Turntable champion D.J Rasp on the cuts and scratches.

Video produced and directed by Bill Webster.

The song and video is a comical and satirical take on inbreeding in small northern towns.

The album debut at ‘Number 4’ on HipHop Connections U.K HipHop chart and was distributed nationally by CARGO and BOOMDOX. This video was also on the Channel U playlist and had notched up nearly 20 thousand hits. The video has since been re-uploaded hence the lower hit count.

The album was distributed nationwide by CARGO, BOOMDOX and HMV. In 2007 he produced the Random Era LP ‘The Searching Years’ which was Number 2 on the UK HipHop chart.

Getting Old – Random Era Ft. Vienna published 2016

Written and Performed by RandomEra / Philly Whizz and Ash The Gent. Guest Vocalist: Vienna. Produced and Mixed by: Que C.

He has toured nationwide and received rave reviews. The 2nd Philly Whizz album ‘Inside The Axe Wound’ was released in 2008.

He has toured and shared stages with esteemed artists such as:
Public Enemy, Goldie Lookin Chain, Lady Sovereign, Ugly Duckling, DJ Format, Master Ace, Black Twang, Out Da Ville, Tommy Evans, Jehst, Braintax, Youngblood Brass Band.

Up The Wizards Sleeve – Philly Whizz and DJ Rasp released 2005

Philly Whizz & DJ Rasp – Up The Wizards Sleeve LP [Go Wise]
01. Intro
02. The Clones
03. Luv Or Lust
04. Westwood Don’t Jiggy Me Tape
05. Who’s Number 1
06. Curtains Got Beef
07. This Job
08. Is Right
09. Mams Yer Dad
10. Students R Avin A Laff
11. Can’t See You
12. Full Steam Ahead
13. Weekend Supastars
14. Check The Spirit

‘Up The Wizards Sleeve’ was released in 2 formats, CD (2006) and 2 x Vinyl LP (2005) on Go Wise Recordings, GWR01

Review by Low Life UK HipHop Story

I find it hard to believe that there is only one crew trying to get beyond the Liverpool city borders and do something on a larger scale across the country, but apparently that would be the case. It is a shame that Liverpool is so far behind in its development, but with the likes of the Shakti crew doing their best to push things forward, hopefully the groundwork is being laid now. Stepping out of the Shakti crew is Philly Whizz along with DJ Rasp who has just dropped his solo long player entitled Up The Wizards Sleeve.

The LP gets going with the usual Intro which comes in two parts. The first half features some funky Blackpool beach / Wurlitzer organ backing and plenty of tasty cuts from Rasp, before it changes up and gets a bit more traditional. The first full track, The Clones is a right belter which makes use of a great guitar sample and has great rocking feel. Philly gets busy telling us all about how society is going crazy and pointing out many of the madnesses that we see all around us and take for granted.

Luv Or Lust is a comedy rap where Philly talks about picking up a girl late at night and taking her back to his flat and trying on his techniques to try and get into her panties. There is a relaxing and slightly jazzy touch to the production from a double bass bassline to scat pianos. Westwood Don’t Jiggy Me Tape was previously released and like Dave The Ruf’s previous Westwood Is A Twat gained underground plaudits as everyone can sympathise with the sentiments expressed here.

Who’s Number 1 has an urgency of one of Eminem’s more jiggy tracks. The bumping beat is accompanied with some opening female vocals before Philly lets off his disappointment and loathing of modern celebrities, most of whom don’t really have any special skills to offer. David Blaine gets a dressing down as well as Lesley Ash for her stupid pout lips fuck up and those losers whose only aim in life is to become famous. Curtains Got Beef has also previously seen the light of day and is one of those great beat jacking efforts which generally seem to come off quite humorously when done by the British. Here Phil takes Obie Trice’s Teeth track and flips it with his own crass delivery and gives everyone a whole bunch of laughs in the process.

This Job is one of the standout tracks on the LP where Philly describes in his usual fun poking way the boring drudgery of nine to fiving it every day of your life. The production is suitably downbeat and at a slower pace. Philly’s great scouse accent and colloquialisms really adds a lot to the vibe sound of this whole piece. Police sirens kick off Is Right which has a particularly clubby feel which suits that lyrical content of Philly’s as he describes trying to go out on the piss with only a modicum of money. As the Friday night progresses he states how fights can break out and then gets deeper as he explores the reasons for this escapism which could be social deprivation, but all along Philly keeps it humourous and easy to listen to without becoming depressing.

Philly Whizz image

Again a bouncy beat is the backing for the slightly mad Mams Yer Dad track which also features Filthy Rich on the mic who adds a great flow and bit of vocal variety into the mix. This is all about inbred nuttiness and is generally a right laugh. Students R Avin A Laff continues in the same vein as Philly shouts out all the students who have been able to skive and have their three year holidays paid for by someone else’s work. Really Philly is a bit jealous of their lifestyle and who wouldn’t want to be able to get up at lunchtime and goes straight down the students union for cheap beer.

