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The Patriots are a 4-piece indie rock band from St Helens, Merseyside. They were formed in 2013 with the original line-up of Liam Abbott – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Connor Duffy – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Brad Owen – Bass Guitar and Luke Burrows – Drums.

The band class their influences as Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Stone Roses, U2, Kaiser Chiefs, Kings of Leon, Jake Bugg, Blur, The 1975, The Beatles, The Courteeners, Peace, The Enemy, The Killers, The Smiths, The Black Keys, The Jam, The Kooks, etc.

They played their first gigs in the early months of 2014, playing local pubs and clubs. Over the course of their first year they played a number of gigs, including a slot at The Citadel and The Clock Face Festival, both in St Helens.

Another great day in October 2014 in the Jamm Studio produced 2 awesome tracks. Great to work with local lads, The Patriots, on their original material. These young lads have some great songs and a strong passion about their music! well done guys.

Here’s the story of this track in their own words…

“‘Town’ is a song that came about over a riff our guitarist, Duffy, had made. Liam and Duffy co-wrote the song and presented it to Brad and Luke at a rehearsal a short while ago; At the time however, we were still deciding which songs would be recorded at Jamm on the day. After weeks of adaptions, breaks, lyric writing and overall hard work, we came out of our final rehearsal with a finished product. ‘Town’.

Its got an air about it, that we’re trapped in this town and can’t get out; surrounded by everything we’re against, we based the song solely on this idea and the people of the area. Town is everything we want it to be, its not an anti-St Helens song, nor is it showcasing our love to the town, it’s a hit of realism in our music.”

The second track from the Jamm Studios session with The Patriots!

The guys released this along with their other track “Town” at their New Years Eve gig 2014!

Here’s what they had to say about this track…

We’ve had this song since our early days, and was the first true song we wrote together. ‘She’s The Beat’ is a song we wrote a long time ago now, around 10 months ago, and gradually, through rehearsal and live performances, it has adapted and become what it is today. It is not like ‘Town’ very much, its lead track, however it is much more energetic and raw, compared to the more mature, rock n’ roll sound we found with ‘Town’ itself. ‘She’s The Beat’ is a straight up Patriots tune, it’s something we wrote when at the most exciting time of the band so far, first starting out, so you find that ‘We want to be here! We are here!’ feel with the song; it was us proving a point at the start of our career. Despite its roots, the song has progressed, while we had the chords and main structures back February, the song has gained bass fills, a refined drum section, lyric changes and overdrive-fuelled solos.

In 2015 the band started to take off with the release of ‘Town’, and after an overwhelming response they played gigs locally and also out of town consistently and strongly. They wrote a song named ‘Partners In Crime’ which was released in March, and debuted it at their best gig to date, the O2 Academy, Liverpool on the 21st March 2015.

Town (Live – O2 Academy Liverpool) published on 22 March 2015

A Live Video of Our Newest Single ‘Town’, Live From the Liverpool O2 Academy1 on the 21st March 2015!

In June they were offered a gig in front of a sold out St Helens crowd against Wigan in the local rugby derby. 18,000 people watched as they played ‘Partners In Crime’ and two other songs. In July they played their first gig in Manchester and got offered a slot on The Blackthorn Music Festival, alongside bands such as The Enemy, The Tapestry and The Clone Roses.

Liam Abbott – Lead Vocal / Rhythm Guitar, Luke Burrows – Drums, Connor Duffy – Lead Guitar, Brad Owen – Bass Guitar

The Patriots – Sound check for the Clock Face festival, St Helens 2015.

In September 2016 one of the original members Connor Duffy, left the band was replaced by Harry Dunn on lead guitar. The band had an EP Launch in 2016. They have played in a variety of venues around the UK such as the O2 Academies and even supported acts like the amazing Clone Roses and The Antarctic Monkeys!

The band said, “We’ve played a string of local gigs with Harry, and he’s been very very strong. It’s good to have him, and our gig in Blackpool supporting the Atmospherics showed this; ending with a bangin’ extended outro of ‘Change’, the fourth and final track on ‘Lost In Lights’.”

Harry Dunn left The Patriots on 23rd April 2018. Daz Owen, the band’s manager reported on Facebook, “Harry has decided to call it a day as he’s struggling for motivation and not really enjoying music at present. I would like to wish him all the best for the future and thank him for all his efforts the last 18 months.” Daz confirmed the band would continue as a threesome.

‘Call My Name’ from their first EP ‘Lost In Lights’. Recorded at Elusive Recording Studios EP: Lost In Lights © Artwork – Chloe Berrigan

The EP ‘Lost In Lights’ was launched on Saturday, 24th September 2016 in their first headline gig at the Citadel, St Helens and featured two other popular local bands The Pretty Penny’s and Counterfeit Faith.

The gig was also Guitarist Duffy’s last gig with them, as he headed off to Warwick to persue his career in maths.

They are working towards writing more and more original material so that they can continue as a serious band on the Manchester/Liverpool circuit. They had gigs at Stockport Guildhall, The Liverpool O2 Academy and also The Magnet, Liverpool.

‘Dakota’ live at the O2 Academy, Liverpool with The Sherlocks

Selected festivals and gigs:

Oxjam, The Citadel, St Helens, 16 August 2014 with Stillia, Scarlet and others
O2 Academy, Liverpool on the 21 March 2015
The Big Busk, Victoria Park, St Helens, 19 September 2015 with The Phonics, Pretty Pennys, The Jars and others
Deanesfest, The Deanes House, Prescot, 3 September 2016 with Olivia Parr, Stillia, Eleanor Nelly and others
The Citadel, St Helens, Saturday, 24 September 2016 – ‘Lost In Lights’ EP Launch supported by Counterfeit Faith and Pretty Pennys
O2 Academy, Liverpool on the 12 November 2016
The Clockstock Music Festival, Clock Face Miners ARLC, St Helens, 12 August 2017 with Kiera Weathers, Stillia’s Jack Bennett, Olivia Parr, Stuart Ogden (Titors Insignia), The Alleys and others


The Alleys


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