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Get Yourself A Name – Video
Freedom Fighter
Beg, Plead & Pray
Livin in a Moment – Single
Get Yourself A Name – Full album
The Wall


Get Yourself A Name published on 9 June 2014

Official ‘Get Yourself A Name’ video, recorded at The Elephant, Thatto Heath, St Helens.

Freedom Fighter published on 9 June 2014

Following the release of their charity single ‘Freedom Fighter’, Titors Insignia spent time raising awareness for ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity.

The video for Freedom Fighter features St Helens hero Andy Reid, who lost both legs and an arm in a Taliban bomb. It has been retweeted by DJs, celebs and news websites across the country.

Speaking to the St Helens Star, frontman Stu Ogden said: “Andy actually went to our school, Broadway Community High, but he was a few years older than us. After reading about Andy in the Star and the fact that Ste’s brother Davis is in the Army, we decided to do something.”

Beg, Plead & Pray published on 9 June 2014

Livin in a Moment – Single released 24 July 2014

Get Yourself A Name released 11 August 2014

After long anticipation Titors Insignia Released there 2nd Album Get yourself a Name in 2014.

Again another great feel good album with pure heart felt Rock & Roll songs and just a few slow touching songs like Movin On and Forgiving Kind, or you can switch it up a notch for some hard hitting drum sound on songs like I Need The Real Thing or Kiss like a Rattle Snake.

The Wall published 14 August 2014

The Red Lion Summer Music Festival 2014 in aid of The Christie Cancer Charity.

In 2014 Titors Insignia included a track, ‘Beg, Plead and Pray’ for the charity 2CD compilation set ‘Various – Ralph’s Life (An Eclectic Collection Of Ralph’s Favourite Indie Artists). All proceeds were for the Mental Health Awareness charity RETHINK.

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