The Thespians ft Jessie Robinson

The Thespians were a Liverpool based outfit and featured St Helens girl Jessie Robinson on lead guitar and backing vocals.

The Thespians were a guitar-driven, hard-hitting garage rock band based in Liverpool who first hit the scene in 2010 and made quite a name for themselves throughout the nation. They played high profile shows, released an impressive debut EP, ‘TwentyThree/Four/Eleven’ and gained the attention of labels in the UK, US and MTV New York.

The Thespians featured St Helens girl Jessie Robinson on backing vocalist/lead guitar who Paul Thespian described as “just brilliant, she has clear visions and opinions and knows where we’re heading, you can’t get it much better really.”

Their first gig was at the Matthew Street Fringe Festival and from there they got asked to play 3 support slots at the O2 Academy, then 3 headline shows and then to over 1500 people on the BBC Radio Merseyside Stage at Matthew Street Festival. Prior to that, the band managed to land themselves a headline slot on the second stage at the Chester Rocks festival, playing alongside the legendary Iggy Pop, an experience that Paul Thespian described as “life changing”.

The band played a successful show at the legendary Liverpool punk venue Eric’s on Saturday 19 November 2011.

Jessie Robinson was playing with Liverpool outfit The Thespians at X&Y Festival back in 2013. Whilst the band seemed to be achieving early success with the release of their first album, a few months later they disbanded. By early 2014, she had not only started a brand new project, but was already drawing comparisons to Patti Smith and Jackie O performing as the lead singer of Scarlet.

Jessie Robinson left The Thespians to set up Scarlet. In an interview Jessie said about leaving the band “I don’t really know…(why I left) it just wasn’t working, being in a band. I’d say it was a clash of egos but I don’t think I’ve developed an ego yet so… just a clash of ideas. I just wanted to do something that I want to do. The Thespians was fun, I enjoyed being in the band. I was in it for a year and I would’ve carried on going probably, but it feels as though the universe has kinda took me out of that band and put me in this position where I’ve got all these doors opening for me that kind of fit better with where I am.”

Jessie added she knew that The Thespians sort of set a path and had to follow it. They got this label of being kind of a lo-fi, indie, Strokes-like sounding band. For me at the minute I haven’t got any of them labels, so I’m free to do whatever I want. I’m literally picking up a guitar and just writing songs that are, it sounds really cheesy, but from my heart.

After touring the UK as lead guitarist and backing vocalist of up and coming band The Thespians, being signed in Japan with Vinyl Junkie Records and supporting bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Findlay and SPACE, Jessie Scarlet launched her solo project Scarlet in February 2014.

Soon after, she secured gig slots supporting Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats, Pulled Apart By Horses and was added to the line up for two of the UKs most exciting festivals – Hop Farm and Secret Garden Party.

Scarlet were originally a 5 piece alternative indie band, from St Helens, Southport, Manchester, The Wirral and Birmingham. Jessie Robinson plays lead guitar and sings, Conor Williams is the drummer. Ryan Lee and Adam Cunliffe play guitars, Gianluca Rizzuto plays Bass.

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The Thespians ft Jessie Robinson

The Thespians – ‘Don’t Care About That’. Alex Buratti. Filmed by A.Buratti/V.Haldon. Edit A.Buratti. Live O2 Academy, Liverpool 14 January 2011

From the Debut EP 23 April 2011

From the Debut EP 23 April 2011

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The Thespians – ‘Under Siege’ 02 Academy, Liverpool 17 June 2011

The Thespians – ‘The Crash’ 02 Academy, Liverpool 17 June 2011

The Thespians – ‘Too Fast To Live’ 02 Academy, Liverpool 17 June 2011

The Thespians – ‘Reason To Reason’ 02 Academy, Liverpool 17 June 2011

The Thespians – ‘Haven’t You Heard’ 02 Academy, Liverpool 17 June 2011

The Thespians – ‘Wave of Separation’ 02 Academy, Liverpool 17 June 2011

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‘Reason To Reason’, shot with top director, Duncan Caterall went viral within days of uploading it to Youtube and racked up over 38,000 views.

The Thespians – ‘Too Fast To Live’. Shot on Red at PenKat Studio. Director & Editor: Duncan Catterall. Lighting Director/D.O.P: Kate Sutton. Published on 27 November 2011

LLTV Published on 4 Feb 2012

Ben Osu gets thrown in at the deep end. Five minutes after we interview him, we ask him to interview the Thespians. We think he did an excellent job considering he had not prepared. Thats why we hired him! Awesome.

