The Pretty Pennys

The Pretty Pennys were a four-piece indie rock band from St Helens.

They were formed in November 2014.

Band Members:
Ant Critchley A.K.A Salty – Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals
Dave Burrows A.K.A Buzz – Bass
Phil Harrison – Guitar/ Vocals
Jamie Cook -Drums

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Founded in St Helens, The Pretty Pennys were a 4 piece with wide comparisons ranging from The Smiths, The Libertines, The Beatles, The Stone Roses and The Cure.

Phil Harrison (b. 1982 from Clinkham Wood) and Ant Critchley started jamming together around 2008. They enlisted Buzz, a bass player. There were just the 3 of them for a few months playing songs which they still play today. Then things stalled and they shelved it for a while. They went their separate ways and joined other bands. In 2014 Harrison and Critchley were having a conversation and Critchley said the band he was in didn’t have any songs. The band got Dave Burrows back and then a drummer, Jamie Cook, who Harrison had known for years and got down to business with the tunes they had years ago.

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They hit the practise room for about 8 months solid in 2014, then started playing local places in St Helens and then slowly spreading to Liverpool and Manchester.

They recorded the first 4 songs at Catalyst in St Helens were they rehearsed, and ‘Mantis’ once it was mixed was done at The Motor Museum in Liverpool.

In September 2016 The Pretty Pennys disbanded. Ant Critchley and Jamie Cook moved on the form The Messiahs along with Paul Trantum and Darrel Ashton.

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Two Track Live Demo released 12 February 2015

Head First released 11 April 2015

Never Too Lonely released 11 April 2015

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Head First released 9 May 2015

Tongue Tied released 9 May 2015

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Nothing To Me released 9 May 2015

‘Nothing To Me’ is actually called ‘Mantis’

Never Too Lonely released 9 May 2015

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Never Too Lonely – HQ Version released 21 May 2015

On 11th May 2016 the band released their official debut single ‘Standstill’ on all major retail distribution sites such as Amazon, Spotify etc. It was recorded at Alien Sound with producer Mark Wainwright near Skelmersdale.

Standstill published on 4 August 2016

The official video for the single ‘Standstill’.

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Selected festivals and gigs:

The Cricketers Arms, St Helens, Saturday, 29 November 2014
The Lounge Bar, Bridge Street, St Helens, 13 December 2014
Moss Bank Labour Club, St Helens, 31 January 2015 with others
The Phoenix, St Helens, 21 February 2015 with Ad Havoc supporting
The Sefton Arms, St Helens, 7 March 2015 with Andy Wood supporting
Clock Face Labour Club, St Helens, Saturday, 21 March 2015
supporting Oaces
The Sefton Arms, Westfield Street Music Festival, St Helens, 7 June 2015 with others
Zanzibar, Liverpool, 13 June 2015
St Helens Central Library, 19 June 2015 supporting Blossoms
Jacaranda, Liverpool, 24 July 2015
Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 8 August 2015
Wigan Live Festival, 28 August 2015
The Big Busk, Victoria Park, St Helens, 19 September 2015 with The Phonics, The Patriots, The Jars and others
The Rockware Pub, St Helens, 28 November 2015
The Glassblowers, St Helens, 27 February 2016
Elefest 2016, The Elephant, Thatto Heath, St Helens, 9 July 2016 with Titors Insignia, The Patriots and others
Musicians Against Homelessness, Zoo Bar, St Helens, 17 September 2016 with Titors Insignia, Scarlet, The Bordellos, Vukovar, Stillia and others
The Citadel, St Helens, 24 September 2016 with The Patriots and Counterfeit Faith


The Messiahs


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