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Part 1 – Godstar and Glass Child – 1993 to 2004

Part 2 – Songs Only I Will Listen To and Next Train to Nowhere – 2008 to 2013

Part 3 – Stop Standing Still – 2014

Part 4 – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – 2015 to 2017

Part 5 – Various Tracks – Various dates


Stephen Smith is a singer/songwriter from St Helens, Merseyside. He is best known for his protest songs and in particular “Liar Liar”. Stephen is a very prolific songwriter and almost 40 of his songs are on this page.

Stephen quotes his influences as Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Levellers, Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Damien Dempsey and Elvis Costello.

Stephen began his musical career at the tender age of 18, whence his ma bought him one of those cheap guitars from Argos that aren’t worth a w*nk. By the age of 21 the boy could play 3 chords. At 23 he joined his 1st band, getting the lead guitarist role in an indie outfit called ‘Godstar’, where he began plying his trade as a songwriter. Aged 26 he then formed a female fronted pop/rock kind of thing under the name of ‘Glass Child’, where his songs enjoyed some small success in England and Spain. Today, a few years on, Stephen is struggling to forage a solo career. He is not the best singer in the world and his guitar playing often leaves a lot to be desired. His debut EP “Songs Only I Will Listen To”, went cardboard in Clock Face. (Quote from CDBaby)

Stephen is an eclectic and prolific songwriter. Stephen writes songs about love, hate, racism, social and political injustice, modern life and anything he feels is just plain wrong. The diversity of his songs gives us an insight into what is right and wrong in the world today and how we can lift ourselves up and feel better about it. He performs and produces his songs with feeling and sincerity. He will melt your heart.

Stephen Smith has earned his place in the History of St Helens Music through his sheer hard work, longevity, creativity and a determination never to give up.

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A Note on Football in Merseyside by Barry Grady:

People in Merseyside are passionate about football. In Merseyside there are two major football teams, Everton FC (Blue) and Liverpool FC (Red). The vast majority are either Blue or Red and there is no crossover. It’s a fact of life in Merseyside.

The rivalry and competition between the fans of both sides can be very intense, although it is generally of a friendly and good natured manner. The banter between the sides’ fans can be very humorous and is generally taken as such. Stephen Smith is a fanatical Liverpool FC supporter and I am a staunch Everton supporter.

Your choice of football team is usually deep-rooted in family ties, although father, son, mother, daughter, brothers and sisters etc. can often support opposing teams.

One thing that all supporters are emphatically united against is The Hillborough Disaster of 15th April 1989 when 96 Liverpool supporters were killed. As it happened there were also Everton supporters amongst those killed.

Both sets of supporters are united against the gutter lies, garbage and outright filth that was published by The Sun newspaper. You will not be able to buy a copy of The Sun in Merseyside.

People in Merseyside are also outraged by the incompetence and subsequent lies by West Yorkshire Police following the Disaster. Family, friends and supporters of both sides fought for over 20 years to get Justice for the 96 and their families.

I write this so you may better understand the heartfelt words in some of Stephen’s songs.

Barry Grady, Site Producer, St Helens Now

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Football tragedy inspired Stephen’s song (St Helens Star – 22nd April 2011)

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This article was created, compiled and produced by Barry Grady with major contributions by Stephen Smith.

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