The K’s

The K’s are a 4-piece indie fuzz-pop band made up of high school friends turned fellow band members from Newton-le-Willows.

The band memers are:

Jamie Boyle – Vocals & Guitar
Dexter Baker – Bass
Ryan Breslin – Guitar
Jordan Holden – Drums

On 14th April 2018 The K’s announced Jordan Holden as their new drummer to replace Chris Holleran.

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THE Ks in sessions with Music Made In Manchester published on 15 February 2018

The band have been around since 2012 but then took time out. On 22nd November 2016 the band announced on their Facebook page, “After a year off and a lineup change for a MASSIVE 2017. We’re gathering the masses and writing songs ready to play for you all in the new year.”

The band got back together with a new lead guitarist and drummer in January 2017.

The K’s were born and soon after drafted in experienced lead guitarist Ryan Breslin following discussions at an after-party they had all attended. Breslin, no stranger to the big stage, was being hired as a session guitarist touring America supporting The Who and playing festivals alongside the likes of Aerosmith and Deep Purple. He was impressed with unmistakeable energy of vocalist Boyle and felt The K’s could be the vehicle he needed for his own head on approach to guitar playing.

Adam Baldwin had been the drummer back in 2014 and Sam Craighan played guitar.

Growing up together under the shadows of our two huge neighbours, Manchester and Liverpool, they are eager to prove the fact that things can in fact grow in the dark. Even if it is out of sweaty practice rooms in a derelict town that time forgot.

After years of getting into trouble together since high school, the band decided to start putting their time into something much more productive. After much debate and careful consideration on their futures; The K’s was born.

After what seems like a lifetime of playing the pub and club circuit they are now headlining their own shows at prestigious venues in major cities. Something that seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream when they first picked up their guitars and starting writing songs.

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Fuzzy post-punk band (“with 60s pop hook sensibilities”) over 2014 had been busy refining their sound, says the then guitarist Sam Craighan. “We rented a derelict warehouse and turned it into our own little recording den of warmness. The last year has been a crucial rite of passage for us, honing our craft prolifically and headlining numerous, albeit small time, rampacked local shows, when just a few months earlier we were getting kicked out of the venues we’d just played at for under-age drinking!” (Three of the band are still in their late teens, only drummer Adam officially a twentysomething.)”

Their first online track was ‘Black Money’ in 2014 and support had been positive, but, Sam adds, “we’re keen to show people the more melodic, texture orientated post-punk sound we’ve been crafting in the studio.” Which the band should be doing early in the New Year with a number of live shows planned, including dates in Liverpool and Leeds.”

Unveiling several tracks online – “leading to our debut EP we are releasing in January, which will launch at Lizard Inc Records in Warrington – and will include the single version of ‘Dacton & Wanderella’.”

Dacton and Wanderella published on 4 July 2013

Location: Dawsons Music Shop (Warrington). Video edited by Kirk Davison.

Black Money released 20 October 2014

Words by Samuel Craighan

According to Mancunian Matters in July 2017 the band had been putting the hours in at the recording studio ahead of the release of their anticipated debut EP.

They continued “Lighting up the DW Stadium during a Wigan Warriors Rugby League match, supporting Preston’s The Ordinary Boys at Sound Control and electrifying local charity events while they’re at it – this year (2017) has been one of the band’s best yet.

“The K’s are now looking ahead to their second trip to Jimmy’s bar, an intimate venue in Manchester, this coming Saturday, where they will be the headline act of a sold-out event.

“They will also be using their time in the spotlight to promote the release of their newest single, Sarajevo, a head-banging track that has proved a crowd favourite in the past.”

Jekyll published on 16 Octtober 2015

This is video number 10 from the Vulcan Inn’s open mic night on Saturday 3rd October 2015. Nathan PH provided the PA and sound engineered the event for a friend so these videos are recorded on his phone by his brother. This video is The K’s, a local band from Netwon-Le-Willows, performing a song called ‘Jeckyll’.

Dacton & Wanderella published on 16 October 2015

This is video number 11 from the Vulcan Inn’s open mic night on Saturday 3rd October 2015. Nathan PH provided the PA and sound engineered the event for a friend so these videos are recorded on his phone by his brother. This video is The K’s, a local band from Netwon-Le-Willows, performing a song called ‘Dacton & Wanderella’.

Sarajevo published on 26 February 2017

Sound Control, Manchester, February 2017

Warrington Music Festival 2017 published on 17 June 2017

The K’s – Warrington Music Festival 2017.

Arianne Interviews The K’s published on 19 July 2017

Newton-le-Willows, 12 July 2017

Lazarus published on 3 Aug 2017

The K’s – Lazarus cover at Sound Control, Manchester – February 2017

Mancunian Matters published on 22 Jul 2017

Mancunian Matters met up with the lads in the recording studio as they added the final touches to their upcoming debut EP and prepared themselves for a headline gig at the sold out Jimmy’s bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Sarajevo released 28 July 2017

Little Indie descibed the ‘Sarajevo’ single “Its driving sound of wiry guitars, bombastic drums and the scathingly raw vocals of Jamie Boyle, hit the ground running, as might be expected from a song about Franz Ferdinand’s murder that led to WWI.

Emerging Indie Bands says about ‘Sarajevo’: “turn up the volume and let the staccato pulsing beats harangue as the quartet compress the air, like an air-rifle, prior to propelling pellets in to the room peppering the plaster with pock-marks.”

Sarajevo released 28 July 2017

In January 2018 the band signed a management deal with Republic Music Management, home of Stillia amongst others, played at the Etihad Stadium and seen their debut single ‘Sarajevo’ hit over half a million streams on Spotify!

The band will be playing in London on 17th February 2018 at Izzara, Lavender Hills.

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Selected festivals and gigs:

Friars Court, Warrington, 10 August 2012 with Exile Parade and Triphazard
Friars Court, Warrington, 14 December 2012 with Carl Barat, Exile Parade, Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Portlands, Antelopes and Kindest of Thieves
Warrington Music Festival, 27 January 2013 with The Anecdotes, Conquer Rio, The Ambience & Josh Healey
Friars Court, Warrington, 22 February 2013
Night and Day, Manchester, 6 March 2014
Warrington Parr Hall, 7 June 2014 supporting The Clone Roses
Night and Day, Manchester, 17 December 2014
Night and Day, Manchester, 28 February 2015
Wigan DW Stadium, 14 April 2017
Sound Control, Manchester, 19 May, 2017 supporting The Ordinary Boys with No Hot Ashes
Warrington Music Festival, 27 May 2017 with Weekend Wars, Stillia and others
Beamfest, The Sunbeam, Earlestown, 10 June 2017
Newton Cricket Club, Newton-le-Willows, 8 July 2017
Jimmy’s, Manchester, 29 July 2017 with Serratone and others
The Sunbeam, Earlestown, 19 August 2017
Nambucca, London, 23 September 2017
Verve Bar, Leeds, 30 September 2017
Friars Court, Warrington, 28 October 2017 with support from Floral Scene and Joe Hill
Pretty Green, Carnaby Street, London, 16 November 2017
Dublin Castle, Camden, London, 17 November 2017 with support from Jackson’s Warehouse
Arts Club, Liverpool, 1 December 2017 supporting Stillia with Skylights
The Deaf Institute, Manchester, 16 December 2017
The Sunbeam, Earlestown, 31 December 2017 with Pink Steel
Etihad Stadium, Manchester City FC, 20 January 2018


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