The Thespians talk to Ben about last years highlights, their Threshold Festival Headliners Slot on Saturday at the Camp and Furnace. Their favourite music, who they’ve been compared to and their favourite flavour of ice cream. The results are shocking!

Copyright ©2012 digitalplantpotdesigns. All Rights Reserved.

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The Thespians – Parallels – O2 Academy – X & Y Festival Liverpool – 3rd June 2012

LLTV Published on 4 Jun 2012

Liverpool Live TVs Rich Denton talks to The Thespians backstage at The 02 Academy just before their Headline Slot at The X and Y Festival. Rich finds out what Paul, Jess, Danny and Phil have been up to since we last saw them at Threshold. Copyright ©2012 digitalplantpotdesigns. All Rights Reserved.

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The Thespians Liverpool 2nd February 2013 – ‘Under Siege’. Filmed at the Shipping Forecast, Liverpool Saturday 2nd February 2013 “Single Launch”

The band also partnered up on a limited edition t-shirt in conjunction with iconic photographer, Francesco Mellina (The Clash, The Ramones, New Order).

The Thespians ‘I Don’t Care’. Filmed at the Shipping Forecast, Liverpool Sat 2nd Feb 2013 “Single Launch”

The Thespians ‘Reason To Reason’. Neil Roberts. Filmed at the Shipping Forecast, Liverpool Saturday 2nd February 2013 “Single Launch”

The Thespians ‘So So’. Neil Roberts. Filmed at the Shipping Forecast, Liverpool Saturday 2nd February 2013 “Single Launch”.

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The fourth single on the limited edition [250] Vinyl only label, Eighties Vinyl Records.
Released on white vinyl and available from

The Thespians – ‘Haven’t You Heard?’ album was released in Japan on 27th March 2013

Label: Vinyl Junkie Recordings – VJR-3154 CD

1 The Crash
2 Reason To Reason
3 Under Siege
4 Come Back
5 Love And Music
6 First Impressions
7 The Silence
8 So So
9 Haven’t You Heard?
10 Push A Button
11 I Don’t Care (Japan Bonus Track)
12 Debonaire (Japan Bonus Track)
13 Easy When You Leave (Japan Bonus Track)

Liverpool based band The Thespians perform as part of the Anfield Wrap’s showcase of local talent at the Black-E, 3rd of May 2013, as part of Liverpool Sound City 2013.

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The Thespians – ‘Under Siege’. Brighton, May 2013

Liverpool Live TV as Media Partners with X&Y Festival brings you a preview and exclusive first performance of a NEW track “Adored” from Headliners The Thespians. Published on 23 June 2013

“The Thespians” Play AMBY A Song!

Comprised of a family of amazing people — Paul Thespian, Jessie Thespian, Phill Thespian, and Mark Thespian—this band is creating powerful garage-pop that’s easy to admire and take a liking to. On AMBY we write about the bands who inspire us, interest us, and who we love. When it comes to The Thespians, they entice all of these three thoughts in us. We feel this band will surely explode due to the sheer passion they put into their music, and how kick-ass they sound. If you’ve yet to, follow the band below on their social medias and watch this amazing video. You won’t regret it! Also, keep your eyes on AMBY because our interview with The Thespians will be posted soon…

The Thespians – The Crash – Amby A Music Blog, Yea? – July 1, 2013

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Interview with The Thespians at the Elevator Studios Adored Single launch the 19th August 2013 – Stereofox – Published on 11 Aug 2013

Stereofox. Published on 23 Aug 2013. Live of the Thespians, Thursday 15th August at House Of Wolf, London. Adored Single launch the 19th August 2013. Videography : Felix Brassier.

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Officially released on 19 August 2013

Officially released on Monday 21st October 2013. The Thespians – 4 piece garage/punk band from Liverpool. Making noise and shouting over it. Singing about romantic chaos, friends, weirdo’s, ex’s, moods & life.

‘The next massive UK garage rock band’ MTV New York
‘Mesmerising’ Janice Long BBC Radio 2
‘Effortlessly Cool’ Glasswerk

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The Thespians play ‘Adored’ live supporting Space at the East Village Arts Centre, Liverpool on 25th October 2013.

The Thespians play ‘Why Do I Like You’ live supporting Findlay at the Korova Club, Liverpool on 27th November 2013.

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