The Bordellos – Part 6 – A family business and cottage industry – 2017

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Art Whore EP

Political Drill – Single

Life, Love & Billy Fury

Art Whore EP released 2 March 2017

4 tracks recorded in the Ronco Revival Sound LP sessions, these are 4 songs that didn’t make the final LP, but we like them so should you.
If you want to buy the Ronco Revival Sound LP, it is available from Daddy Tank records

Track 1 – written by Brian Shea.


Brian Shea – vocals/guitar,
Dan Shea – bass/percussion,
Ant Shea -harmonica

Track 2 – written by Brian/Dan/Ant Shea


Dan Shea – lead vocals/lead guitar/drums/keyboards
Brian Shea – rhythm guitar/spoken vocals
Ant Shea – whispered vocals

Track 3 – written by Dan/Brian Shea


Dan Shea – vocals/drums,
Brian Shea – guitar

Track 4 – written by Brian/Dan Shea


Brian Shea – vocals/guitar/bass,
Dan Shea – keyboards/drums,
Ant Shea – spoken vocals

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Political Drill – Single – released 4 June 2017

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Life, Love & Billy Fury released 16 June 2017

Limited edition album CD and info sheet – Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

Limited edition CD version of the album with info sheet containing the back ground to the each song.


“Midlife crisis, teenage angst, put them in songs and sell them to the Yanks…they say “No thanks”…A family business and cottage industry (that makes no money whatsoever). We’re underrated and underpaid, still we refuse to change our ways. A band since 2003 but playing for far longer, accept no substitutes.”

Supported by Gavin Hellyer: Such a Bordellos record is this. Typically eccentric and recorded and played to their own unique specifications. But, as usual, amongst it all the melodies are pretty much all a joy to behold. In a couple of numbers I’m reminded of the quaint off-kilter songs Lou Reed used to write for Mo Tucker to sing in the Velvets. Favorite track: Gift Balloon.

Louder than War review:

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And here’s an as yet unfinished one for you, you may enjoy the way Dan mispronounces the word beguiled. Something of the Las about this one.

Dan Shea – Vocal / Brian Shea – Guitar

Remix for the Bordellos. Lyrics: So bored with life

The Longdrone Flowers
Neurotic Wreck


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