The Jars

The Jars are a 4-piece band from St Helens.

The band were formed in 1990.

The band memers are:

Brian Haggerty – Drums & Vocals
Martin Cottington – Guitars & Vocals
Derek Astles – Bass Guitar
Mark Hutton – Vocals & Guitars

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Before The Jars some members of the band had been together as Out of England and then The Carnebetions.

The Jars themselves have lost most of their history and requested their Facebook members to upload photos of past gigs to their page in an attempt to document the years gone by.

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The Jars @ The Citadel 25/04/2014 Pt 1

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The Jars @ The Citadel 25/04/2014 Pt 2

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The Jars on Soundcloud 2014

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Selected festivals and gigs:

The Citadel, St Helens, 25 April 2014
Noise For Nepal, The Old Courts, Wigan, 24 May 2015 with Ghengis Grimes and others
Bickerstock Music Festival, Bickerstaffe, 1 August 2015 with Laura James and The Kadavors, Ghengis Grimes and others
Wigan Live Festival, Bar Legion, Wigan, 28 August 2015
The George, St Helens, 30 August 2015
The Big Busk, Victoria Park, St Helens, 19 September 2015 with The Phonics, Pretty Pennys, The Patriots and others
The Zoo Bar, St Helens, 6 November 2015 supporting Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets)
The Rockware Pub, St Helens, 28 November 2015 with Pretty Pennys, Avo, Liam Cag and Common Dog


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