The Bordellos – Contents, Introduction and Licences/References/Links

Faves… released 27 December 2017

‘Faves…’ full 12-track album is completely FREE to download and no email address needed either.

Compilation album of Bordello tracks released under Creative Commons Licences. Compilation by Now Music.

‘Faves…’ by The Bordellos is the first ever album release for Merseyside record label Now Music.

Cat No: NM 1001

Contents, Introduction and Licences/References/Links

Part 1 – Meet The Bordellos – 2003 to 2010

Part 2 – A Council House in St Helens – 2011 to 2012

Part 3 – Lee Mavers Farting – 2013 to 2014

Part 4 – Crazy music, crazy people – 2015

Part 5 – How We Love To Fail – 2016

Part 6 – A family business and cottage industry – 2017

Part 7 – The Underground Tapes Volumes 1 to 5

Part 8 – The Underground Tapes Volumes 6 to 10 and Do Xmas


Prior to the Bordellos, the band were known as Onion King.

The Bordellos were formed in 2004. The original line-up were:

Vinny Oates – Keyboards / guitar, Jeff Parr – Guitar / vocals, Antony Shea – Percussion / vocals, Brian Shea – Guitar / vocals, Mike Simm – Drums, Gary Storey – Bass

The Bordellos are an eclectic St Helens based band of varying members who have been around since 2003.

It’s hard to define The Bordellos, they are pop/folk/rock/punk/indie with a little bit of electronica and garage thrown in.

The main purpose of this work is to document the releases of The Bordellos in one place, in some semblance of order, so there is no need to trawl lots of websites, as I have already done it.

This band are very prolific and I have tried to cover everything that they have ever published, however, there are still many items that are now so rare that I can’t get hold of them or include them here.

Fortunately, Brian Shea aka Brian Bordello is still in possession of many tracks that have never been released and he is trying to address this through the release of his excellent Underground Tapes series.

The Bordellos music is so prolific that I have had to split this lengthy compilation into several different parts.

I continue to uncover lost gems and I will add them to this website as and when I find them.

I am sure you will agree that The Bordellos have made a significant contribution to The History of St Helens Music.

Barry Grady, Site Producer, St Helens Now

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Thanks to Tara Brown from the USA for the “Pleased to Meet The Bordellos” review.
Thanks to Purrsia who adds the old black and white films to Bordellos tracks on YouTube. Nobody has a clue who he or she is.

The Longdrone Flowers
Neurotic Wreck

This article was created, compiled and produced by Barry Grady with major contributions by Brian Shea from The Bordellos.

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