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Sonya Hurst has been singing and composing music since she was a little girl. With a range of experience including performing as a solo artist/duo/trio in pubs, clubs, holiday camps, weddings and events she also enjoys performing in residential homes.

Her repertoire covers all styles of music, country/pop/jazz/rock/gospel/soul & Motown and she is classically trained to grade 8 with the ABRSM, however her heart will always lean towards country music.

All I Want published on 22 July 2015

Sonya left college in 2004 with a triple grade distinction in Music practice and went on to perform dinner music and some session singing/backing vocals in her spare time, while continuing to write songs and play keyboard.

She was performing in boy/girl duo TKO while working on recording some of her own music.

She has recorded her debut album of all her own original material and has rotation on radio stations across the globe with her recent tracks. Her debut single ‘Emily’ is available to buy online.

Emily published on 18 May 2016

Sonya was proud to be asked to perform at The Josie Show Awards ceremony in Nashville. She became a Nashville recording artist whilst in the States and she is planning on returning there for some exciting, upcoming events!

Recently SonYa was invited over to Germany to perform at the Westernpoint Country Festival where she performed over two days along with many other talented musicians. She also featured on the ‘Country Cool Is’ collaboration album which was nominated in Nashville for two awards with the Josie Music Awards. She was also nominated for Pop/alternative artist of the year.

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Back on home shores Sonya was invloved in a charity concert at Eagle Sports Club, Warrington, celebrating the life of local musician Mike Carter, who sadly died in 2015 aged just 19. Sonya Hurst performed her hugely popular brand of country, pop and Motown classics, getting a delighted audience up on their feet for a dance.

After her performance Sonya said “It was an amazing experience performing at Mike’s memorial gig and I’m so happy I got the opportunity to be a part of such a worthwhile event. There were so many talented musicians that all came together to make the night memorable for all. There was definitely something for everyone”

Ever after (Original song clip) published on 6 November 2015

Listen to the full 4:18 minute audio track below.

Sonya is currently performing accross the North west of England as a solo artist in pubs/clubs/functions and events. Her single ‘Ever after’ was released for digital download on iTunes/Google play/Amazom music etc on the 1st December 2016.

“It has been a better year (2016) than I expected,” said Sonya, who lives in Sutton.

“Emily went really well and got nominated for some awards. I went out to Nashville and that was my dream. I think I was the only English one nominated, there were people from all over the world.”

She released ‘Ever After’ on 1 December 2016 and says the song has a festive feel to make it a suitable Christmas purchase.

Mind Clock Face image

“I wrote it about two years ago and I was thinking about how everyone has a different story to tell,” added Sonya.

“You can’t judge a book by the cover, people go through a lot of different things, it doesn’t mean those things are bad so you can turn them into a positive.

“It’s got a good Christmas feel to it so that’s why I decided to bring it out now.

“I’ve also done some stuff with Kiera Weathers. She put something out looking for talent and I’ve done a couple of things with her.”

Audio tracks by Sonya Hurst

Sonya wrote this song when she was 16 years old.

Sonya is a prolific songwriter and many of these songs she has written herself.

“The most exciting part of all this for me is that people all over the world are listening to songs I have written myself!” said Sonya.

“It’s very surreal to think that people in Australia and America are hearing my songs on the radio. I have always dreamt of going to Nashville and my biggest ambition as a young girl was to sing at the Grand ole Opry. I love country music and always have, I was inspired by people like LeAnn Rimes and grew up listening to Charlie Landsborough and Patsy Cline. Now I’m enjoying being able to do what I love most and my goal is to keep on doing that.”


“SonYa hits the high noted after amazing 2016”
S. Mulligan – St Helens Star

“’Ever After’ is arguably one of SonYa’s favourite original tracks”
Lauren Hirst – singer set to release second single

“‘Ever After’ is a particular favourite song of mine. The lyrics were inspired by the idea that we all have a story to tell. The message is that life can be tough, there can be situations that will be painful and difficult but they dont have to define you.”
Gary Skentlebury – SonYa set to release second single

If We Try published on 14 Jan 2016

“A delighted Sonya said: “I have been invited to perform at the Josie Show Awards Ceremony on September 27 in Nashville and I have also been nominated for three awards! – “Country (modern) songwriter of the year”…”Country (modern) Female artist of the year”…and also “Country (modern) song of the year- Emily.””
Gary Skentlebury – Dream set to come true for singing sensation Sonya

“I write from the heart…real…simple…nothing too complicated. I don’t stick to structure or have any rules. It’s a part of me from experiences, dreams, observations”
Leon Beck – Texas Hot Country Magazine

“A return to original country love for singer Sonya’s release debut”
Simon Mulligan – St Helens Star

“Mum of two has her eyes set on stardom”
Lauren Hirst – Warrington Guardian

“Sonya’s song set to go global after nearly 15 years!”
Gary Skentelbery – Warrington Worldwide

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Selected festivals and gigs:

The Little Pig, St Helens, 27 November 2016
The Wishes Function Room, St Helens, HoneyRose Foundation Country Night, 29 April 2017
Eagle Sports Club, Warrington, 17 May 2016
Blundell Street Cabaret Restaurant, Liverpool. 3 June 2017
Clock Face Labour Club, St Helens, Sunday, 6 August 2017 supporting Kiera Weathers with Matty Lamb
Windle Labour Club, St Helens, 14 September 2017

Something you might not know about Sonya Hurst – She performed this just for me.

Sonya singing ‘The Wedding Song (Ave Maria)’ just for Barry Grady – 7 April 2017


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Sonya’s song set to go global after nearly 15 years! – Warrington Worldwide, 12 May 2015
Charity gig pays tribute to one Mike only – Warrington Worldwide, 17 May 2016
Country singer Sonya Hurst hits the high notes after amazing 2016 – St Helens Star, 6 December 2016

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