Can’t See You is one of the obligatory love songs and this one touches on Philly’s emotions after he has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Despite saying that he won’t look back I think this track is evidence that he is hurting. Regardless, the track breaks down the progression of the relationship and how the relationship fell to pieces. Gospel singers kick off the very slow Full Steam Ahead as they sing ‘god is making eyes at me’ which also features fellow Shahkti member Ashlar the Schitzo on the mic. This track is particularly soporific as it deals with the aftermath of the aforementioned break up and trying to start if off with someone new, but perhaps also the consequences of rejection.

The penultimate track Weekend Supastars gets busy with a super funky sample and composition which immediately got my head bobbing. As you would guess the story behind the track is about an acquaintance who saves up the small amount of money he ears through the week, simply to spunk it off at the weekend. This guy is trapped into living a bit of a lie as he is putting on a show and ultimately this showing off and charlie will bring him down with a bump. The LP rounds off with Check The Spirit a track on which Philly goes mental spitting at double sped over an easygoing piano beat which leads to an uneasy union between the different elements, but does show off Philly’s lyrical dexterity, but for me is just a touch too manic to be kept up for the entire length of the track.

On the design front I thought the sleeve design didn’t do Philly and Rasp justice, the main cover picture being a bit bland and unexciting, but maybe that is the point as it depicts what the guys are struggling to break out of – boredom and monotony of the JSA and the depravation that brings. Additionally, on the CD version of the release the font design and size makes it hard to read the track names and production credits. Regardless, these guys are learning as they go along and are getting their stuff out to the people on a complete shoestring budget and they have to be commended for that.

Overall the 14 track LP is full to the brim with cutting wit, clever piss taking and funky beats. Philly’s Liverpool accent is different apparently he is big things on his manor.

Inside The Axe Wound released 2008

Sky+ (feat. Jay Taylor & Philly Whizz) from Merseycide (2010) by Dick Limerick Academy released July 24, 2010


Kids & Parents by Philly Whizz & King Reason released October 1, 2012


This EP was inspired by working with young people. These tracks are about the attitudes and behavior of modern teenagers, describing how they have been brought up by their parents and influenced by their environments. The instrumental tracks contain news clippings and dialogue that try to explain and understand how the current political climate frustrates young people and eventually led to the riots that took place in England last year.

All lyrics written and performed by Philly Whizz
Produced by King Reason
Executive Producer: Phil Webster
Mixed and Mastered: Ste Roberts
Cuts and scratches by DJ Rasp
ArtWork : Helen Leadbeater
Recorded @ Gowisestudios, Liverpool.

Mellotonin published 2012

This recording shows Phil is a songwriter and musician. He writes and performs all the lyrics, mainly singing but with a little bit of rap. He also programmes the beats, plays bass guitar, acoustic guitar and midi keyboard. These songs also contain some of his friends adding some extra instrumentation including Joey Zed on electric drums, Marc and Rich on Lead Guitars and Ash and Mike on backing vocals.

All the songs were recorded in his home studio. The songs are a mixture of: Indie/Pop with a bit of Blues, Hiphop and Reggae making for a unique cocktail of musical influences.

Rap Star – Philly Whizz & Average Keith published on 26 September 2013

Written and produced by Philly Whizz and Average Keith
Cuts and scratches: D.J Nimble
Additonal cuts: Philly Whizz
Directed by: Stuart Bedford
Go Wise Recordings From the EP ‘The Good Stuff’

The Good Stuff EP by Philly Whizz and Average Keith released October 19, 2013

Philly Whizz and Average Keith are a MC and production duo from Merseyside/Cheshire, England. Sharp and witty lyrics combined with funky old school hiphop beats. Addtional production and guest vocalist Que C adds his soulful beats and rhymes.

Produced by Philly Whizz and Average Keith
Except track 5 produced by Philly Whizz
And track 4 produced by Average Keith
Tracks 3 and 6 Produced by Que C
Cuts and Scratches: DJ Nimble
Additional cuts on track 2 Philly Whizz
Mixed and Mastered: Que C
Photography Carl Dyer
Cover design TOMO

St Helens Kid published on 9 February 2015

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (Go Wise Recordings 2015)
Written and performed by Philly Whizz
Produced by Average Keith
Cuts and scratches: DJ RASP
Flute: George Roberts
Filmed and edited by: Stuart Bedford
Starring: James Curran

Philly also pays tribute to the following: Four Acre, Bloke with a Toke, Beth Ave shop, Robins Lane Chippy, St Helens Glass, Our Ann, East Sutton Labour club, Sutton High, Pilks Rugby team, Sutton Manor Coal pit, Engine pub, Derbyhill Youth Club, Citadel, Clock Face, Uncle Frankie, Martin Murray, Fiddle in Bag, Unwitting passers by, Johnny Wellies, Good folk of St Helens, Me Mam, Johnny Vegas and The Bull and Dog.

