• Would we compete in Super League?
    A suggested team from players currently at our club who have come through our system. Would we compete in Super League without disruption from injuries etc? 1 Welsby 2 Makinson 3 Simm 4 Percival 5 Swift/Grace 6 Lomax 7 Richardson 8 Lees 9 Roby 10 Thompson 11 Ashworth 12 Knowles… Read more »
  • Magic weekend travel
    How are people getting to Anfield for Magic Weekend? What buses go from St Helens to Anfield? Especially on a Sunday, What trains from St Helens go to Anfield or near? Are Saints putting park and rides on? Read more »
  • Thommo's injury - weeks or months???
    From the St Helens star it's described as a syndesmosis injury - and that "he will be sidelined for a matter of a few weeks, but more news will follow". Link here: I'm hopeful that a few weeks is possible, but the research suggests more like 2 months average,… Read more »
  • Magic Weekend
    We would love to be able to get to this at Anfield but the bus fare is to much, do you think the RFL would have the brains to use James Graham to promote the Magic Weekend in Liverpool ????? if not could someone suggest it to them for obvious… Read more »
  • Parking for Anfield
    Anyone any ideas re parking for Magic on the Sunday? Coach from Saints is for the whole day but we are just going to the Saints match. Any suggestions welcome. Read more »
  • Common sense at last
    Playing the ball 'in' to an opponent Read more »
  • My God - Common sense from the RFL
    The following additions/amendments to 2019 referee policy have been introduced with immediate effect: Placing the ball on the defender lying on the ground – It is the responsibility of the player playing the ball to place the ball on the ground at their feet. If necessary the player should step… Read more »
  • Morgan knowles
    Morgan Knowles receives a 1 match ban for a tackle on Albert Kelly. Read more »
  • Lomax
    What a season this fella is having! In my opinion, he has always been quality and has that X Factor, but he seems to have improved again on what was a cracking season for the lad last year. He's so important to the team, and he makes something out of… Read more »
  • Stats
    Apologies if this has already been mentioned/posted. Does anybody have a link to a site with player stats? Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk Read more »
  • Instant Reaction: Saints 62-16 Hull FC
    Instant Reaction following Saints 62-16 victory over Hull FC on 22nd April 2019 This file is not hosted on RedVee.Net, this is a YouTube video.Contact YouTube.Com if you have any copyright issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Read more »
  • Redvee Mom v Hull fc
    Vote here Top 3 below Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Read more »
  • Percy's injury
    Has anything been said about Percy's injury he picked up against Wigan? Looked like a pulled Hamstring, hopefully nothing serious, and he isn't out for long. Read more »
  • Sir Alex Murphy.
    80 today. Happy birthday Alex. Read more »
  • Ben Barba
    Fox news reporting that Barba is now playing soccer for Mackay in the Mackay Premier League. Hope for the sake of his family that he is turning his life round. Read more »