The Grounded

The Grounded were formed in 1994.

Most common band members
Shaun O’Neill
Paul Kimberley
Garry Sheils
Kate Hannah

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I spoke to Garry Sheils from The Grounded and asked if the band had now split up. He said, “I don’t think we’re sure ourselves. We never broke up and we all still talk to each other. Paul and I have been doing a bit when we can but we haven’t seen a lot of Shaun for a while (nobody has!). I think if Shaun ever gets back out regularly and still wants to play with us we’d be well up for it.”

For many years Paul Kimberley and Shaun O’Neill were the sole members. Then Kate Hannah (drummer) and Garry Sheils joined.

Garry Sheils then left for a while and was replaced by Scott Crawford and James Irlam. Gary Sheils eventually rejoined.

Garry continued “The band also did a number of gigs without Kate Hannah, with various stand-in drummers who I can’t even name. Paul Carney and Phil Escott definitely did a couple.

“As a four-piece I think the most common line-up was Shaun, Paul, Kate and me though.”

Sadly, Shaun O’Neill passed away on 29th March 2018.

The Grounded wrote and published original compositions as well as many covers songs. They hosted regular music nights at the famous Rendezvous bar in St Helens, performing Rock, acoustic, folk and more.

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The Grounded 2011 published on Soundcloud in 2011

Grand Theft Auto 4 published 14 January 2012.

A trailer for Grand Theft Auto 4 with music by The Grounded

O.K. published 15 January 2012

A song by the Grounded to a slideshow.

On 18th February 2012, The Grounded finished a new album for Upper Street Music Publishing called ‘An Album of Dark Music’. The tracks are all dark and gothic!

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The Rock Car Chase music by The Grounded published 19 February 2012.

Latest video of The Grounded’s tune chase, over a Hollywood blockbuster.

The Grounded 2012 published on Soundcloud in 2012

Looking for England published 5 June 2012

A song celebrating England’s sporting heritage

Almost Fear published 2 July 2012

We’re onto our second album of instrumentals. This is work in progress – not mixed yet! – The Grounded

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The Grounded 2013 published on Soundcloud in 2013

Fun at The Junction on New Years Eve published on 2 January 2013

Fun at The Junction on New Years Eve – Junction, Rainford, 31 December 2012

Free Fallin’ – published on 2 January 2013

Junction House Band – Junction, Rainford.

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Free Fallin’ Published on 30 November 2014

The Grounded – “Free Fallin'” – Live at The Rendezvous, St Helens 2014. Free Fallin’ is the opening track from Tom Petty’s first solo album “Full Moon Fever” from 1989. It was penned by Petty and Jeff Lynne (who also produced it).

Mr Blue Sky published on 1 December 2014

The Grounded – “Mr Blue Sky” – Live at The Rendezvous, St Helens 2014. Another favourite of The Grounded audiences – always sure to raise the roof and the temperature with some audience participation.

What’s Up published on 1 December 2014

The Grounded – “What’s Up?” – Live at The Rendezvous, St Helens 2014. Nobody seems to have told Shaun and Kate that “What’s Up?” is a song written by Linda Perry for 4 Non Blondes. At least Paul and Garry were paying attention.

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The Grounded 2015 published on Soundcloud in 2015

Shout (TearsFor Fears cover) published on 11 April 2015

The Grounded (Shaun, Paul, Garry and Phil) playing an old Tears For Fears song, joined by Karim Mbaye. Filmed at The Junction, Rainford on 4th April 2015.

Where The Streets Have No Name (U2 Cover) published on 11 April 2015

4th April 2015, celebrating a couple of birthdays. The Grounded (Shaun, Paul, Garry and Phil) joined by Karim Mbaye from Senegal.

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The Grounded 2016 published on Soundcloud in 2016

The Grounded 2017 published on Soundcloud in 2017

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Selected festivals and gigs:

The Rendezvous, St Helens, 6 January 2012 with Kate Hannah and James Irlam
The Rendezvous, St Helens, 13 January 2012
The Rendezvous, St Helens, 13 July 2012
The Rendezvous, St Helens, 27 July 2012
The Rendezvous, St Helens, 10 August 2012
The Raven, St Helens, 22 September 2012
Rendezvous, St Helens, Anything Goes Jam Night, 11 October 2012
Bickerstock, Bickerstaffe, 4 August 2013
The Golden Lion, Rainford, 28 March 2014
The Junction, Rainford, 13 September 2015
The Junction, Rainford, 21 February 2015
The Junction, Rainford, 4 April 2015
Zoo Bar, St Helens, 17 October 2015
The Forge, Horsforth, Leeds, 6 March 2015
Oktoberfest Beer Festival, The Junction, Rainford, 19 September 2015


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