Stu Oggy and Titors Insignia – Part 2

2009 to 2013


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Titors Insignia
Three Lions on Fire
Fair City Riots
Break The Chains
I Need The Real Thing – Single

Titors Insignia

The current line-up of Titors Insignia are:

Stuart Ogden – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Thomas Wilson – Lead Guitar
David Sarbutts – Bass Guitar
Liam Hodson – Drums, Percussion

Previous members have included lead guitarist Rob James, bassist Pete Murphy, drummer Ste Swift, lead guitarist Kavan Douaghy, drummer Ste Birch, bassist Lewis Sanderson and lead guitarist and vocalist Mark “Peano” Pearce.

Stu Ogden and Ste Swift had been performing together for 12 years and met Rob James and Pete Murphy through the local music scene.

Stu Ogden, born in 1979, is an electrician by day, but sees music as his first career and has been playing guitar for almost 25 years. Rob James, born in 1989, teaches music and has been playing the guitar since he was age 16. Ste Swift was working for a telecommunications company and began playing the drums age 15. Bassist Pete Murphy was unemployed and has been playing the bass guitar since 2008.

Titors Insignia were brought together in mid 2008 & supporting, Paloma Faith, Alabama 3, Don Bronco, Steve Craddock, The Guillamots & Proud Mary. Titor’s Insignia built themselves a solid reputation, a crowd pleasing live set and pride themselves on raw performances show after show.

Their debut album “Fair City Riots” is an electrifying concoction of influences ranging from Britpop to classic rock with a sprinkling of Indie, and healthy dose of Punk thrown in for good measure.

For the members themselves, “Fair City Riots” is much more than just a collection of songs. It is a diary of life experiences; a down to earth tale of love and life, good times and bad, and a window into what it means to be small town boys with big time dreams.

From the mellow groove of “A Town Called Yesterday” and the uplifting “Set in Stone”, to the classic foot stomping rock anthems “Fair City Riots” and “I Don’t Love You”, this is definitely as good as it gets if you like no nonsense, honest music.

In this day and age of over produced manufactured one hit wonders, “Fair City Riots” is definately the proof you need that rock and roll is still very much alive.

Join Titor’s Insignia’s Fair City Riots as soon as you can, because afterall…

You’re either on their side or in their way.

Exposure Music Award® – Winners 2014 – BEST INDIE ACT

Wonderwall published 21 November 2009

The Junction Wall – Titors Insignia – Junction FC. And After All….. You’ve Hit The Junction Wall……. Look Out For The Legend That’s Chaz Near The End !!!!

Three Lions on Fire published on 9 June 2014

Featuring Junction FC. Official Three Lions on Fire, Titors Insignia World Cup 2010 video.

This was a single for charity – “Three Lions On Fire” was made around 1st June 2010

Fair City Riots released 5 Juanuary 2012

Released in 2012, FCR is a ground breaking Debut album, with a hint of punk dominated by indie rock & roll, you just cant stop your feet from tapping upon listening to this album.

Break The Chains – released 2012

I Need The Real Thing – Single released 30 December 2012

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