Back in’th Wizards released July 6, 2015

Philly Whizz rapper and producer from St Helens town combines northern wit/humour with social commentary.

The long awaited follow up to the 2005 release ‘Up The Wizards Sleeve’

All songs produced and mixed by: Philly Whizz
Except Track 1 produced by: Average Keith
Cuts/Scratches Track 1: DJ Rasp
Cuts/Scratches Track 2: DJ Dougie Posh
Guest Vocal Track 2: Chairman Meow
Flute: George Roberts
Guitar/Bass/cuts: Philly Whizz
Cover: Bill Webster

Philly Whizz performed at Constellations, Liverpool on 18th April 2016 as part of L100 Cypher, a Liverpool crew including Barry Kid, Beyond Average and Tony Broke, among others. MC’s lined up one-by-one to spit bars, each with their own unique voice. The crowd responded lovingly to these homegrown rappers and it was refreshing to witness the wealth of rap talent that Liverpool has to offer.

Government statistic (Did you Vote!) published on 6 July 2015

Written, produced and performed by: Philly Whizz
Video produced by: Bill Webster

A political Youtube video about the recent pointless election and the current state of British politics and government agenda.

We own the copyright to the song but not the images. From the EP ‘Back in’th Wizards’

Skint by Average Keith ft Philly Whizz & Chairman Meow released December 10, 2016

Average Keith is a rapper from Runcorn Near Liverpool, North West UK, He describes the day to day happenings in his life in a hilarious yet serious manner..

Numerous releases and occasional battle rapper, Keith has been known to bring humorous punchlines and entertainment to various crowds.

Produced by Average Keith & Philly Whizz.
Bass Riffs provided by Ben Parkins.
Flute provided by George Roberts.
Guitar Riffs provided by Philly Whizz.

SKINT – Average Keith ft. Philly Whizz and Chairman Meow published on 11 December 2016

Average Keith’s latest track, from his album “Problem with Keith”.

Skint ft Philly Whizz & Chairman Meow from Problem With Keith by Average Keith released April 10, 2017

Produced by Average Keith & Philly Whizz.
Bass by Ben Parkins.
Flute by George Roberts

Strike A Nerve released 2017

Produced by: Dr Lekta and Philly Whizz
Beat: Dr Lekta
Music: Peter Hughes
Words/Cuts: Philly Whizz
Additional vocals: Average Keith and Chairman Meow
Mixed and Mastered : Phil Webster

In School Days published 2017

Produced by: Grange Phil, Rap and scratch: Philly Whizz, Additional vox: Critical Bungalow.


Produced by BEATRIX. Taken from the album ‘Take it back to bring it forward’. Rap performed by: Random Era aka Philly Whizz and Ash Nugent.

Galactic Funk Militia

Intergalactic Funk

Tracks from 2016 album INTERGALACTIC FUNK

Galactic Funk Militia is an audacious Funk, Hip Hop and Dance band from Liverpool (UK), mixing up the flavours of artists like Jimi Hendrix, D’Angelo, P Funk, Digital Underground, OutKast, Jill Scott, Basement Jaxx, Rage Against The Machine, Kendrick Lamar – and even The Prodigy. GFM has massive stage presence and the sound to match.

Thumping dance floor smashers explode with horns and electric guitar, while liquid ballads seduce your ears with sensuous synth and exquisite melody. All driven by impulsive groove, quick-fire rap gymnastics and completed by the incredible voice of Amber Kuti.

Their debut album INTERGALACTIC FUNK was recorded in 24 hours at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool and will be formally released in April 2016.

The band is made up of experienced touring musicians who have performed across Europe and in the United States. Several have worked with reggae legend Dawn Penn as her live band. Among our number are those who have worked and performed with original members of Funkadelic.

Lead Vocals – Amber Kuti
Vocals/Bass – Matt Mook Mak
Guitar – Michael Lel Edward, Grae Kay
Drums – Phatfoot Liam Evans
Rappers – Chairman Meow, Philly Whizz
Synth – Jack Lister Beacall
Baritone Sax – Malou Frieden
Trumpet – Raffe Heisenberg Wood
Tenor Sax – Weave
Trombone – T Spence
Percussion – Ritchie T

Selected festivals and gigs:

Blackscreen Film and Video Festival 2004, The Bumper, Liverpool, 2004 with DJ Rasp, Shakti and Systems De Analyst
Lemon Lounge, Liverpool, 7 October 2005 with DJ Rasp and others
Block Party Sessions @ The Picket, Liverpool, 9 December 2006
Elemental Music label launch, The Kazimier, Liverpool, 20 April 2012
Constellations, Liverpool, 18 April 2016, part of L100 Cypher Crew with Barry Kid, Beyond Average and Tony Broke and others
Matt and Phreds, Manchester, 27 August 2017 with Intergalactic Funk


The Shakti


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