Stu Oggy and Titors Insignia – Part 4

2015 to 2017


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The Lounge Acoustic
Dreams – Single
Get Yourself A Name
Mods vs Rockers – Single
Mods vs Rockers – Official Video
Scream My Name – Single
#Revolution – Single (Snippet)
From Dusk Til Dawn

Dreams by Titors Insignia (Stu Oggy) released 17th November 2017

Dreams The Single from Titors Insignia (Stu Oggy)

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Wasp Video @waspvideo
Many thanks to wasp video and the great team of professional directors/producers they have, it was a pleasure working with you all again,
Dancers: Amy Carter & Calum Bell (Thanks you two for a stunning performance)
Dreams: Jaraf House Recording Studio
Engineer/Producer John Kettle (JK)
All Music Available on every Digital Download Platfrom.
All Rights Reserved by Titors Insignia.

The Lounge Acoustic published 29 March 2015

TItors Insignia (Stu & Rob) – Live at The Lounge Acoustic

Dreams – Single released 28 April 2015

Get Yourself A Name published on 30 May 2015

Titors Insignia performing pre Westfield Street Festival 2015 in St Helens town centre, Church Square.

Mods vs Rockers – Single released 3 April 2016

Mods vs Rockers – Official Video published on 16 June 2016

Video by Wasp Video. Copyright Titor’s insignia

Scream My Name – Single released 28 September 2016

#Revolution – Single (Snippet) released 27 November 2016

From Dusk Til Dawn published on 1 August 2017

Written by Titors Insignia. Video By Wasp Video.

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