Poisoned Electrick Head – Part 3

1992 to 1994

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Poisoned Electrick Head
Creature Feature
Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout
The Big Eye Am
Mr Weasel
The Penny Drop
Bobby Simpson
Out of Order

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Poisoned Electrick Head released 1992

1 Immortal
2 The Unborn
3 What Ya Gonna Be Son?
4 Garden Of Eden
5 Creature Feature
6 20th Century Man / President’s Reply
7 Mortal

The ‘Poisoned Electrick Head’ album was released in 4 formats, Vinyl LP (PROBE-HEAD 33), CD (PROBE-HEAD 33CD), Cassette album (PROBE-HEAD 33MC), Probe Head Records. It was re-released by Blueprint (BP237CD). Recorded & Produced at Dead Fly.

The reissue is almost identical to the original Poisoned Electrick Head CD release except for the tray insert which features different catalogue numbers, barcode and is printed in black and white.

A long lost radio interview somewhere in the States…

Creature Feature – published on 8 February 2009

From the album ‘Poisoned Electrick Head’. Probe Plus 1992.

Mortal released 1992

From the album ‘Poisoned Electrick Head’. Probe Plus 1992.

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Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout released 1992

A1 Diana’s Gyroscope
A2 Astral Tjunc
A3 Thought You Was
A4 Dorothy
A5 Out Of Order
B1 Trickeroo
B2 Cap Of Flies
B3 Head Song

Dead Fly Records (Head 34MC), Cassette album. Recorded and Produced at Dead Fly. All songs by P.E.H. 1992

It took me years to track down this album; mail-order only, and only available on cassette. URT has a handful of tracks that didn’t make it on other albums as well as re-workings and early versions of ones that appeared elsewhere, it sort of bridges the gap between Poisoned Electrick Head and The Big Eye Am although I’m sure most of the material was written and featured on the band’s live sets long before they were committed to tape. If nothing else, the fifteen minute Head Song is worth owning this cassette for.

We.Have.Explosive, 19 January 2012

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The Big Eye Am released 1994

Mad Way To Be
Out Of Order
Mr Weasel
Liver & Kidneys
The Hole
Bobby Simpson

Available on Vinyl LP (ABT 098) and CD (ABT 098 CD), Abstract Records, 1994.

All songs written and Produced by Poisoned Electrick Head (C) 1994. Sleeve artwork by Zapeep. Inspired by H. R. Giger.

CD included a bonus track ‘Cap Of Flies’

Mr Weasel published on 3 January 2009

From the album ‘The Big Eye Am’ – 1994. Poisoned Electrick Head with visuals and photographic trickery by VJ Black

The Penny Drop published on 1 March 2013

A snapshot on the road Filmed in Exeter & Plymouth early 1990`s. Songs include Liver & Kidneys and Bobby Simpson.

Bobby Simpson published on 10 Mar 2009

From the album ‘The Big Eye Am’ – 1994

In June 1994, Gina Morris wrote the following in Select Magazine:

“Without witnessing Poisoned Electrick Head’s (apparently) hugely entertaining, theatrically live performances, it’s hard to figure out just how seriously weird this St Helens four-piece really are. Being ‘weird’ means one of two things: either your individualistic outlook and intriguing non-conformity to the restraints of society makes you an interesting proposition; or your overbearing wackiness means you should be avoided at all costs, if not tortured with a half-starved ferret.

Sadly, ‘The Big Eye Am’ their strangely unabashed second album, which plays around with the early Sisters of Mercy meets Gong, sounds deserving of the latter. No amount of clever lyrical puns will spare them the shame of sounding like sad stragglers from the early ’80s, trying to seem experimentally innovative by throwing in a couple of sonic, sci-fi twiddly bits. The future never looked so passe.”

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Out of Order published on 6 Feb 2009

From the ‘Out of Order’ EP, Abstract Sounds, 1994.

Out of Order published on 13 Aug 2009

Hare and Hounds

First song on the “Out of Order” EP – 1994


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